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mind your posture

Best Tips & Exercises to Improve Your Posture

A healthy posture is more than just about how you look. It impacts your body's overall health and well-being.

man working from home

Are you using your time wisely while you work from home?

Since the world-changing events of the pandemic, many of us have had the chance to work from home and continue to climb the corporate ladder. T

A man in pain on his carpal

How to Deal with Carpal Tunnel Pain

Does the thumb side of your hand feel like it's going numb? 

Work from home

Managing Work from Home as a Parent

Even though vaccinations have rolled out steadily in the United States, COVID-19 still persists. 


Why People with Myopia should Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

I have been nearsighted for the longest time. 

man still sleepy at work

How to Beat those dreaded “Monday Blues”

Mondays can either be delightful or dreadful. What side do you land on?

man working on his standing desk

Is Standing Desk Bad for Your Knees?

You fiddled with your mouse.

man stress with his office work

Why holding in your work stress does more harm than good

Work stress hits us more than we would like to admit. 

Home Office Activities

11 Ways to Stay Active at Work

When you have a desk job, your primary goal is to fulfill your tasks for your position. 

office workers in a productivity table

Tips to Boost Your Wellness and Productivity

Have you been feeling stressed out and unwell at work?

Benefits of air purifiers

The Benefits of Air Purifiers in Your Room or Office

Air pollution levels have been steadily rising and becoming a significant concern. 

young woman exercising

14 Fitness Products You Need in Your Home

Want to exercise more often but can't afford a gym membership or go to expensive fitness classes?

Exercising at home

Exercising at Home - How to make it Easier and More Effective

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, exercising at home has become a popular trend in order to stay in shape. 

What Anxiety Looks Like

7 Tips to Combat Anticipatory Anxiety

Have you ever felt so crippled by future thoughts that you couldn’t fall asleep at night or work at your optimum? 

new year resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier Workplace

With yet another tremendous year coming to an end, it may be the right time to set your new year's resolution. 

man standing and working on his desk

Are Shoes Necessary when Using a Standing Desk?

Various studies by reputable medical institutions link a sedentary office culture to chronic illnesses.

Mellow Holidays

Dealing with Christmas season anxiety

We all accept Christmas to be a time of merriment and joy.

Exercise Rats

Pre-Holiday Workouts at Home

Preparing for the Christmas festivities? 

Working on a computer

Musculoskeletal and Mental Health Disorders in Workplace

Musculoskeletal and mental health disorders are becoming increasingly common in a workplace setting.

how to burn more calories at work

Easy Ways to Burn More Calories During the Workweek

Sedentary occupations, such as those that require you to sit behind a desk and stare at a screen for 5 days per week, are not only inconvenient, but they may also be bad for health. 

5 Tips to Beat Chronic Fatigue for 9-to-5 Office Workers

5 Tips to Beat Chronic Fatigue for 9-to-5 Office Workers

A 9-to-5 office job can be exhausting, especially if the office has not been built to boost productivity and good mental health.

A man working in front of a computer

How Your Office Setup May Affect Your Mental Health

Cubicle-ridden offices are no longer in style.

Modern Workstation

9 Easy Ways to Boost Work Performance & Productivity

Creating an inspiring and motivating workplace environment that boosts work performance and improves employee productivity is easier said than done. 

A home office set up

6 Reasons You Need to Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

An average American spends around 13 hours in a seated position. 

woman in pain on her back

5 Signs You Need an Ergonomic Standing Desk Setup

An average American spends around 11 hours in a sitting position every day.

man working on his standing desk

8 Ways a Standing Desk Changed My Life

You have probably seen a colleague working on their office tasks while standing at their heightened desk.

log in log out

How to Log Off Work On Time Everyday

Even though we’ve repeatedly felt anxious about working long hours, we still stay in the office overtime or work a little longer in our workspace. 

young woman enjoying her coffee on a winter day

Best ways to enjoy cold winter days when working from home

Winter wonderland. 

Standing desk benefits

Standing Desk Benefits, Why Should You Get One for Work Now

You've undoubtedly seen a coworker following up on emails at their workplace treadmill desk while another works on reports at a new standing desk.

woman sleepy at work

Are you getting enough sleep to be productive at work?

