Ergonomic Advice

A mother singing a lullaby to her baby

The Benefits Singing a Lullaby while Sitting on an Accent Chair

The mother’s voice means safety for the baby. It is his refuge when he feels hungry or sleepy...

Kids enjoying standing desk

Most Important Considerations When Choosing Kids’ Standing Desk

The standing desk trend is also finding its way into the classroom, with the experts found the benefits of for children to spend more time standing and moving either at home learning or in school...

 a man relaxing on the chair

The Benefits of Relieving Stress while on an Ergonomic Chair

Every day, we are facing a lot of hurdles and hassles- from technical glitches you encounter while sending email to the microwave oven that stopped working this morning...

paper clips scattered on the floor

The Importance of Keeping Away Choking Hazards with a Desk Organizer

WARNING: The incident mentioned is fictional; any part of it that seems to be pertaining to a real person was written unintentionally. Reader’s discretion is advised...

desk arrangement

How to Set Up Your Modern Office Desk

Are you striving to achieve convenience, comfort, and efficiency while working from home?

Woman Using a Standing Desk

6 Best Gift Ideas for Writers

Whether it’s blogging, freelancing, or writing novels, writers spend the majority of their time sitting at their desks...


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Vanity in the Workstation

Are you vain? Most people claim women are vain because they will do anything to be beautiful regardless of the consequences...

drafting chair for standing desks

Qualities of the Best Drafting Chair for Standing Desk

Drafting chairs are primarily made for architects, engineers, laboratory workers, draftsmen, and other people that need durable chairs, resistant to wear and staining...

working at home as a parent

7 Tips for Parents Balancing Work from Home & Parenting

Juggling your job obligations with your family commitments has been a difficult task...

social media usage

Understanding How Social Media Affects People In and Out of the Workplace

As technology constantly changes and is further integrated into our daily lives, we are now more than ever reliant on social media...

comhar standing desk

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top-48" W and the Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9: A Comparison

Telecommuting and teleworking are some of the bywords of working from home...

office workplace

Amplify Your Efficiency and Productivity with Standing Desk Accessories

Work efficiency and productivity have different meanings but they are related to each other...

Productivity Tools for Your Desk

10 Productivity Tools for Your Desk

The colossal shake-up that we’ve all experienced (no thanks to a global pandemic) has changed our personal and professional lives for good.

desk risers

The Classic Riser Standing Desk Converter: Why This Product Is Great

“Too much sitting otherwise known as sedentary behavior is adversely related to health results such as Type 2 diabetes and premature death” ...

The children who enjoy playing their gadgets

How to Manage the 2 Hour Screen Time with Desk Converters

In my previous article, I have mentioned of the minimum hours of screen time for the kids...

How Roblox Players Hone Creativity While Sitting on a Gaming Chair

Roblox, an online game platform that was founded in 2004 but was released in 2006 by Roblox Corporation...

Listless feeling at work

5 Reasons Why You Seem Unmotivated While Working from Home

There are days where we get in the mood of not doing anything or feeling listless...

woman using dumbbells

Upper Body Strength Training Made Easy

There are so many ways to enhance one's life and physical health...

standing desk with storage

Solutions for Standing Desk with Storage

Storage space for standing desks need not be sacrificed for convenience, there are other alternatives for storage...

ergonomic chair

Ergonomic Office Chair Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider

You spend a significant amount of time seated in front of your screen...

Why you should be using standing desks for gaming?

Low Back Pain Relief Tips for Gamers

Not too long ago, computer games were considered nothing more than just a hobby...


Ways to be Productive as a WFH Worker

Before I retired from my previous job last year, the covid-19 pandemic was already at its peak with the first virus variant lurking around us...

How to Choose the Perfect Office Desk

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Office Desks

Your sofa might be an important piece of furniture in your life but nothing is as important as your office desk...

The wires are on fire because of octopus wiring

How the Clamp Power Strip Protect you From Octopus Wiring

You’re about to turn on the hair blower because you are in a hurry for your morning meeting...

Stay Basic: The Four Basic Homeowner Skills Your Growing Child Must Learn

Stay Basic: The Four Basic Homeowner Skills Your Growing Child Must Learn

It is important to teach your growing children how to do some basic homeowner skills that will lighten your workload and help them be great adults in the future...

Are You a Pop star, Rockstar, or a Prodigy?

Are You a Pop star, Rockstar, or a Prodigy?

Take this quiz to find out which FlexiSpot standing desk fits your personality!

desk with laptop, lamp, plant

How to Personalize Your Office Space?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a unique individual with personality quirks that set you apart from the rest...

