Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation M6 30"

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Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation M6 30"

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  • Minimal aesthetic design
  • Extreme versatility
  • Convenient magnet board
  • Customization
  • Accessories
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Help your body stay productive, balance your work and workout. 91% of our buyerprefer to purchase DESK BIKE together with standing desk.

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The perfect pair for your standing desk,supports your back with long hours.

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Reduce fatigue on your joints and muscles while standing throughout the day.

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A multi-functional intelligent workstation with thoughtful features to create a comfortable, tidy desk.

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Design My Desk
Minimal Aesthetic Design

Imagined by top US designers,the workstation was created with versatility and convenience in mind; plus a sleek, modern aesthetic that fits into any workspace.

Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation MT106S
Integrated Attachable Accessories

Convenient cutouts to hold containers allow you to easily organize pens, pencils, and other desk essentials.

Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation M6S
Spacious Keyboard Tray

Our spacious keyboard tray has a larger depth (11.2") to accommodate the workstation with more flexible setup options, such as a 17-inch laptop.

Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation MT106S
Straight Up & Down Movement

Our smart "X" structural design and a gas spring hovering system provide versatile stepless up-down adjustment.
Placing the sit stand workstation on a 28" high desk will accommodate users up to 5'11" tall. Placing it on a 31" high desk will accommodate users up to 6'3" tall.

Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation MT106S
Stepless Single Handle Adjustment

Featuring a stepless single handle adjustment that allows you to sit or stand on demand.

Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation MT106S
Enjoy NEW Height And Comfortable Viewing Angles

Take productivity to new heights with comfortable viewing angles offered by this sit-stand workstation and quick-click monitor mount combo. The stand F2 fits 17'' to 30'' screens weighing up to 15.4 lbs and F5 fits 17” to 30” screens weighing up to 11 lbs.

Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation M6S

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