Ergonomic Advice

 A Gentle Reminder

Why You Should Reward Yourself

Yes, the reward system still works.

9 Simple Things You Can Do To Be Smarter

9 Simple Things You Can Do to Be Smarter

Tips to improve your cognitive function and raise your IQ.

Endless Love

All About Physical Touch

Do you take pride in your hugs?

Act of Service

What You Need to Know About Acts of Service

Do you feel loved when someone does something out of their way just to make you smile?

sitting straight

How to Encourage Yourself to Sit Up Straight Throughout the Day

Healthy habits to help you improve your posture and minimize your back discomfort.

12 Tips To Improve Quality of Air in the Workplace

12 Tips to Improve Air Quality in the Workplace

Indoor air pollution is a health problem for many employees, but it can be avoided with proper planning. 

employee sitting

10 Things Sitting Too Long Does to Your Body

Sitting for an extended period of time can have a variety of adverse effects on your health. 

Reminding Ourselves: The Health Risks of Sitting 9-5

Reminding Ourselves: The Health Risks of Sitting 9-5

Spending less time sitting and more time standing will positively affect your physical and mental health.

Worst Work Habits

13 Worst Work Habits to Cut in 2021

Get rid of these negative habits holding you back at work.

The Ageless Enthusiasm

5 Reasons Standing Desks are Recommended for Elderly Workers

Give your elderly workforce the support they need to maximize their productivity and maintain their health.

The Recurring Body Pain At Work

The 5 Reasons Repetitive Motion Injuries Get Severe

Exploring the reasons workplace injuries can get serious and how Flexispot helps prevent them.


Workplace Motivation to Stay Healthy and Productive

Make your work efficiency skyrocket by taking care of yourself.

What Happened After I Tried Working On A Standing Desk

What I Learned While Working On a Standing Desk

Based on my great experiences with standing desks at work, I intend to use them more frequently in the future. 

Power Hug

Free Hugs! 8 Reasons to Give 12 Hugs a Day

Humans are social beings and we should continuously find ways to meet our need for social interaction.

woman concentrate to her work

12 Ways to Improve Your Concentration at Work

12 expert tips that will go a long way in enhancing your focus.

When Insecure Becomes Secure

How to Turn Your Insecurities Into Strengths

Stop being insecure about being insecure.

Why and How to Delegate Tasks To Your Team Effectively

Why and How to Delegate Tasks to Your Team Effectively

Delegation skills may appear tricky or frightening at first, but they become much easier with practice.


Is Sitting or Standing Better for Shedding Calories?

Standing often can help you become more active and ready to face the day.

The Neck Issue

5 Ways to Overcome Upper Torso Pain

Prevent upper body aches with these simple tips.

6 Ways To Fully Relax At Home

7 Ways to Fully Relax at Home

7 steps to finding complete relaxation.

8 Tips to Practice Mindful Eating

8 Tips to Practice Mindful Eating

Be conscious of what you eat and stay fit with these simple tips.

The Wicked Duo of Working From Home and Procrastination

The Wicked Duo of Working From Home and Procrastination

Techniques to stay motivated and productive while working from home.

Cortisol Levels and How To Tone It Down Naturally

Lower Your Cortisol Levels Naturally

Making small, gradual changes is the best move for achieving long-term, positive results.

15 Simple Stress-Relieving Activities While Stuck At Home

15 Simple Stress-Relieving Activities While Stuck at Home

Simple ideas to alleviate the stress and anxiety in your everyday life.

Hard Day at Work

7 Ways to Lengthen Your Attention Span

These behavioral changes can cure your short attention span.

Baby Piano

8 Health Benefits of Classical Music

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you decide to listen to more classical music. 

Sit and Stretch

5 Stretching Exercises to Try While Working Remotely

These stretches will help you fight lethargy and bad posture throughout the day

16 Productivity Tips For Individuals With ADHD

16 Productivity Tips for Individuals with ADHD

There are numerous methods for managing your productivity and organizing your to-do list

hybrid employee

Avoid These 9 Signs of a Toxic Hybrid Work Culture

Some companies are so clueless about the process of shifting to hybrid work that they end up breeding toxicity.

mental health benefits

Is a Standing Desk Good for Mental Health?