Spending time with family while WFH

The Importance of Spending Time with Family While Staying and Working at Home

As the outdoor activities are put to a halt, you and your family members are left with no choice but to stay in the four corners of your home...

black setup

Any Color As Long As It's Black: Designing Your Home Office With the Color Black

Decorating a dark interior can be difficult, especially when you're trying to brighten it up!

Serial Nappers, Unite!

Serial Nappers, Unite!

Feeling like a zombie as the day progresses? Take a nap...

A woman who can't decide well on what to buy

How to Avoid FOBO when Choosing the Right Standing Desk

You might have heard of the term FOMO or Fear of Missing Out...

An Ergonomic Laptop Stand Desk in use

Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand Desk Health Benefits

 An ergonomic laptop stand desk can improve posture and prevents back and neck pain...

Your Stand On Your Child’s Posture

Your Stand On Your Child’s Posture

Your child's posture matters...

intro and extro

Personality Types, Happiness, and Workstation Design

The type of personality and the design of the workstation has a great impact on the happiness and productivity of a worker...

Tabletop Activities For Your Little One With The Height Adjustable Whiteboard St

Tabletop Activities For Your Little One With The Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

Learning should never be boring...

A sample laminated desk top

DIY Standing Desk: Using Laminated Desk Toppers for Office and Home Setup

Laminated standing desktops are cheaper than wooden desktops which are durable, have strength, and appealing...

A man working from home

8 Ways to Stay Active While Working from Home

Even before the pandemic struck, working from home was rising in popularity because of the number of benefits it offers for both employers and employees...

A kid who plays video games under the sheet

How do Gaming Chairs Help Parents Lessen their Children's Gaming Addiction

In September of 2020, an article written by George Miller, it showed there the top 11 toughest video games of all time...

Finesse Your Fitness At Work

Finesse Your Fitness At Work

Finessing your fitness goals at work may be hard but it is not entirely iimpossible with Flexispot...

wfh stuff

How To Increase Your Body Resistance

When I was young, sickness was almost nil...

gaming chair

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair: Why This Product Is Good

Gaming is acclaimed as the most financially rewarding in the entertainment industry today...

Baltic Birch desktop

DIY Standing Desk: Using Baltic Birch and Reclaimed Wood for Standing Desk Topper

A lower-cost alternative to wooden desktops is the Baltic Birch desktop that is the preferred wood for most cabinet makers...

exercise while working

Easy Exercises You Can Do With Your Standing Desk

The scientific evidence confirms what we already knew: sitting for extended periods is dangerous to one's well-being...

kids doing experiments

Foster the Inner Genius: Build Your Kids a Science Lab at Home

Children are naturally inquisitive...

The Flexispot standing desk frame

Getting the Right Standing Desk Base Frame: A Comprehensive Guide

Getting a standing desk frame can be a cost-effective alternative to buying a fully accessorized standing desk...

Desk stretches to loosen your hips

7 Desk Stretches to Loosen Your Hips

Wake up, get ready for work, work at a desk, walk around a little, and then spend the entire evening sitting...

an office wooden standing desktop

Using Solid Wood For DIY Wood Standing Desk Tops

Solid wood desktops are preferred by most desk users because of its elegance and character it gives to the office space...

dad and daughter

How to Spend Quality Time With Children

The parent-child relationship has been greatly impacted  by working parents...

fight obesity by standing while working

How Standing Helps Lower Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Working from home has you sitting all day until the work hours are over...

How to Keep Your Balance on a Wobble Stool

When you are sitting, how do you manage yourself? 

Worth The Weight: The (Weight) Loss Is Your Gain

Worth The Weight: The (Weight) Loss Is Your Gain

Losing weight would not feel like a losing battle with these tried and tested tips...

Health issues related to physical inactivity

7 Standing Desk Workout Routines to Stay Fit

Working an eight to nine-hour shift every day may have financial benefits in the long run as it ensures the provision of a stable income...

Fun Ways to Improve your Toddler's Pencil Grip on the L Shaped Standing Desk

Stick figures, doodles, and abstract drawings...

home office ergonomics

How to Shift to an Ergonomic Lifestyle

When working from home has been the choice of all workers and employers because of the pandemic, you found yourself not ready for it...

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Why You Need the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair For Your Work Area

Ergonomic chairs are an essential investment for your home office.


Pedaling Your Way to a Healthier You: Under Desk Bikes

Under-desk bikes are stationary bikes placed under your desk and let you get healthy exercise while working on your tasks...