Getting enough sleep at night isn’t always as easy as it seems.

woman at work battling stress

Why you shouldn't hide your mental illness at work

Life is filled with many different things. 

woman stress at work during holiday

Do the upcoming holidays add more stress while you work?

We are at the home stretch of the end of 2021.

group of people doing exercise

Does fitness really improve your workday?

When it comes to working, we all want to do our best.

an employee with carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common Ergonomic Related Office Injuries and How to Avoid Them

We sit at our desks for most of the day, trying to keep up with mounds of tasks. 

Healthy Work-Life Balance

Working Remotely: How To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

For most remote workers, work and life are interwoven. Is that a healthy practice? 

woman in pain on her back while working

5 Ergonomic Issues Affecting Front End Office Staff and How to Solve Them

Office staff spends a large proportion of their working life at a desk.

back to work thumbs up sign

3 Crucial Points to Consider in Your Return-to-Work Strategy

The pandemic posed several new challenges for people around the world. 

Gamer in front of the screen

4 Posture Correcting Exercises for Gamers

You may have heard the saying, "sitting is the new smoking."

employee wellness program

11 Employee Wellbeing Initiatives to Implement for a Company

Employee well-being is an essential part of a company that employers cannot afford to neglect. 

Back braces

Benefits and Myths of Back braces: Does it prevent back pain?

Backaches are more prevalent than ever, no thanks to the many activities that complicate posture and put pressure on the spine.

Perfect Work-Life Balance

Is There Such Thing as a Perfect Work/Life Balance?

Work and life are the major parts of our lives where time is most utilized. 

man working on his office table

How Poor Blood Circulation Impacts Your Productivity and What You Can Do About It

Poor blood circulation is a pressing health issue that lingers in the shadow of most modern offices.

Magic Massage

What to do When Your Body Feels Worse After a Massage

It’s a relaxing day at the spa where you’re scheduled to get a whole-body massage for an hour or two.

back stretch

Office Workers Will Benefit From These 6 Lower Back Stretches

Sitting on your desk for almost eight hours every day can wreak havoc on your entire body.

employee in a pain on his shoulder

These Tips Will Help You Alleviate Pain in the Office

Neck, shoulder, and pains in the upper body are common with people that work on office desks. 

Indoor workstation

How to Prevent Knee Pain While Sitting

Knee pain is a common complaint among people of all age groups. 

Indoor workstation

Health Risks of Sitting at a Desk All Day & How to Avoid Them

Sitting at a desk all day, or sitting disease, as some of you may know it, is a modern-day ailment affecting people of all ages today.

How Standing Desks Boost Productivity

How Standing Desks Boost Productivity

Who said employees have to be seated while working?

stress officeworker

At wits end: how to find potential in a job you hate

Stress is a common thing with any job.

Your Quick-Start Guide to Getting It Right with Your New Sit-Stand Desk!

Your Quick-Start Guide to Getting It Right with Your New Sit-Stand Desk!

Does your job require you to sit at a desk for extended periods? 

self care straight ahead sign

Getting around to it: 5 Self-care ideas for remote workers this Fall

Everyone is talking about self-care, but few seem to really understand what it is and how to go about it.

man in the mood working

Improving Your Mood Will Improve Your Work

Working can be hard. It’s a time where stress, frustration, and even doubt can affect us all.

overwork employee

How Overworking Affects Remote Employees Negatively; What's the solution?

The deadline is fast approaching. 

On Break

How to Forget About Work When You're On Vacation

We often forget to take real work breaks. 

lady slouching while working

Get better posture by Kicking your slouching and stooping habits this Fall

Do you stoop or slouch when working at your desk?

Is seasonal depression upsetting your work life?

Is seasonal depression upsetting your work life?

Fall and winter tend to be a time of year that people get excited about. 

office worker stress at work

Autumn Anxiety: Why Fall is stressful at work

It’s time for the greens to turn to reds, oranges, and yellows as pool time and summer holidays make their exit to give way to autumn.

Why vacations are much needed to stay happy at work

Why vacations are much needed to stay happy at work

Taking some time for ourselves is very much needed.

