Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk


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  • Under Desk Bike
  • Chair
  • Monitor Stand & Arm
  • Vibration Plate
  • MonitorStand Workstation
  • Standing Desk Mats
  • Under Desk Drawer
  • Cable Spine
  • Casters
  • Modesty Panel in Lower Position
  • File Cabinet
  • Smart Bike Trainer Stand

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Under Desk Bike: select please

Help your body stay productive, balance your work and workout. 91% of our buyer prefer to purchase DESK BIKE together with standing desk.

Chair: select please

The perfect pair for your standing desk, enables healthy active movement throughout the day.

Monitor Stand & Arm: select please

Ensures proper posture to protect the cervical spine while clearing up valuable desktop space.

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MonitorStand Workstation: select please

A multifunctional intelligent workstation with thoughtful features to create a comfortable, tidy desk.

Standing Desk Mats: select please

Reduce fatigue on your joints and muscles while standing throughout the day.

Under Desk Drawer: select please

Keep your desk tidy and reduce clutter. Locking drawers can also be used to store valuables.

Cable Spine: select please

Create a clean, tidy under-desk space and never have to worry about a rat's nest of wires again!

Casters: select please

Bring your workstation with you with easy-install easy-roll locking casters!

Modesty Panel in Lower Position: select please

Provide privacy for your legs for ease-of-mind while wearing skirts or dresses.

File Cabinet: select please

Organize your workspace

Smart Bike Trainer Stand: select please

Indoor smart trainer for cyclists, replicate the feel on road at home.


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Introducing Our Willow Model

Taking cues from the flexible, sustainable nature of its namesake, the FlexiSpot Willow height-adjustable desk features environmentally-friendly solid wood desktop which offers a sleek, classic look that's sure to fit in to any decor.

Willow Rectangle Standing Desk Red Oak Desktop

Stable Desk Frame with Advanced Functions

Eco (2-Stage): Designed to beat the sedentary lifestyle, the Eco frame can satisfy the need of the majority of the users. You can rest assured that the tabletop will never buckle under the weight of your PC and other accessories. It is a cost-effective option that provides high value for money.

Pro (2-Stage): Provide a higher weight capacity, more stability, and enhanced lifting speed thanks to the dual-motor lifting system. It is the optimal choice for setting up larger and broader desktops or heavy facilities. Recommended for hardcore players and users pursuing better quality and greater performance.

Pro (3-Stage): Designed to offer the ultimate standing desk experience. It boasts a wide adjustable height range and an even faster lifting speed. It is the perfect option for people requiring extra adjustability for their body height, like basketball players and kids. Plus, the frame is the ideal fit for more versatile scenarios, such as live streaming, child learning, and complex crafting.

How Durable Is FlexiSpot Standing Desks Surface?

How Durable Is FlexiSpot Standing Desk Frames?

Comparied with other Desk Frames

Willow Rectangle Standing Desk Frame

Choosing Right Keypad for Your Needs

From the basic keypads with standard two-button for up and down to the advanced all-in-one keypad, you can choose the right keypad for your dream standing desk!

The basic keypad -- Change from sitting to standing posture easily with the single tap of a button

The advanced all-in-one keypad -- With three programmable presets, you can easily save your favorite seated, standing, and under-desk cycling heights. Plus, you can see your exact desk height on the energy-efficient LED display, which automatically enters sleep mode to reduce power usage when the desk is stationary. You can also set up convenient activity alerts to remind you to sit or stand at regular intervals, or turn the alerts off completely when necessary

EC1 Keypad Instruction

EN1 Keypad Instruction

EC3 Keypad Instruction

EC4 Keypad Instruction

Willow Rectangle Standing Desk

Solid and Durable Solid Wood Desktop


FlexiSpot adds a rubberwood desktop to its roster of sustainable desktops. This is made from responsibly harvested rubber trees that have already reached the end of their production cycle. It would pay for itself in the years to come. It is free of harmful chemicals and harder than wood, the solid design is built to last. With its construction, this desktop will serve you better and help you to adopt a greener mindset. Economical Choice among all solid wood.

Solid Wood Veneer

The texture and effect of this top is quite similar to that of a traditional solid wood but is more economical than it. Inter multi-layer pines make top stable and durable. It is much easier to maintain and care in daily use with a long service life. Our professionally designed desktop comes in black walnut, red oak, and cherry wood. Available sizes are: 48"*24", 55"*28", 60"*30" and 72”*30”. Find the right desk for your space from these choices!

Add New Capabilities with Home Office Accessory

Home Office Standing Desk Mate--Under Desk Bikes V9U

Help your body stay productive, balance your work and workout


Under Desk Drawer S01

Provide extra storage and more organized workspace


Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1

Help wake up your tired feet, promote healthy blood circulation


Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

Inspired by the human spine, and built to care for it.


Monitor Mount F7D

Upgrade your workstation with this ergonomic design.


A fully adjustable standing desk that doesn't
break the bank


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