Ergonomic chair with adjustable arms

Why You Should Buy an Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Arms

Office workers all over the world are finding new ways to upgrade their workspace...

less stress

How to Cope With Stress Without Really Trying

One day when I was on my way to a supermarket, I  overheard a woman telling her companion, "I am stressed out. I forgot to wear my face shield...

phone wirelessly charging on a standing desk

A standing desk with a wireless charger? The need to adapt workstations

The future of the workplace is changing every day with wireless charging becoming the next big thing in standing desks...

How to Make your Living Room Elegant-looking with an Accent Chair

It surely is timeless to be elegant. It is something that never gets old but just gets gold...

The Five Love Languages Through Playing Video Games and How Every Parent Can Mas

The Five Love Languages Through Playing Video Games and How Every Parent Can Master It

Express your love for your little gamer with the 5 love languages...

A person sitting on an ergonomic chair for standing desk

Getting the best Ergonomic Chair for a Standing Desk

Getting the right ergonomic chair the standing desk can help improve the health lifestyle of the employee...


The Multipurpose Benefits of Using Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage nowadays...

WFH professional

How to Be a Better WFH Worker

Working from home is a huge deal these days...

Designing a workspace on a budget

Easy Tips to Design Functional Workspace on a Budget

Are you working from home?

A woman working from home

How to Avoid Work-From-Home Burnout?

Working from the comfort of your home may seem convenient and even fun...

working from home

Ergonomic Solutions as a WFH Lifesaver

When talking about a work-from-home setup, different reactions can be derived from it...

gaming keyboard

How an Optimal Ergonomic Gaming Setup Creates a Series of Wins

Being an avid gamer myself, I have found the importance of ergonomic chairs and the more recent adjustable desks the hard way...

pneumatic standing desk

Pneumatic Standing Desk vs Electric Standing Desk: Which is Better?

When it comes to sit-stand conversion desks, there’s the eternal question of which is better...

a guy in jumpsuit tripping over the wire

Untangle the Tangled Wire with Workstation S1W

The statistic shows that more people get injured from slipping, falling, or the simplest yet the most common injury...

Benefits of Placing Cactus on Floating Shelves

In other countries, there is a popular belief that putting cacti inside the house could bring bad luck because of its thorns...


Obesity: A Growing Public Health Concern

Kate, 30 years old has the most beautiful face in her company...

Monitor Stand Workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W

Is the Monitor Stand Workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W the Best Fit for Your Work-From-Home Setup?

Did you know that the way you plan or set up your home office has an impact on how productive you are?

tired man

Practical Tips to Treat Fatigue to Regain Productivity

Do you experience fatigue when you're in the middle of doing something or do you sometimes  feel it even after waking up in the morning?

Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

Utsukushī Basho means 'a beautiful place' in Japanese language. If you are looking for ways to inject some Japanese-inspired aesthetics to your home and workstation, then this is the right place for you...

people who are working out together

The Effectivity of an Endomorph's Weight Loss with a Vibration Plate

Whenever you go to the gym, what do you usually notice?

The desk that serves as a workout buddy.

Bamboo Standing Desk: An Effective Workout Buddy

 I personally have the problem of shedding extra layers of fat on my chest, arms, and belly...

Say Hi To Your Hygiene Kit

Say Hi To Your Hygiene Kit

Before you leave your house, say hi to your newest health essentials...

study desk

Tips on Creating a Learning and Study Space at Home

It is not necessary to have one's own desk to be successful in school...

working from home techniques

Working from Home Tips to Stay and Be Your Best

A lot has changed since the ongoing pandemic started.

Ergonomic chair with footrest

Difference of Ergonomic Chair with Footrest and without Footrest

Working while sitting in a poorly designed office chair can bring discomfort throughout the day. It’s something everyone has experienced...

A woman who tries to accomplish tasks and a man in suit doing a lot of things.

Multitasking Made Easier for Workers with Classic Rider Standing Desk Converters

Running errand at the supermarket while checking the email and answering queries of customers for your online store...

Body stiffness caused by poor workstation

Ergonomic Home Office Setup for Avoiding Back Pain at Work

Spending most of your time at home can be taxing, especially if you are working at home...

Study Buddies

Study Buddies

Design a child-friendly and conducive study room for your children.

Real Vibe of the Desk Bike Music: Mozart or Nicki

You’re reshuffling your playlist on Spotify. It’s the start of a busy work day and you’re really looking for something that could fuel you up...

The Right Office Furniture For The Writer

The Right Office Furniture For The Writer

It is more fun to write if you have the right office furniture.

