Ergonomic Advice

Meal Prep Ideas to Take to Work

Meal Prep Ideas to Take to Work

Some healthy meal ideas to bring to work that will benefit your wallet.

Exercising can be done in any location you want at any time with Vibration Plate

The Health Benefits of Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables

A guide on how different fruits, vegetables and nuts can positively impact your well-being.

The height Adjustable Sewing table makes out a fashion designer winner in you

Dressmaking and Fashion Design at Home

A height adjustable sewing table can make your sewing at home much more efficient.

With a light and compact, Under Desk Bike V9U, you can exercise anywhere you wan

Physical Exercises to Aid Pregnancy

Exercises is crucial if you wish to procreate successfully.

Pros, Cons, and Ideas: Corner Desks

Pros, Cons, and Ideas: Corner Desks

Corner desks are not for everyone; find out the pros and cons of using one.

Home Office Tips for Different Personalities

Home Office Tips for Different Personalities

Different personalities require a different approach to the home office; find out what would suit you best.

Do Better at Work With These Time Management Tips

Do Better at Work With These Time Management Tips

Improve your productivity in the office with these time management tips.

Corner Workstations and The Seiffen L-Shaped Standing Desk

Corner Workstations and The Seiffen L-Shaped Standing Desk

An L-shaped standing desk is a great ergonomic choice for those who want their desk to take up less space.

3 Best Standing Desks for Your Small Business

3 Best Standing Desks for Your Small Business

These 3 standing desks are an ideal addition to your small business.

Constantly Tired at Work: Why and What To Do

Constantly Tired at Work: Why and What To Do

There are many reasons why you're feeling lethargic at the office.

 repetitive movements such as excessive sitting may cause disorder or injury in

Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Workplace Design

A standing desk will reduce to risk of a work related injury in the office.

With the Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk, you can write your ideas ab

The Startup Culture

A bigger working surface can help give your mind bigger ideas on the way to success.

Cycling is a form of exercise to have a leaner body and  to reduce excess fat wh

How to Prevent Weight Gain

The Under Desk Bike from Flexispot is a great way to lose weight and stay fit in the office.

Foster Leg Blood Circulation With These Tips

Foster Blood Circulation in the Leg with these Tips

A guide to exercises that can help improve the blood movement in your legs.

Work Stress Busters: Toys and Games in the Workplace

Work Stress Busters: Games and Toys in the Workplace

Games and toys are things that can lower stress and raise productivity in the workplace.

Children with ADHD who are usually hyperactive could be helped  making them busy

Interior Design Conducive for Children with ADHD

A standing desk will work wonders for a child with ADHD.

Pregnant or not the Under Desk Bike V9U is the best exercise buddy at home and i

Physical Activities to Reduce Depression Among Pregnant Women

A guide to physical activities that can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression in pregnant women.

fight obesity by standing while working

How Standing Helps Lower Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Working from home has you sitting all day until the work hours are over...

Fun Ways to Improve your Toddler's Pencil Grip on the L Shaped Standing Desk

Stick figures, doodles, and abstract drawings...

Worth The Weight: The (Weight) Loss Is Your Gain

Worth The Weight: The (Weight) Loss Is Your Gain

Losing weight would not feel like a losing battle with these tried and tested tips...

Health issues related to physical inactivity

7 Standing Desk Workout Routines to Stay Fit

Working an eight to nine-hour shift every day may have financial benefits in the long run as it ensures the provision of a stable income...

Dealing With Employee Tardiness and Absenteeism

Dealing With Employee Tardiness and Absenteeism

An effective guide to properly deal with consistently late or absent employees.

Quit Overthinking and Be Productive Instead

Quit Overthinking and Be Productive Instead

Tips to prevent overthinking and instead being productive.

the height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is an ideal table for those who want t

The Crafting and Do-it-Yourself Culture

The Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is an excellent choice to help you with your DIY projects.

Enhance Teamwork With These Tips

Enhance Office Teamwork With These Key Tips

An effective guide to working better as a team in the office.