Ergonomic equipment in the office is essential for the well-being and comfort of your employees.

Grieving Man

The Pandemic and the Modern Era of Prolonged Grief

Prolonged grief is a result of COVID-19 and must be addressed by the U.S. government before it’s too late. 

Top Tips to Get Moving in the Early Workday Mornings

Top Tips to Get Moving in the Early Workday Morning

Have an energetic and pleasant Monday morning by practicing these suggestions.

15 Ways on How to Optimize Work and Time in 2021

15 Ways to Optimize Your Time in 2021

Time management skills profoundly impact practically every part of your life.

9 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive in Co-Working Spaces

9 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive in Co-Working Spaces

Understanding the potential benefits of a co-working environment is vital to success. 

Diminish Back Discomforts With An Ergonomic Office Chair

Diminish Back Discomforts with an Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic chair is essential for maintaining good posture and preventing back pain.

man in a hurry to work while eating

12 Terrible Work Habits to Avoid (2021)

Make a conscious effort to wean yourself off of these 12 unhealthy habits.

Man Resting

It's Simple; You Need to Rest

Examining the importance of a good night's rest and tips for a better quality sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil

The World of Aromatherapy: How it Works and What it Does

Essential oils from plants can improve your psychological and physical well-being.

7 Ways You Can Establish Boundaries When Working From Home

7 Ways You Can Establish Boundaries When Working from Home

By setting and sticking to firm boundaries, you’ll bring less stress and more pleasure into your life.

ergonomic chair

The Effects of Sitting on a Uncomfortable Chair for a Long Duration

Even if you exercise in the morning before going to work, sitting in a chair for an extended time has always been associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Drawing: A Stress Reliever

4 Reasons Drawing Exercises are Advisable for Adult Workers

Art therapy is a creative process of expressing yourself using colors, images, and symbolism. 

Still Working From Home? Keep Home Life Separate From Work

Still Working From Home? Keep Home Life and Work Life Separate

Easy tips to enhance your work-life balance while working from home.

7 Ways Good Posture Can Help Your Overall Health

7 Ways Good Posture Can Help Your Overall Health

Maintaining proper posture throughout the day is critical to living a productive life.

injury in hands

Avoiding Common Ergonomic Injuries in the Office

Simple exercises to prevent common workplace injuries.

8 Things To Do During Your Work-From-Home Lunch Break

8 Things To Do During Your Work-From-Home Lunch Break

Refocus and rejuvenate your mind during lunchtime with these 8 fantastic ideas.

Coffee on the Table

Is Coffee Good for Me?

Exploring whether or not coffee is beneficial to our mental and physical health.

pregnant woman working

Best Office Furniture for Pregnant Women

Considering all the discomforts in pregnancy, it is important use furniture that accommodates both you and your unborn child.

Get Moving and Remove Sadness

Get Moving and Remove Sadness

Increased happiness is one of many symptoms of engaging in physical exercise.

The Pitfalls of Freelancing

The Pitfalls of Freelancing

Be aware of the negative impacts of freelancing on your health and lifestyle and be ready to handle them.

sore feet

Working from Home: How to Relieve Sore Feet

Keeping your feet comfortable and rested has numerous advantages. 

Woman Deep in Meditation

Why Meditation Should Be Essential in the Workplace

Mindfulness and mental health have long been associated with each other. 

9 Benefits To Business Culture When Using Standing Desks

9 Benefits To Business Culture When Using Standing Desks

Ever wondered why many individuals who work in an office gain a lot of weight after a while? 

Stress and Madness

The 3 Secrets In Dealing with the Psychological Distress

The blog post from Cardiac College Health E-University mentioned the outcome when you dwell too much on psychological distress.

9 Work At Home Time Management Tips

9 Work at Home Time Management Tips

9 simple ideas to improve your time management skills while working from home.

The Dangerous Posture

4 Chair Exercises on How to Lessen the Buffalo Neck’s Appearance

Buffalo neck is the lump at the back of the neck that is a cosmetic concern for others. 