Taking it Easy

How to Prepare for Work After a Vacation

Even before taking a vacation, you already mull about all the work that would have piled up after your break.

Work-from-Home Distractions

8 Distractions that Kill Work-from-Home Productivity

It’s a given that in any workplace, there would be distractions.

What to Do First?

The Impact of Multitasking in Productivity

When we do one task at a time, we often think that we’re superhuman.

Black and White

How to Manage and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

We all hate conflict. As much as possible, we try to avoid it because getting embroiled in an argument is the last position we want to be in when we have a hundred problems on the back of our minds. 

Stressed at Work

How to Focus When Something's Bothering You

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to concentrate when something is bugging you or bothering your peace of mind. 

Spotting Unhappy Employees: 12 Signs to Watch Out For

Spotting Unhappy Employees: 12 Signs to Watch Out For

Learning how to deal with disgruntled employees is a significant aspect of managing a business.

SOS! Pressure at Work

How to Handle Pressure at Work

Ivan was recently hired as a morning TV show producer.

Ribbon of Hope

Prevent Cancer! Tips to Keep Your Breasts Healthy

Last August was National Breastfeeding Month wherein breastfeeding mothers were celebrated and supported for the sacrifice that they do in order to ensure the best nutrition for their newborn baby.

Get Over Monday Blues and Have A Productive Week Instead

Get Over Monday Blues and Have A Productive Week Instead

Because we do not get enough sleep throughout the week, most of us try to make up for lost time on weekends. 

8 Signs You Need a New Office Chair

8 Signs You Need a New Office Chair

Working in an office has its perks and challenges when compared to outdoor jobs.

13 Signs Of An Employee Who’s Struggling Mentally

13 Signs Of An Employee Who’s Struggling Mentally

Being mindful about how your employees are feeling is always a sensible move.

nap time

Causes for Falling Asleep at Work and How to Stay Awake

Working at a desk can cause you to nod off.

positive working energy

Boost Productivity With These Tips on Capturing Positive Energy For Your Home Office

Are you a remote worker that works from the comfort of your own home?

4 Ways to Establishing a Back-Friendly Workspace

4 Ways to Establishing a Back-Friendly Workspace

Many professional workplaces have workstation policies. 

The Child Utmost Protection at the Desk

Child Lock and Anti-Collision Functions: Vital Advantages of Desks Products

50,000 children get hospitalized every year, according to the Center for Disease Control Statistics. 

Train Yourself to Sit Less At Work With These 12 Tips

Train Yourself to Sit Less At Work With These 12 Tips

We've been using beds, kitchen tables, and even dressers as workstations for over a year, and now we're looking into how sitting motionless from 9 to 5 can affect our minds and bodies. 

Signs of Being Stuck in a Rut and What You Can Do

Signs of Being Stuck in a Rut and What You Can Do

Every day is packed with obligations to do, rent to pay, tasks to accomplish, and there doesn't seem to be anything to applaud other than getting it to Friday. 

working on a computer

How Does Blue Light Affect Workers Working on the Computer?

In addition to our professional lives, technology is becoming more rampant and shared in our professional and personal lives. 

Study Habits To Adopt For Better Vision

Study Habits To Adopt For Better Vision

If you're among the tens of thousands of scholars who have a slew of research assignments as well as essays to submit, you might be abusing your sense of sight. 

remote work

Learning from Colleagues Even When You Can't See Them In Person

Everything in life is an opportunity to learn something new. 

Warning Signs That Your Back Tells You

Warning Signs That Your Back Tells You

Is it possible that individuals might have gotten roused up following a sound slumber or returned early to the house from a hard shift at the office but to be met by a searing discomfort throughout their whole back?

ergonomic issues

Typical Computer Ergonomic Injuries That Online Students Frequently Suffer From

We had no idea how sitting in front of a screen for hours on end could harm our bodies until we were forced to deal with the strain and back discomfort of working from home or taking online classes.

alternating sitting and standing

How to Work Less Sitting While Staying Active at Home

It is no surprise that individuals are concerned when they sit for more than six hours at a time for days on end. 

remote working

Why Is Working from Home Isolation a Common Issue Among Remote Workers?

