Practical Tips to Treat Fatigue to Regain Productivity

April 19, 2021

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Do you experience fatigue when you're in the middle of doing something or do you sometimes feel it even after waking up in the morning? Did you know that research reports  show that there are more or less 20 percent of adults worldwide experiencing chronic fatigue? ( I think everyone feels   fatigue at some point in our daily lives that most of the time affects our productivity. Do you know this is true especially when you are at your workplace besieged with paperwork, legwork and other tasks that you have to do and accomplish before the day ends.  We don't  want our efficiency and productivity to suffer because of fatigue. We have to do something to reduce it when at the time we cannot totally treat it because our productivity will determine if we still can  perform at par with other workers. Otherwise, we may lose our job and that would make our future bleak.  

Fatigue as some medical experts define it as "difficulty in starting a voluntary activity( Other medical practices define it as "decreased capability to perform physical or mental activity.  In other words, it is a situation wherein you're doing a particular task not as efficiently as you have done it before.  When there is a reduction of effort to do an activity, you may be suffering from  fatigue.  

Other medical,experts define fatigue as "physical and/or mental weariness resulting in negative impacts on exercise intensity, work performance, family life and social relationship (

There are two kinds of fatigue.  Physical fatigue which involves doing your task using your physical body in lesser effort. Medical practitioners professionally define it as "reduction in capacity to perform physical work (  And with millions of workers suffering from fatigue, it is found that "fatigue-related problems cost America approximately $18 billion a year" as far as productivity is concerned.  We may never notice it but fatigue is a big deal in the workplace because worker's efficiency is affected and low productivity is worth really big money for the company.  It is proved through scientific research that "fatigue reduces productivity."

Meanwhile, mental fatigue involves the mental faculty incapable of functioning well to be able to perform efficiently a given task.  It is also defined scientifically as " reduction in performance on tasks requiring alertness …". While fatigue can be felt at any given time,  physical fatigue has been felt by more workers all over the world particularly those who are manual laborers such as those working in factories, restaurants, construction and the like. 

You may be wondering why you feel fatigue physically or mentally. According to some research, there are factors or reasons why we feel this way. One of the factors is the age of the worker. As we all know, the more we age or grow old, the  more our body weakens and our physical ability is reduced because we feel fatigued,  exhausted, or tired. When you’re old, you may sometimes feel dizzy due to sickness which also contributes to physical  fatigue.  You may also experience mental fatigue as you grow older, when you're under stress or having trouble with family relationships as sometimes old people are neglected by their relatives. With this situation,  an elderly person may feel lonely leading to exhaustion and inactivity.

For freelancers, or on work at home set up, physical and mental fatigue is unavoidable for it is part and parcel of work. When you're  beating the deadline for your assigned task.You have to work double time to beat it. Otherwise, you may have work backlogs  that you have to work on. Then you have to work overtime. It will be great to work after your shift, it is an added premium to your salary.  However, doing it may cause mental and physical fatigue. Then the next morning, you are still tired and less efficient to work on the day's tasks.  Research found that work-rest schedules contribute to mental and physical fatigue. For example, if you are off on week-ends,  and still because of work pressure, you have to come to office to finish any important tasks or your officemate's backlog, fatigue or exhaustion may worsen and cause more physical malady. Then you may not feel good to go to work the next morning because you may feel that you will not be productive or ready to buckle up to work.

So what can we do to treat or at least lower the level of  fatigue or exhaustion in the workplace?  There are several ways to treat or reduce fatigue in the workplace. 

  • Grab a chance to take a nap even for just 15 minutes. Avail of the 15 minutes breaks so you could refresh and regain your  energy physically and mentally. Before you take that power nap, you take some coffee or indulge in "coffee nap" as a prelude to the power nap.

  • When you opt to work at home, make sure that your workstation looks efficient and organized. This way, it will make you feel light  and fresh.  A systematically arranged workstation or desk will surely boost productivity in you and fatigue is lowered

  • While working. You may also engage in sitting to standing posture "every 30 minutes. This strategy will lower your fatigue level and reduce lower back pain.

  • Experts also advise the use of a height-adjustable workstation or desk to treat or lessen the level of fatigue.

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