 5 Workspace Tips For Your Home-Based Business

5 Workspace Tips for your Home-Based Business

Great tips to improve your workspace at home.

11 Vital Standing Desk Accessories

11 Vital Standing Desk Accessories

These accessories are essential to get the most out of your standing desk.

10 Other Ways to Use Your Standing Desk

10 Other Ways to Use Your Standing Desk

10 creative ways you can use your standing desk.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in the Workplace

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in the Workplace

Informing you on the effects, risks and symptons of crapal tunnel syndrome and how it can be prevented.

Monitor Arms: Why You Need Them

Monitor Arms: Why You Need Them

Monitor arms are an important part of an ergonomic office.

 Recovering From Burnout: 5 Tips to Help You Through

Recovering From Burnout: 5 Tips to Help You Through

A guide to efficiently identify and recover from the symptoms of burnout.

A man is enjoying full body massage

What to do When Your Body Feels Worse After a Massage

Flexispot offers a massage chair that will blast you into a new level of relaxation.

The Ergonomic Chair 9125 allows the erderly to work productively with its functi

Working as an Elderly Person

An ergonomic chair can improve the health and comfort of a senior citizen while at the office.

Be Productive With These Back-To-Work Tips

Be Productive With These Back-To-Work Tips

Tips to ensure your back to work transition goes smoothly.

Ways to Be Pain-Free When Using a Laptop

Ways to Be Pain-Free When Using a Laptop

Follow these tips to ensure your laptop usage doesn't lead to pain.

The Benefits of Walking Meetings

The Benefits of Walking Meetings

Combining  a meeting with the healthy act of walking will inspire creativity.

Leg and Foot Rests on Office Chairs: Why They Are Good

Foot Rests on Office Chairs: The Benefits

Foot rest additions are an essential part of an ergonomic chair.

All Shades of White: The Palette For Your Office

All Shades of White: The Palette For Your Office

A contempory style office with a primarily white color palette can lift the mood and improve the productivity of all workers.

Boost your health with these FlexiSpot Fitness Solutions

Boost Your Health with these Flexispot Fitness Solutions

Get in great shape with the help of these fitness products from Flexispot.

Work comfortably with Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Working and Managing Scoliosis at the Same Time

An ergonomic chair can help ease symptoms of scoliosis, such a chronic back pain.

Your plan for a new career start with a Height Adjustable sewing table

Earning More Money Does Not Always Lead to Happiness

There are more important things in life than money...

If you want comfortable working experience, you have to have the Edge Riser Stan

A Good Standing Desk Converter

A desk coverter is an economic and effective way to make your office more ergonomic.

The Ergonomic Office Chair 9125 allows a cozy sitting and prevents back pain wit

The Best Ergonomic Chair for a Writer

Writers can thrive when working on a comfortable, ergonomic chair.

Do You Think You Need a New Office Chair?

Do You Need a New Office Chair?

Look for these signs in an office chair to see if it's time for you to replace it.

Sweating reduces excess fat in your body.  Working out with  the Vibration Plate

Sweat It Out!

Sweating during exercise has many different benefits..

man working from home

Do We Have To: Getting Dressed for Work From Home

If you are confused about what to wear while working from home, this guide is for you.

tools laptop

Common Issues with DIY Standing Desks

Although standing desks may be pricier than ordinary desks, they are much more sound investments in the long run.

brain foods

Eating Away: 3 Foods and a Drink that Aid Stress Relief

These three foods and one drink can effectively remove the stress from your life.

Gaming will never be the same with the  E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar

The Other Side of a Gaming Chair

A proper gaming chair can vasty improve your gaming experience.

