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Height Adjustable Sewing Table



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Introducing Our Sewing Standing Desk ES9W

Elevate your sewing to the next level with the new ES9W from Flexispot! This innovative new product combines a thoughtfully designed dedicated sewing table with an electric height-adjustable frame to give you the most comfortable, ergonomic sewing experience on the market. Whether you are sewing your creations by hand or with a sewing machine, the ES9W offers the ideal height to reduce neck, shoulder, wrist, and back pain so you can sew longer and more comfortably, regardless of if you're sitting, standing, or anything in between!

Trying to get your family into sewing? The ES9W is the perfect sewing table for multiple users, with a wide enough height range to allow each creator, from children to adults, to set their own heights for maximum comfort and ergonomics. The ES9W can lower down enough for children, making it much safer and easier for them to learn; plus, the novelty of a height-adjustable sewing table captures their interest and makes them want to learn more! This groundbreaking new product is sure to raise your sewing to new heights and have your friends, family, and even yourself wowed!
Height Adjustable Sewing Table
Sewing Table Adjustable Sewing Platform

Adjustable Sewing Platform

With the turn of a knob, adjust the workbench up or down up to five steps to accommodate your sewing machine, documents, or even a keyboard. Combine that with an adjustable shelf specially designed to match the height of your sewing machine base for maximized comfort and efficiency. Each partition is 1", Weight capacity: 26lbs.

Spacious Work Surface

An adjustable sewing machine platform measuring 23"x10" combined with a detachable side table measuring 9"x24" all fits within a footprint of 43"x24"to create a compact yet spacious workspace for maximum efficiency.
Sewing Table Spacious Work Surface
Sewing Table Height Programmable Control Panel

Height Programmable Control Panel

This Flexispot standinig desk is equipped with four memory buttons to save up to four sitting and standing heights and switch your posture with just one touch.

High Quality Construction

Made with high-grade steel, resistant to stains and scratches, the desk frame eliminates any wobbling even at the highest adjustment point, and its powerful motor, coupled with enhanced two-stage legs, ensures smooth and fluid-like transitions all day long.
Sewing Table High Quality Construction

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