The Perfect Morning Routine For The Work-From-Home Employee

The Perfect Morning Routine For The Work-From-Home Employee

Due to the rising COVID-19 fatalities, employees all over the world were advised to stay and work at the safety of their homes...

stressed woman

Physical Activity and Mental Health

Hannah wakes up every morning at 6:00 am to prepare breakfast for the family of five...

bamboo desk virgo

5 Home Décor Suggestions for Virgo

People born in the Virgo sign are the ultimate perfectionists...

woman resting her head on laptop

9 Steps to Reboot Your Energy Levels After a Tiring Day

We’ve all been there. Working day in and day out, at the mercy of our wavering energy levels that continue to showcase a determined resilience in the face of never-ending deadlines as they go whooshing by.

Home Office Activity

How to Boost Physical Health While Working at Home

The times have changed, and you are staying at home to avoid risking yourself from the virus...

office woman dog standing desk

FlexiSpot Furniture and Accessories That You Need for Your Home Office

It is estimated that the average person spends about a third of their entire life sitting in the office during the most productive phase of their lives...


Anti-Fatigue Mats

Constantly standing for long periods while you’re doing your daily tasks can take a toll on your legs and feet...

a foot being filed by a podiatrist

Corns and Calluses Gone as Desk Foot Hammock Says Hi

Have you ever been to a spa to have a foot massage and foot scrub? 

woman and laptop

10 Best Air Purifying Plants for Home Office in 2021

Sitting in a closed space for eight hours a day is no joke..

A young woman using a standing desk for work

Transitioning to a Standing Desk: How to Get Started?

It takes time to experience the positive impacts of a standing desk...

head with branches

Does Furniture Design Have Something to do with Mental Health?

Let's talk about mental health. What exactly does  mental health mean?

The Benefits of the Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Benefits of the Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What makes the Flexispot's Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat special and crucial?

Healthy eating habits when working from home

6 Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt When Working from Home

Since most of us are still working from home...

clutter-free workspace

Self-Care for Freelancers: How to Maintain the Work-Life Balance?

Freelancers have always been working from home...

fitness chair

The Only Bike You'll Ever Need for Work

It has been more than a year now, and some of us are still stuck at home.

Tissue Free or Not: A Choice to Make With Intelligent Bidet Seat at home

For centuries, the evolution of latrines and toilets have been remarkable...

Gifts For The Loved One Who Works From Home

Gifts For The Loved One Who Works From Home

Ease your beloved's exhaustion with work through these thoughtful gifts...

A man working on an iMac in the office

Top 5 Office Products to Alleviate Back Pain

Stiff neck and back pain isn’t something you thought you’d be dealing with in your 20s or 30s.

Chair Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation on an Ergonomic Chair: A Crash or a Click

Mindfulness and Meditation on an Ergonomic Chair: A Crash or a Click


“Find your inner Zen; ground yourself and field your auric shield with light”.


Every day, we wake up with the desire to fill our centers with love and light. We chant that affirmation.  We wake up in the morning feeling hopeful that Gaia would bless us with all the abundance and all our spirit guides will be on our favor, showering us with the first phone call from a high school crush or an inbox with a message of the 80% off for all the watches from your favorite watch store. Yet, the moment the phone rings, you’d just realize that the call from your high school crush would be his wedding invitation for you (after so many years of liking, putting a heart on all his posts, and for being up until late at night to see his latest uploaded vlog on the social media) and the watch you’re really desiring has already been out of stock. We would just end up asking ourselves: what else could go wrong? This thought is something that needs to be acknowledged and release. As what spiritual teachers say “acknowledge and release”. Every emotion should be known and one should let go of the negative feelings that weaken our spirit. At times, they all fall unto one spectrum. In most worse cases, it’s on our spectrum that these negative vibes fall. A lot of blog posts and tutorials online may help us how to do the right meditation. There are some teachers who say that the perfect way to do the meditation is to ground yourself on the floor with pillows around. Light some incense, center yourself and empty your mind. That’s pretty challenging, right? A lot of blogsites will teach us that the mindfulness habit that we need to observe and practice are the following: mindfulness, meditation, scripting (a manifestation practice wherein you’ll need to write down the great things or positive things about yourself or you may write the opposite qualities that y

Office Products for Pain-Free

3 Back Pain Relief Products for Your Home Office

Admit it. Your interest in back pain relief products stems from the ungodly hours spent in your home office.

desk bike

The Ergonomic Gift

When Bob and his family moved...

desk bikes

How Flexispot Takes Care of Our WFH Workers

With millions of workers affected by the Corona virus pandemic

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