When you look around, you will see that a lot has changed in the last several months. 

Staying Healthy While Staying At Home

Staying Healthy While Staying at Home

Throughout various instances, having a remote job is advantageous, although it may potentially bring numerous physiological, psychological, and interpersonal obstacles as well.

Relieving The Pain Around the Cervical Spine

3 Ways to Overcome the Pain of the Upper Extremities

If you constantly complain about numbness, prickling sensation, and weakness along the neck, arm, and scapular region, then you might have cervical radiculopathy.

Working out together

Reasons to Motivate You to Lose Weight

Most of us fall into this trap. 

Why Bother About Stimulating Employee Fitness At Work?

Why Bother About Stimulating Employee Fitness At Work?

When all the work hours are combined with our culture's growing reliance on devices for amusement, it's easy to see why so many Americans are overweight and unhealthy. 

The Cozy Turf

Home Office: The Turf of the Introverts During the Pandemic

The pandemic has ushered in the era of the silent achiever.

WFH Eye Strain: 11 Things You Can Do to Minimize It

WFH Eye Strain: 11 Ways to Minimize It

Be aware of how much burden your eyes are under and slow down a bit once in a while.

Improving Workspace Efficiency Through Ergonomics

Improving Workspace Efficiency with Ergonomics

There's no getting around it: proper ergonomics are essential for productivity.

posture issues

The 7 Worst Computer Postures to Avoid

Poor posture while on the computer can have a negative influence on your health and productivity.

How to Make the Most Out of a Break

Making the Most Out Of a Break

Rest up and have fun on your break; you deserve it!

7 Ways How Standing Desks Heighten Productivity

7 Reasons Standing Desks Improve Productivity

A standing make can make a significant difference in your life.

Mental Health and Ways to Maintain It in the Workplace

Maintaining Your Mental Health in the Workplace

People owe it to themselves to take care of their physical and mental well-being. 

7 Ways On Keeping It Healthy As A Freelancer

7 Ways to Stay Healthy as a Freelancer

Remember that living a healthy lifestyle (both physically and mentally) is an ongoing process. 

Meditating at Work

How to Keep Your Mental Health at Work In Check

Exploring ways to positively impact our mental health at the office.

exercise while at work

Easy Stretches to Relieve Stress and Pain in the Office

Enjoy a healthier and more productive workday with these simple stretches.

How to Minimize the Risk Factors of MSDs At Work

How to Minimize the Risk of MSDs at Work

Employers and workers should both be aware of the risk of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace.

National Health Day

National Health Day: The Truth Behind an All-important Holiday

National Health Day is an opportunity to appreciate those who work to ensure good healthcare around the world.

Why Walk to Work? Here Are 9 Advantages

9 Advantages of Walking to Work

Let's explore several solid reasons why you should walk to work every day.

How To Combat Injury and Pain When Standing At Work 2021

Combat Injury and Pain When Standing at Work

When it comes to risk management, the secret to success is prevention.

10 Signs You Should Probably Move On To A New Job

10 Signs You Should Probably Move On to a New Job

It's easy to get stuck in a rut when you've been at the same job for some time. 

Reflection Time

4 Easy Steps to Manage Daydreaming at Work

The best way to deal with daydreaming is to manage it.

10 Tips to Avoid Going Nuts When Working from Home

10 Tips to Avoid Going Nuts When Working from Home

Striking a balance between the benefits and the drawbacks of working from home can be difficult.

World Smile Day: Unveiling the Benefits of Smiling

World Smile Day: Unveiling the Benefits of Smiling

Say a word of love to someone around you, walk around with a smile, and perform a kind act.

woman smiling

Tips to Improve Your Mood While Working Long Hours

Learn to stay positive and motivated at work.


Burnout: Why Do People Get Sick and Tired of Working from Home?

There are a variety of approaches to avoiding burnout.

a man working

Workplace Health: 10 Ergonomic Dos and Don'ts

Create a healthier and more productive work environment with these ergonomic workplace ideas.

Our Dear Teacher

The Ideal Motor Desk for Teachers

Teachers everywhere deserve an ergonomic desk that will help them teach at their best.

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