Nature Loving Desks: Here are FlexiSpot’s Environmentally-friendly Standing Desk

Nature Loving Desks: Environmentally-Friendly Standing Desks to Add to any Home or Office

Flexispot offers a variety of environmentally friendly desks.
The key to happiness is living stress-free by doing exercise.  This is achievabl

The Keys to Real Happiness

Happiness can be hard to achieve, but hopefully this guide puts you on the right path.

office space

Don't Waste an Inch: Optimizing Small Workspaces

Use these tips to overcome the lack of space in your office and optimize the space you have.

man touching his lower back

Stop Back Pain at Work With These Tips

Back pain can be helped and prevented by following these tips

employees at work

Standing Desks for your Office: Considerations

These are things you should consider when purchasing a standing desk for your office.


Health Benefits of Adaptogens

Adaptogens can enhance your life in many different ways.

The  Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair is doing your work efficiently while pedaling f

Exercising While Walking Your Dog

The Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair will help keep you fit while in the office.

Interpersonal communication promotes mental health.  Have a god chat with your c

The Need to Interact After the First Jab

A standing desk can improve your social life.

Let your beauty shine in the office with the Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times

How To Make Your Skin Wrinkle-Free and Younger Looking

A proper mirror with magnification and lightning will help reveal, and thus help you fix, any blemishes on your skin.


Keeping Consistent In Using Your Standing Desk

Learn to consistently use your standing desk correctly for maximum benefit.


Nordic/Scandinavian Design Basics

Scandinavian design has become a worldwide sensation; here are the basics you need to know.

The Goal-Driven Career Mother

5 Reasons Standing Desks are Good for Busy Mothers

A standing desk will improve the life of a busy mom.

Physical and mental health could be achieved with strong body through the Adjust

Debunking Myths About Exercising Among Older People

Exercise is just as important for the elderly as everyone else.

paper on sand

Are You Okay: Work-Life Balance

A proper work-life balance is essential for healthy living.

 back pain

Work-Related Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be prevented while at the office using the appropriate equipment and techniques. 


7 Tips on Scandinavian Office Design

Scandinavian décor has witnessed a significant spike in popularity in recent years, follow these tips to get the best out of this style in your office.

kids on desk

Start Them Young: Standing Desks for Children

Standing desks should be introduced to kids at an early age in order to maximize health benefits.

mental health

Why Mental Health Is a Big Deal at Work

A heigh-adjustable standing desk will keep your body and mind in ideal health.

In pain

5 Common Office Injuries

An adjustable standing desk will keep you healthy and minimize risk of injury at the office.

The Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue MAT MT1 enables you to work standing without bein

Doing Meditation in the Office

An anti fatigue mat can help you stretch and exercise in the office, resulting in better health and lower stress.

How to Keep Your Balance on a Wobble Stool

When you are sitting, how do you manage yourself? 

The Five Love Languages Through Playing Video Games and How Every Parent Can Mas

The Five Love Languages Through Playing Video Games and How Every Parent Can Master It

Express your love for your little gamer with the 5 love languages...

Benefits of Placing Cactus on Floating Shelves

In other countries, there is a popular belief that putting cacti inside the house could bring bad luck because of its thorns...

Study Buddies

Study Buddies

Design a child-friendly and conducive study room for your children.


Obesity: A Growing Public Health Concern

Kate, 30 years old has the most beautiful face in her company...

working from home

Ergonomic Solutions as a WFH Lifesaver

When talking about a work-from-home setup, different reactions can be derived from it...

tired man

Practical Tips to Treat Fatigue to Regain Productivity

Do you experience fatigue when you're in the middle of doing something or do you sometimes  feel it even after waking up in the morning?

Monitor Stand Workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W

Is the Monitor Stand Workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W the Best Fit for Your Work-From-Home Setup?

Did you know that the way you plan or set up your home office has an impact on how productive you are?

head with branches

Does Furniture Design Have Something to do with Mental Health?

Let's talk about mental health. What exactly does  mental health mean?

stressed woman

Physical Activity and Mental Health

Hannah wakes up every morning at 6:00 am to prepare breakfast for the family of five...

woman resting her head on laptop

9 Steps to Reboot Your Energy Levels After a Tiring Day

We’ve all been there. Working day in and day out, at the mercy of our wavering energy levels that continue to showcase a determined resilience in the face of never-ending deadlines as they go whooshing by.