The Man’s Back Muscle

5 Ways to Ergonomically Strengthen the Phasic Muscle Fibers

The Phasic muscle fibers or the fast-twitch fibers are responsible for transforming glycogen into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). 

lady working and exercising

Efficiency at its Best: Workout while you work with Flexispot

Keeping active and staying fit while on the job is now possible.
11 Strategies to Sneak Step Count Activities While at Work

11 Strategies to Sneak In Step Count Activities While at Work

Improving your step count is one of the most important things we can do to boost our activity throughout the day.

office chair

Is Sitting on a Chair Without a Backrest Recommended?

People have sat on the ground for prayers, meetings, social gatherings, and other activities for generations in many cultures and regions. 

Woman stuck in a creative rut

10 Pick-Me-Ups to Get Out of a Creative Rut

Wake up your imagination and get your creativity flowing with these 10 tips.

time for a break

The Importance of Taking Your Scheduled Breaks at Work

A happy, healthy, and well-rested employee is more likely to do their best work 5 days a week.

Starting To Feel Like A Rut? Common Causes of Writer's Block

In a Rut: Common Causes of Writer's Block

Identify the symptoms of writer's blocks and cure them with these tips.

Spotting Your Burned Out Employees and What You Can Do

Burned Out Employees: Identification and Remedy

Spot warning indicators of burnout early and take proactive steps to resolve them.

The Office Exercise

5 Ways to Strengthen Tonic Muscle Fibers

Keep your muscles toned and your body strong with a little help from Flexispot.

Children and Their Hands and Wrists

Hands and Wrists: Make Sure Your Child's are Protected

A child's hand and wrist mobility is essential in order to excel at routine tasks.

Forward lean

A Guide to Correcting Your Forward Head Position

Tips to improve your posture and relieve any aches and pains.

The Vexing Office Problems

5 Stressors that Cause Musculoskeletal Disorders

Identify these issues as soon as possible and solve them before you are faced with a long-term illness.

The Sore Neck and The Massage Chair

Why You Need an Ergonomic Massage Chair

Let's take a look at 4 reasons why an ergonomic office chair is exactly what you need.

15 Ways On How To Make Your Desk Job Healthier

15 Ways to Make Your Desk Job Healthier

Strategic ideas to improve your health at the office.

How FlexiSpot can Help your Fitness Goal

How FlexiSpot Can Help Your Fitness Goals

Decorate your home or office with ergonomic equipment that will keep you physically fit and pain-free.

Hunching at the Office Computer

4 Negative Effects of Improper Alignment When Sitting

Maintaining a correct posture when seated is crucial for your health and well-being.

Neck Soreness Felt

5 Problems that Limit Your Motion at the Office

Keep an active lifestyle at the workplace to improve your health and posture.

Active Pregnancy

Active Pregnancy: Staying Fit for the Healthy Mom-to-Be

Exercise during a pregnancy reaps health benefits for both the mother and the child.


Can an Ergonomically Designed Desk Get Rid of Back Pain?

Physical exhaustion or pain at work is not only bad for the human body, but it also saps vitality and reduces productivity. 

The Kid’s Titanium Strength

3 Ways Your Child Can Improve Their Physical Conditioning

Staying healthy and fit can help a child attain their academic goals and maximize their potential.

remote office ideas

10 Remote Office Ideas to Help Reduce Workplace Fatigue

Home office design suggestions to combat workplace exhaustion. 

tips to succeed better

Simple Ways to Stay on Top of Your Game in 2021

Nine strategies to help you stay enthusiastic, focused and positive at work.

Why A Dedicated Study Space For Your Teen is Advantageous

Why a Dedicated Study Space for Your Teen is Advantageous

Setting up a study technique, space, and habits will give your teen the best opportunity to succeed.

Why Furniture Matters For Children's Learning

How Furniture Affects a Child's Learning

Emphasizing adequate study equipment at home and school can boost student learning and engagement.

The 90-Degree Arm and Hand Position

Ergonomics and Proper Usage of Kids' Devices

Your child's ergonomic safety starts at home. 

The Risky Improper Posture

5 Effects of Improper Posture on Kids

Guide your child towards success by protecting them ergonomically.

The Workers’ Active Lifestyle in the Office

The Benefits of Alternating Movements in the Office with FlexiSpot

Quality products from FlexiSpot will provide you with an ergonomically superior workspace.

