Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat DM1

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  • Massage points and mounds
  • Maximum comforts

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Designed for dynamic movements

With dimensions of 32.3” x 20.5”, the DM1 anti-fatigue mat allows plenty of space for you to move and shift position throughout the day. Wear shoes or work in your socks — with the DM1 it doesn’t matter.

Multiple massage points

Your natural body movements stimulate a constant foot massage while standing on the DM1 anti-fatigue massage mat, thanks to the massage points and mounds. Standing on this mat will help wake up your tired feet, promote healthy blood circulation, and enhance physical and mental relaxation.

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Cushion and maximum comforts

The DM1 mat is our most cushioned and comfortable anti-fatigue mat with a thickness of 0.98 inches. The thick cushioning better distributes the force of gravity while you stand, reducing the pressure on your feet and enhancing your comfort.

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Easy-to-move, no-skid design

You get the best of both worlds: a mat that’s easy to move with a push of your foot but won’t slip or skid while you’re standing. The DM1 offers a no-skid design with a grooved skid-proof bottom that moves easily from sitting to standing while avoiding accidents.

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Size            32.3 x 20.5 x 0.98 inches Not-flat Mat          
Package Dimensions 33 x 21.5 x 2.5 inches
Material 100% Polyurethane
Weight 7.26 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Color Floor Mat

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Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat DM1

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  • The anti-fatigue mats purchased on or after October 5, 2016 include a 1-year warranty. For more information on FlexiSpot warranty coverage, click here.

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