Optimizing Work Performance and Energy with A Desk Bike and A Standing Desk

May 27, 2021

A Worker with an Optimized Energy

When we talk about energy optimization and work performance, we may always talk about the products from Flexispot such as the best standing desk mate like the Under Desk Bike V9U that can energize a worker while he cycles without any noise. This is called the best standing desk mate because it is best paired with a height-adjustable standing desk mate. This under desk bike has a weight capacity of up to 300lbs. This means that anyone who wishes to shed some weight could enjoy working without the worry of adjusting the machine or keeping his balance rigidly while on the desk bike. This is because the Under Desk Bike V9U is built with: 

● a product dimension of: 37.6 for the length, 22.8 for the width; a height range of 29.6 to 37.2 inches

This means that it could fit your lower torso and the buttocks area well. It would not be dangerous for anyone to keep his balance while cycling on this product. One could always enjoy his time at the desk bike without putting himself at risk. Compared to other stationary bikes that go wobbly at times, Flexispot's under desk bike is a great choice for your exercise at work. 

● item weight of 51 lbs

Compared to other equipment that is not easy to carry and move along the office because of its easy rolling casters. One doesn't need to lift or force his lumbar when moving this piece of equipment in the office. With just the right force and posture, you could move the under desk bike from one side to the other corner of the office.  

● a magnetic level resistance of up to 8 levels 

Worrying about speeding up too much when cycling? Or losing balance when exercising as you fill out the spreadsheet? Worry no more because this under desk has the resistance level that could help you control your cycling and run smoothly without losing focus on the project that you are working on. It could make one worker cycle without the hassles caused by hitting the soles or ankles on the product because of too much speed. 

Choosing the right desk bike would not be difficult for a worker like you because of the great features mentioned above. Purchasing this is a great choice because it's economical. Imagine buying a chair and a stationary bike in one. You don't have to spend the whole day, trying to adjust your lower torso or move it from time to time because of soreness but with V9U's cushion, you could sit enjoyably while working on the height-adjustable standing desk.

Now, let's match the durability and sturdiness of V9U to Flexispot's height adjustable standing desk. As mentioned earlier, this one is the best standing desk mate. Let's have the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5 that has a dual-motor lifting system. This shows that if paired with V9U, it could still work best regardless of the chosen height setting; it would still be functional and stable. Aside from this, one may also consider the other superb features of the EC5 such as: 

● The 220lb-weight capacity:

So no matter how often you lean here as you work or you put some office materials on top of the surface, you would not worry about it collapsing in front of you because of its weight capacity.

● The 1.4 inch/s lifting speed:

This ensures a fast lifting speed of the product that could help you save time and effort when you need to work on your project at work.

● This also functions quietly:

With the 50db feature, this could ensure a quiet function just like the V9U. Hence, even with the items on the surface being lifted. The adjustment of this desk would not be a source of noise in the office. .  

Now, matching the two products would be easier because as we can see both match each other. With a durable and sturdy EC5 and the functional V9U, you could optimize your energy and work performance without worrying about your workout time. You may do these at the comfort of your sit. You simply set the buttons on the desired height of the desk and cycle on with the under desk bike and continue finishing your output for the report in the office. 

Other Things to Consider for a Standing Desk and A Desk Bike:

Aside from the durability and functions of the standing desk and desk bike, there are other factors to consider when choosing such products. These may help you choose your best pair. 

● Consider the Weight Capacity of the Desk Bike: If you are after losing weight and staying active in the office, checking the weight capacity of the desk bike would be advisable because this could help you a lot during your actual work in the office. The V9U's weight capacity could help you cycle and lose weight while keeping yourself busy in the office.

● Consider the Standing Desk's Height Range: When choosing a standing desk that would be paired up with the desk bike, you must check the height range if you would feel comfortable with the available height range or which one would be suitable for your height because if you're not going to do this, you might not be able to choose the one that is best for you. However, what's good about V9U and EC5 is their height ranges are suitable for most people who are from medium-built to tall. 

● Consider Your Workplace: When using the standing desk and desk bike, one of the things that you need to consider is your colleagues. Would the equipment create noise that could disturb them? If it could be the case, then choosing Flexispot's V9U and EC5 would be the best options because as mentioned above these pieces of equipment do not create noise when in operation. 

Final Thoughts:

Keeping a healthy lifestyle while at work is challenging because you need to consider a lot of things but choosing the best products such as the V9U and EC5 for your workout plans while in the office would help you stay active, focused, and healthy at work. It would make you stay in shape as you ward off the sedentary lifestyle.

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