Healthy eating habits when working from home

6 Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt When Working from Home

Since most of us are still working from home...

The Right Office Furniture For The Writer

The Right Office Furniture For The Writer

It is more fun to write if you have the right office furniture.

Body stiffness caused by poor workstation

Ergonomic Home Office Setup for Avoiding Back Pain at Work

Spending most of your time at home can be taxing, especially if you are working at home...

woman touching her foot

Anti-Fatigue Mats: Benefits and Drawbacks

Anyone who spends a notable amount of their day on their feet will greatly appreciate an anti-fatigue mat.

man chilling on couch

The Dangers of Sedentary Life

Inactivity can cause numerous health problems, which is why being active in the workplace is critical.

 written tissue

Tips on How You Can Balance Life and Career

Use these tips to more efficiently balance your professional and private life.

The Versatility of the Under Desk Drawer S01 is one thing that sets it apart fro

A Smart Way to Save Money

Saving money for many is not easy, but my experience can motivate you to do better in this realm.

 laptop wood

DIY Standing Desks: Considerations and Ideas

An interesting guide aimed at creatively making a standing desk specifically for your personal needs.

Whether your working or planning your next business strategy, the Ergonomic Mesh

How to Introduce a Product To Sell

An effective guide for selling a product.

The Wise Spender’s Piggy Bank

The Best Items on Sale for the Wise Spender

Saving money is a good thing: check out these bargains by Flexispot.

Two arms with black and white sleeves

How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with a Desk Job?

Use these tips to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome while at the office.

VChange the resistance level of your workout almost effortlessly with the   Adju

Military Workouts that You Can Do at Home

Try these workouts at home to become as athletic and fit as a soldier.


Good Lighting Ergonomics

Having ergonomic lighting in the workplace is essential for a healthy work environment.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Prolong the Life of Your Office Chair Using These Tips

A new office chair can be maintained for a long time if it is cared for corrrectly.

man biking

How to Integrate More Mobility Into Your Workweek

Ways to integrate mobility into your workweek.

 pedaling while working

How Desk Bikes Have Become Beneficial

Desk bikes are a great way to stay fit while at work.

treadmill home office

The Under Desk Treadmill Is the Hottest Office Equipment. Do You Have It?

Treadmills have a longstanding reputation in the fitness equipment market.  And the under-desk treadmill become the hottest office equipment.

Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

Utsukushī Basho means 'a beautiful place' in Japanese language. If you are looking for ways to inject some Japanese-inspired aesthetics to your home and workstation, then this is the right place for you...

A woman feels shoulder pain

4 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain Between Shoulder Blades

The shoulders have to shoulder a lot of daily bodily movements. Shoulder pain might be something obvious like an injury or something like an underlying disease.

Productivity Setup

How to Maximize WFH Comfort Using FlexiSpot Equipment

When it comes to working from home, you are exposed to different factors that may affect your productivity.


The Fall and Triumph of Vlogging for Today's Influencers

Bretman Rock, Logan Alexander Paul, Jenna Marbles

Have a flat ab  with the AB Foldable Rowing LCL

Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Eliminating belly fat isn't as hard as it seems, and will greatly impve your health.

experiencing back pain

What You Should Know About Reducing Back Pain in the Office

There are many things you must consider in order to lessen your back pain.

office setup

Big Names and Standing Desks

Standing desks can help reduce the harm that sitting does to our health.

The Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1 is an excellent workout buddy at home o

Regarding Blood types

Different blood types have different needs; read this to find out yours.


The Ongoing Debate On Working from Home vs. the Office

Whether at home or the office, it is important to always be the best employee you can be,

back pain

Why You Are Still in Pain Despite Using a Standing Desk

Your persisting back pain may be a result of using your standing desk incorrectly.

The Gamers Legs

Gamers can Relax Their Feet with an Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair with a footrest can greatly enhance the health and lessen the pain of a gamer's feet.

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