Tulkoff Food Products

Tulkoff Food Products manufactures and supplies high-quality condiments to co-pack, private label, food service, industrial, and retail customers nationwide. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, they maintain two bi-coastal shipment facilities to provide a superior delivery service for their customers. After more than 80 years in business, Tulkoff is known for meeting customers’ needs with innovative products and uncompromising quality standards.

The Problem

While the Tulkoff business has come a long way in its 80 years, the work environment they provide their employees had not. Tulkoff’s office staff was still using fixed-height desks and uncomfortable chairs—not much different than what their predecessors had used back in the 1930s when Tulkoff was founded, even though there are far better options available today.

Our Solution

Knowing that Tulkoff wanted to update their employees’ workstations without having to replace all their office furniture, FlexiSpot recommended the ClassicRiser sit-stand desktop. The ClassicRiser can be used on top of any desk, instantly transforming it into an ergonomic adjustable-height standing desk. Every detail of the desk riser is designed to help workers maintain a comfortable, ergonomic posture while sitting or standing. The Tulkoff team was rejuvenated, motivated, and energized by their new ClassicRiser desks—ready for the next 80 years of Tulkoff Food Products.

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