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Gaming-style carbon fiber desktop

The FlexiSpot gaming desk is typically designed for enjoying beloved games with restriction by space. The relatively large sleek carbon fiber surface provides enough space for all your beloved gaming gears.

Gaming-style carbon fiber desktop
Sturdy X-Shaped Design

Constructed by a high-quality MDF board and durable metal frame legs, this gaming table can bear weights up to 165 lbs. Modern X-shaped desk legs design provides more support and ensures stability and durability.

More space above the desk

The large 476.x7.8 inch monitor stand is the highlight, boosting your monitor and leaving more room for the desk underneath. You can put 1 large monitor or 2 small monitors on it to make the gaming more exciting. Or you can also put some comic books or a small green plant to make your gaming experience more comfortable or relaxing.

Keep your headphone handy and ready to use with this convenient headphone hook. No more scrambling and searching for your gear. They'll be right there for you whenever you need them.

This PC gamer table comes with a controller stand, a cup holder, and a headphone hook, which is designed for offering an awesome gaming experience. With a modern, elegant, and decent appearance, it provides comfortable gaming and working environment.

With a convenient cup holder, you can always have the beverage of your choice at hand while you work or play games, Keeping your drink in the perfect, out-of-the-way position with no worries about spillage.

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