Skin Writing : Managing Dermatographia at Work

April 27, 2021

Skin Writing : Managing Dermatographia at Work
Excelsia Tallorin

Dermatographia, which is colloquially known as “skin writing” is a minor skin condition that is mostly common in children and young adults. 

While dermatographia is not a life-threatening condition, the symptoms that develop when skin gets a little scratch can get too much and annoying to handle. If you are not familiar with dermatographia or do not know anyone afflicted by it, just imagine getting scratched and after a few seconds, the very same scratches turn into itchy and inflamed welts that the more you scratch it, the more it gets worse. Do not forget that you will sometimes feel a little burning sensation to match the itchiness.

Now that you have a clear picture, it is best to be prepared for what may come since this skin condition can affect anyone especially if you are still in the demographic. In that case, this few helpful tricks will guarantee you to have a  these few helpful tricks will guarantee you to have an easier time at work whenever your dermatographia flares up.

Keep Skin Moisturized

Once you are fresh from the shower, it is best to lather yourself right away with a lotion that would keep your skin from drying out. But to optimize the effects of your lotion and manage dermatographia for a long workday ahead of you, take a look at your skin type for some investigation.

If your skin appears scaly, and irritated, it is most likely dry from the lack of oils and lipids. For dehydrated skin, dullness, itchiness, and fine lines along with wrinkles will be seen. To take your investigation a notch further, pinch a small amount of skin on the back of your hand and hold for a few seconds. Let go and watch how fast it turns back to the original state. If it took a while to get back, chances are you are dehydrated and in need of plenty of water. 

Now that you have determined what your skin needs you must have the basic knowledge of the difference between a  moisturizing versus a hydrating lotion.

To rehydrate your skin, it is best to start from the inside through forming the habit of drinking water throughout the day. For others though, a topical hydrator that pulls water to your skin cells would be your best friend. Look for lotions with ingredients such as glycerin, honey, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, and aloe vera (aloe is great at lessening the irritation caused by dermatographia too).

For skin that is dry, you can choose between different formulas that are helpful with the ever changing seasons and weather. Body butters, oils, and lotions with ceramides as ingredients would soothe dry flaky skin.

Once you have the right lotion, managing your dermatographia is easier since if your skin is not dry, you lessen the chances of irritation. Try to bring a bottle or two of your favorite lotion so that you can re-apply as the day progresses.

Fabric Matters

At times, dermatographia will surprise you by just suddenly appearing on your skin. If you are not careful, you might also unknowingly scratch your skin thereby making it even worse and distracting while you work. But your office attire’s fabric may also be the silent culprit behind the flare-up

 To somehow halt dermatographia flare-ups, buy clothes that are made of cotton, silk, linen, jersey, and seersucker. These fabrics are perfect since your skin will get to breathe and they do not cling as much which lessens the contact. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics like nylon, vinyl, and acrylic should be avoided as well natural wool, and vintage clothes that have not been thoroughly cleaned.

Remember, fashion should always bring out your best self and if you are wearing an itchy wool sweater that you think looks good, if you are not feeling good due to irritation then it is high time that you let go of that sweater.

For The Sensitive Ones

Bathing with oh-so-yummy smelling body washes and slathering yourself with the rich goodness of a deliciously sinful body seems like a great way to jump start a work week ahead of you. Spritz some concentrated perfume and you know everyone would be turning their heads once you walk by.

However, they might be turning their heads for the reason that you cannot help but scratch your flare-up. This is all thanks to the hodgepodge of scents that you put all over your body.

Most people with sensitive skin tend to avoid anything fragrant for their skin since it could lead to a mild or severe irritation. Which is why with dermatograpia, it is best to use fragrance-free products because prevention is definitely better than cure.

Not Against Antihistamine

Speaking of cure, while dermatographia is a common skin condition, there is no known cure for it. The good news is that it would not follow you till you are old. But if the itchiness is too much to handle, consider stocking up on over-the-counter antihistamine. The only downside to this wonder product for your dermatographia is the drowsiness you will feel after taking it. Buy antihistamines that are not likely to make you doze off while at work and take the usual ones if you get itchy right before bed.

Cream Goodness

If you are not fond of taking OTC medicines,  then consider anti-itch creams your super-skin saver. Find one that has at least 1 percent hydrocortisone which will help calm your irritated skin. However, anti-itch creams must be use sparingly and then discontinued for a few weeks.

Stress Management

I want you to breathe in and breathe out first for this not-so-fun fact. Take one deep breath and exhale it all oh-so-slowly to feel the stress leave your body. Now that you are ready, did you know that your stress can also exacerbate dermatographia? You might even notice that every time you are at work, the flare-ups are worse. This is emotionally driven flare ups which do not really help that much if you are already stressed and mad about something. 

So learn your breathing exercises and always keep yourself calm and composed no matter what life throws along your way. After all, you would not want to be an itchy ball of stressed-out nerves right?


There you have the few tips to help ease the irritation brought by dermatographia. While it may not have a cure, knowing how to manage the irritation while you are at work is a good start.

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