Chilling With the Ergo Chair

5 Ways Kids Could Enjoy Their Ergo Chairs

A guide to ensure your child falls in love with their ergonomic chair.

The Happy Kiddos of the Online Class

4 Ways Children Can Enjoy and Succeed in E-Learning

4 ideas to ergonomically protect your child to maximize their academic potential.

What makes a mentally-nice household?

What Makes a Mentally-Strong Household?

Maximize your psychological well-being at home.

Back-To-School Jitters: 8 Tips on Helping Your Child Cope

Back-to-School Jitters: 8 Tips on Helping Your Child Cope

If you are concerned that your child will struggle to transition back to school, this article is for you.

9 Reasons Why Plants are Helpful in Learning and Studying

9 Reasons Plants are Helpful when Learning and Studying

Did you know that plants have a broad spectrum of therapeutic benefits to humans?

EFL Online Teaching

4 Ergonomic Problems EFL Teachers Experience

A list of common ergonomic problems teachers can face.

How Using Standing Desks Help You Be More Creative

How Using Standing Desks Helps Spur Creativity

Not only is standing up great for your physical health, it also pushes you mentally by encouraging imagination and inventiveness. 

15 Poor Study Practices to Get Rid of in 2021

15 Poor Study Practices to Get Rid of in 2021

Poor study habits might derail an otherwise successful academic career.

sedentary job

5 Easy Methods to Reduce Your Sitting Time

Tips to cut down on sitting and stay active and motivated at the office.

12 Back-To-School Necessities For Your Child's 2021 Backpack

12 Back-To-School Necessities For Your Child's 2021 Backpack

Make sure your child has all the essentials necessary for safety and success tucked away neatly in their schoolbag. 

The Child’s Psychological Distress

3 Effects of Non-Ergonomic Products on Your Kids

Are you aware of the ergonomic needs of your child?

6 Health Tips for Creative Individuals Who Work Long Hours

6 Health Tips for Creative Individuals Who Work Long Hours

Prioritizing your health will benefit your creative profession.

Get away from negative thoughts with the Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike W

All About Depression

Depression is a common medical disorder that affects millions of people around the world.

mental benefits

Does Standing at a Desk Improve Your Mental Health?

Exploring the connection between maintaining an upright position and your mental well-being.

10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity As A Student

10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity as a Student

Productivity is all about striking a balance that allows you to retain your sanity while effectively doing your tasks.

hybrid work culture

Signs that Indicate a Toxic Hybrid Work Culture

There are various ideas and solutions for implementing a successful hybrid work arrangement.

One Fixed Height Desk and Two  Best-selling Desk Converters From FlexiSpot

Non-Electric Options from FlexiSpot

A fixed height desk and a coverter may be all you need to stay healthy and productive in the office.

15 Tips to Transition Back To School Smoothly

15 Tips to Transition Back to School Smoothly

Suggestions to make your return to school a breeze.

Immersing at an Ergonomic-friendly Office

Ergonomics at the Workplace: Best Done with Flexispot

Let Flexispot aid you in avoiding common aches and pains that hinder your performance in the office.

The Reliability of the Standing Desk in the Office

The Ergonomic Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks and Fixed Height Tables

These products will help you optimize your performance at work without putting your health at risk.

The Sore Hand and Wrist Nerves

Sore Hands: Releasing Stress on an Adjustable Standing Desk

Treating your hands with care is a simple but often overlooked task with potentially disastrous consequences.

The Worker’s  Ergonomic Pain

Overcoming Ergo Pain Caused by Prolonged Sitting

Learn how to prevent aches caused by excessive sitting throughout the day.

How you can help your company entice employees to report back to work after the

Enticing Employees to Return to Work Post-Pandemic

Build a workspace that is safe, comfortable and appealing to all employees.

college student  studying

Why Students Should Use Ergonomic Equipment

Research has outlined the importance of ergonomic work equipment across the board. 

The Top-Caliber Office Organizer

Ergonomic Qualities of the Office Organizers from Flexispot

Flexispot offers an economical way to clean up your cluttered workspace.

The Thorough Cleaning

Proper Maintenance of an Ergonomic Office Chair

Your personality and character is reflected in how you care for your possessions.

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