We are so lucky to have special bonds with some amazing women, who are inspired by FlexiSpot and the other way around.
UX Designer/Digital Content Creater
I'm Christine, a Product Designer and Content Creator based in San Francisco. I originally studied Chemistry and had zero experience in design. In 2016, I made the decision to pivot to UX design despite having no background, which opened up so many amazing opportunities for me such as mentoring designers through my social media platforms. I share my experiences and knowledge in hopes of making design education more accessible and to empower other designers to live up to their own creative potential. I especially hope to reach and inspire more women to help them break into tech.
Throughout quarantine, my productivity and ability to focus tanked. In those times, it was most important for me to love my environment and my most frequented destination: my desk. Flexispot helped me to create a clean, comfortable, and inspiring work environment that has allowed me to stay focused and unleash more of my design potential.
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FlexiSpot supports our female role models in management.
Stacy Callahan
Vice President, North America PR
I have two teenage boys and watching them grow has been the greatest joy of my life. We love spending time together. We go on runs, go to the beach, we go to restaurants, we watch movies, go on hikes, vacations, cuddle, and attend lots of sporting events.
Running is my greatest hobby but it's more than a hobby. It's a lifestyle for me. It helps prepare my mind for the day ahead. I define a healthy lifestyle as anything that makes you happy and fulfilled. I keep healthy by not forgetting that a healthy and a happy me, makes a healthy and happy life for my kids and for those around me.
It's unbelievable to me how much women have had to fight in our society just to be recognized and treated as equal to men. Women are the ones who can do it all so very gracefully. We raise our kids, we go to work, we mind our homes and make decisions that affect our family's lives from day-to-day. Women are the masters of multi-tasking. Inherently, we know what is right and what is wrong, and that is what drives us and provides us the ability to make sound decisions. Our egos don't get in the way of decision-making. There's a reason why there is a saying, "behind every great man is a great woman."
I'm proud to work for a company like FlexiSpot that values women and allows women to have a voice and an opinion. Our voice matters. Women drive the economy. We control about $20 trillion in annual consumer spending so putting women in leadership roles at a company is a smart business move.
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Vanesssa Lee
Administration Director/HR
I value each individual relationship I have with my family members as well as our dynamic as a whole. I try to teach these values to my child. Fortunately for my daughter now 19 years old, has the privilege to work side by side with me daily where she can learn everything that I have been fortunate enough to learn in my 20+ years of work experience as well as what it takes to have a great work ethic.
I think that in this new age the status of women has come a long way. Although they have made leap and bounds in the work world, the real inspiration from influential women comes from their ability to be bold and take on challenges that come with climbing ladders, while still being mothers, wives, maintain homes and balance family time. FlexiSpot products make that manageable during a busy day by offering the solution of standing while you work, walking while you work and cycling while you work.
All in all, I want to shout out to all the women for being who they are. It takes great mental and sometimes physical strength to juggle many tasks while in many rolls. You should be very proud to be such a strong woman.
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