Back Support Ergonomic Office Chair OC13

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Back Support Ergonomic Office Chair OC13



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Adjustable headrest

The headrest can be adjusted over a range of 2.36 inch. In addition, it can be tilted up and down as required to suit individual needs. This special design offers comfortable support for your head and effectively relieves the neck muscles.

Modern lumbar support

The height of the movable lumbar support can be adjusted over 3.14 inch and offers flexible support for the whole body, which can effectively prevent back pain. The walnut design elements give the chair a modern and chic look.

Multifunctional handles

R1 (right side): Push the handle (R1) up to adjust the height of the seat. The seat height can be freely adjusted over a space of 3.54 inch.
R2: Turn the handle (R2) to adjust the tilt resistance of the backrest. "+" Means an increase in resistance, "-" means a reduction.

Multifunctional handles

L1 (left side): Push the handle (L1) up to adjust the position of the seat. The position of the seat can be adjusted over a range of up to 1.57 inch.
L2: Lean your back into the backrest and turn the handle (L2) to lock the backrest as desired. Twist the handle again to unlock the backrest.

Practical feet with castors

The five silver-colored feet made of polished aluminum impress with their modern and stylish design. They are equipped with 5 multifunctional castors that allow the chair to be rolled quickly and quietly. The chair is therefore suitable for all floors such as carpet, parquet or tiles.

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