Bid Goodbye to Postpartum Belly with a Vibration Plate

May 06, 2021

Postpartum Belly

The delicate voice from a tiny life has been delivered on earth because of you, warrior Mom, your belly has been their refuge for 9 months; keeping them safe from the dangers of the outside world. Yet, their time has come to be out of your womb. You gave life to a beautiful soul and nothing could ever be more beautiful than that, Mom. Your scars and stretch marks are battle scars that will strengthen you for the rest of your life. Never think that the postpartum belly is a hindrance for you to say that you are the most beautiful.
On some days though, we face a lot of pressures from the media which show the ideal standard of beauty which includes the perfect Barbie-like body contour, flawless skin; free from wrinkles, and marks. However, beauty will never be constant. There will never be definite measures on how a person would be perceived as beautiful. Hence, in today's article, we'll discuss:
a. the meaning of postpartum belly.
b. how we could be able to overcome the "mummy tummy"
c. how Flexispot's Vibration Plate helps mothers get rid of the postpartum belly.

Buckle up now, Mom. We'll walk you through this.

I. The Meaning of Postpartum Belly
Postpartum belly or what we call Diastasis Recti (DR) is a condition that mostly occurs in the midsection of the stomach. When you have this condition, your abdominal muscles separate making the tummy protrude. In actuality, this naturally happens after a woman gives birth.

This condition happens when the linea alba (the tissue or fascia located at the "six-pack" muscle or the rectus abdominis) is overstretched during pregnancy through activities like laughing, coughing, pooping, moving, and birthing could cause too much pressure on your abdomen.

DR in nature is inevitable because when a woman is carrying a baby, she couldn't contain the activities that she used to do when she was single hence it is impossible that she wouldn't have the condition and big changes in her body will take place thus it is the strong support group that could lessen the insecurities, anxiety, and depression that women experience during the first few months after giving birth.

According to Dr. Alicia Willoughby, DR has effects on the women's bodies even years after giving birth such as:

a.pelvic organ prolapse ( when the organs drop to the vagina; it causes a bulge around the area below the vagina or sometimes the rectum protrudes out of the anus)
b.urinary and fecal continence
c.loss of stability
d.breathing and digestive problems
e.pelvic girdle pain (pain when putting one leg such as climbing stairs)
f.back pain
g.pain or reduced sensation during sexual intercourse

Seeing these effects of DR should be a reminder to fellow women that thinking of yourself even after giving birth is something that should be done no matter how busy you get in taking care of your baby. A stronger body would be your baby's refuge for a long time; nurturing them while you are getting physically weak could lead to major havoc on your whole being. Hence, as the founder of "Momma Strong", Courtney Wyckoff said, the objective of getting rid of DR should focus on mobility and function, not aesthetics alone. Hence, here is the next part of our discussion which is:

II.How We could be able to Overcome the "mummy tummy"
So, before you try working your way out of the DR lane, we must discuss first the importance of keeping your pelvic floor strong and reconnect it with its transverse abdominal muscles; They are connected and one wouldn't be healed without the other. Some of the following techniques would reconnect the muscles and the brain which could make the abdominals and the pelvic floor stronger. These exercises are:
a. abdominal exercise
b. the visualization that incorporates pelvic floor
c. proper breathing exercises (inhaling when relaxing, exhaling when contracting)

So, now that we have ideas which activities could be done before doing the actual exercise. The technique mentioned above is part of the warm-up activities which you could do with prior advice from a medical expert. Then, the question is, "What's the ideal form of exercise that a woman who wants to get rid of the postpartum belly could try. In this part, we'll talk about the WBV (whole-body vibration).
As mentioned in the article, this kind of exercise has unique characteristics because, in just a few clicks on the product, a busy mother could experience a creative result. In actuality, studies show that 90% of the muscle fibers are contracted and stimulated throughout the body compared to a typical exercise program. Some other studies concluded that the WBV technique can reduce the effects of urinary incontinence; it could also increase the activation of the pelvic floor muscles. Just a gentle reminder though. This technique should not be a total replacement for other training that strengthens the core and the pelvic floor. Consulting this to the healthcare professional is a wise move however with the incorporation of WBV in your workout routine, could give a faster result and increase the effect of pelvic floor training.

So, now that we know one great technique to enhance the core of a woman who suffers from DR, let us discuss:

III.How Flexispot's Vibration Plate Help Mothers Get Rid of the Postpartum Belly
Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1 is the ideal partner for pelvic floor strengthening of the mother who has the postpartum belly and wants to get rid of it. It's because this exercise machine can give a full-body vibration that increases the possibility of muscle contraction and circulation which helps a woman sweat more and burn unwanted fats.

The Exercise machine has speed settings of 1-99 so you can maximize your exercise routine regardless of your ability level. As your body vibrates, your core will be strengthened too. Just try the exercise position without worrying about losing balance because this vibration plate has an anti-skid rubber fit that would support your whole body while exercising.

IV.Final Thoughts:
Motherhood will always be one of the most beautiful journeys that a woman will have. So, every day is a celebration of that beauty.

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