7 Standing Desk Workout Routines to Stay Fit

April 20, 2021

Health issues related to physical inactivity

Working an eight to nine-hour shift every day may have financial benefits in the long run as it ensures the provision of a stable income. However, it also breeds inactivity in us, and that is not good for our health. In fact, there are several health issues related with physical inactivity at work, including increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more. 

According to a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lack of physical activity can increase the risk of developing heart disease even among those who have no other medical conditions. It can also increase the risk of developing other risk factors, including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.

The Ultimate Solution – Standing Desks

A practice-based study by four researchers found that standing desks might very well be the perfect solution for all health problems associated with long hours of inactivity. The study found that 54% of workers using a standing desk for at least 60 minutes per day complained less about back and neck pain. They also reported improved energy levels, improved moods, and showed higher productivity rates. 

Overall, the report concluded that standing desks improve mental health and alleviate other mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety at workplaces, all of which are associated with prolonged sedentary time. 

Another report reviewing the finding of different studies found that those who sit for prolonged periods have shorter lifespans. In fact, those who sit a lot are at 49% greater risk of dying quicker than those who spend the major portion of the day on their feet. 

By simply substituting your traditional desk with a standing desk, you can reduce the risk of dying by 49%, and at the same time, improve your health and mood. It can also do wonders for your professional career by boosting your productivity levels. 

What makes a standing desk even more amazing is that it allows you to include short workout routines in your daily life, to help you stay fit and active. Here are a few exercises that you can do while standing to keep your body happy and healthy. 

Standing March

Your legs do need a bit of movement to keep the blood flowing and your muscles happy. Whenever you have the time to, you can march in place as it helps get the blood pumping and heart racing and helps your body burn more calories. If you suffer from obesity, marching in place is the perfect exercise for you as it can help you lose weight if done consistently – in short bursts throughout the day. 

Glute Squeeze

Here, you will use conscious movement to place all your weight on one leg and slowly lift your foot up to place the weight from the back to the front of the foot. You will have to squeeze your glutes as you perform this movement. 

Hold the squeeze for a couple of seconds before lowering your leg and repeat for as many times as you want. Make sure to switch to the other leg and perform the same motion again.

The glute squeeze helps you give your legs and glutes a good workout and gets your core engaged as you have to use your core muscles to stabilize yourself when balancing on one foot. It also helps tone your glutes and your booty, giving you a rounder bottom. If you want to tone your lower body, the glute squeeze is the ideal workout for you. 

Stretch Squat

To stretch your spine and lower back, place your hands on your desk and your feet hip-width apart. Keeping your hands on the desk, move into a low squat, giving your entire back a nice long stretch. Make sure you engage your core and your legs for a good full-body workout. 

Use your legs and your core strength to stand back up before lowering down into the squat position again. This will help tone the muscles in your legs, butt, and back. As an added bonus, people who have obesity can kickstart their weight-loss goals this way.

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

If you have a chair at your disposal near your workstation, then place it behind you. Stand on your left foot facing the desk and place your right foot on the chair behind you. The movement will result in you feeling a stretch in your left thigh all the way up to your hip joint. Flex your leg for a few minutes before switching to the other leg. 

Standing Hamstring Stretch

The standing hamstring stretch provides a deep stretch that will leave your leg feeling thoroughly worked out. If standing or sitting for too long leaves your leg feeling a little stiff, this is the workout for you. 

Place your foot on your standing desk and flex it so that your leg is in one straight line from your hip to your foot. Then, bend your body slightly forward to try to reach your extended foot, all the while keeping your leg in a straight line. 

If you are unable to flex your foot to bring your leg in one straight line, keep a slight bend in the knee so as not to damage your hamstrings. Over time, you can work on building enough flexibility to achieve the desired results. 

Standing Knee Raises

If you are looking for toned abs, then standing knee raises are ideal for you. With your back straight and your feet planted hip-width apart, slowly raise one knee past your hip joint while keeping your upper body straight. You can also bring your hands together under your knee in a clap to further work out your abdominal muscles. 

Repeat the movement on each side, taking turns raising one knee after the other. It works out your core, enhances stability and gives your abs a nice workout. You can kiss those love handles goodbye by doing this simple yet effective standing exercise for a few minutes every day.

Desk Push-ups

We suggest investing in a high-quality standing desk as you will need its support for desk push-ups. Place your hands on the desk, in front of your chest, and step back from the desk. Then, using the desk for support, lower your upper body so that it forms a straight line from your feet to your shoulders. 

Standing desk push-ups are ideal for strengthening your chest and shoulder muscles. They give the back, the neck and your upper body a good workout, help improve your upper body strength, and improve core stability as well. 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

The best way to stay fit, active and healthy is to use a standing desk, and the Comhar All-in-One standing desk is truly the best available option in the market. The desk is full of features that enhance its functionality and efficiency, and to top it all off, it features a classy design that sets it apart from other standing desks. 

USB Charging Ports

The desk features built-in USB ports, two Type-A ports and one Type C. The ports are easily accessible as they are located in the front of the desk and work well with a wide range of electronic devices. You no longer have to worry about getting an extension cord or detangling messy wires every few hours.

Adjustable, Programmable Height

If at any point during the day, you feel the need to sit down and give your legs a little rest, you can simply lower the height of the desk to your desired level with a push of a button. You can also set your desired height level when seated or standing on one of the four programmable heights for additional ease of use. 

The programmable feature is also ideal for households and office spaces where multiple people will use the desk. 

Spacious Drawer Included

If you want to store your notebook, files, stationery items or even electronic items such as charging cables, the desk features a spacious drawer where you can store all that and more. 

Easy to Set up and Install

The table is very easy to set up and install in three simple steps. You first attach the top to the legs and then attach the feet of the table. To do so, all you need is a wrench or spanner tool. 

Beautiful Design

The table features a tempered glass tabletop design that gives it a sleek and stylish look. It is a compact design that can fit into cramped corners. It is white in color, which can fit in most room decors naturally without making it feel like the room is super cramped. 

Final Word

Standing desks are ideal for all those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. It gives you the freedom to sit or stand while working, which is what makes it incredibly ideal. The Comhar All-in-One is perfect for use at home or in a shared office space. Multiple people can set their desired height levels and use the desk when working. 

Standing for at least an hour out of your total work hours every day presents a number of health benefits. You can also do the standing exercises mentioned above to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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