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The desk that serves as a workout buddy.

Bamboo Standing Desk: An Effective Workout Buddy

 I personally have the problem of shedding extra layers of fat on my chest, arms, and belly...

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Why You Need the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair For Your Work Area

Ergonomic chairs are an essential investment for your home office.

ergonomic furnitures

How to Make Standing Desks Work for You

You might want to sit down for this one, but a sit-stand work desk might just be the best investment you’ve never made...

Ergonomic chair with adjustable arms

Why You Should Buy an Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Arms

Office workers all over the world are finding new ways to upgrade their workspace...

A woman working from home

How to Avoid Work-From-Home Burnout?

Working from the comfort of your home may seem convenient and even fun...

Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

Utsukushī Basho means 'a beautiful place' in Japanese language. If you are looking for ways to inject some Japanese-inspired aesthetics to your home and workstation, then this is the right place for you...

Study Buddies

Study Buddies

Design a child-friendly and conducive study room for your children.

gaming keyboard

How an Optimal Ergonomic Gaming Setup Creates a Series of Wins

Being an avid gamer myself, I have found the importance of ergonomic chairs and the more recent adjustable desks the hard way...

study desk

Tips on Creating a Learning and Study Space at Home

It is not necessary to have one's own desk to be successful in school...

How ergonomics can help you become a better professional

The Science of Ergonomics: Why Does It Matter for WFH Professionals

When working from home has you sitting behind a desk for a long time, you might think that you will regret doing this as you grow old...

working from home

Ergonomic Solutions as a WFH Lifesaver

When talking about a work-from-home setup, different reactions can be derived from it...

working from home techniques

Working from Home Tips to Stay and Be Your Best

A lot has changed since the ongoing pandemic started.

The Beauty Guru's Beauty Room

The Beauty Guru's Beauty Room

Beauty is their duty and their room is their sanctuary...

pneumatic standing desk

Pneumatic Standing Desk vs Electric Standing Desk: Which is Better?

When it comes to sit-stand conversion desks, there’s the eternal question of which is better...

work from home

Work-Life Balance Benefits from WFH

The term work 'work from home' has been the byword of workers and companies alike since the onset of the pandemic...

Monitor Stand Workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W

Is the Monitor Stand Workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W the Best Fit for Your Work-From-Home Setup?

Did you know that the way you plan or set up your home office has an impact on how productive you are?

Anti-fatigue accessories for your work desk

Anti-Fatigue Accessories for Your Work Desk

Working on a desk seems easier than doing physical labor...

Stretches for back and shoulder pain

7 Easy Stretches for Back and Shoulder Pain

Whether you work in the office or from home, there’s a good chance that you sit at the desk all day long with a bad posture that may increase stress in the shoulders and back...

 Standing Desks and Their Role in Keeping You Healthy

How Standing Desks Can Help Beat Your Sedentary Lifestyle

Decades of sitting on a chair for hours...


Flexispot Designs that Promote Workers’ Health and Wellness

Whoever coined the term health is wealth wasn’t far from the truth...

Office Products for Pain-Free

3 Back Pain Relief Products for Your Home Office

Admit it. Your interest in back pain relief products stems from the ungodly hours spent in your home office.

standing desk

How Flexispot is Transforming the Working Environment

Working is necessary in our modern world and being employed is what everyone tries to attain in their life...

thumbs and desk

The Cons of Standing Desks

For all of the conveniences built into our modern lifestyle, getting in the regular exercise dose that the body needs to operate at its best can be challenging. 

gaming desk and two people enjoying gaming

Gaming Hard or Hardly Gaming? Level up with this two products!

Through the advent of technology, gaming has achieved a major level-up from simple Atari games to the more elaborate Virtual Reality (VR) gaming.

Lumbar supported Office Cahir

Kinds of Lumbar Support and Ergonomic Office Chairs

With the pandemic driving more people to work at home or doing business online, it has forced us to sit in front of the computers and work like an automaton. Countless hours in the sitting position in front of the screen, which can be very harmful to the back. Even if we are not working, we spent our free time either driving, watching TV for hours on end, or gaming. It seems we are always in the sitting position.

Ergonomic Chair

Five Signs That You Need to Change Your Workstation Chair

As you depend on your body for different activities in your life, you should be carefully considering your life choices.

Ergonomic Chair for Short People

What is the best Ergonomic chair for a short person?

Let’s face it, not everyone is built the same. People come in all shapes and sizes. They may be tall, thin, stout, or small in stature.  Most office chairs are built to accommodate the average person. If you are petite or short in stature (under 5’3” for women and under 5’8” for men), your ergonomic chair could be compounding your already existing aches and pains or could create new ones.

Chair Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation on an Ergonomic Chair: A Crash or a Click

Mindfulness and Meditation on an Ergonomic Chair: A Crash or a Click


“Find your inner Zen; ground yourself and field your auric shield with light”.


Every day, we wake up with the desire to fill our centers with love and light. We chant that affirmation.  We wake up in the morning feeling hopeful that Gaia would bless us with all the abundance and all our spirit guides will be on our favor, showering us with the first phone call from a high school crush or an inbox with a message of the 80% off for all the watches from your favorite watch store. Yet, the moment the phone rings, you’d just realize that the call from your high school crush would be his wedding invitation for you (after so many years of liking, putting a heart on all his posts, and for being up until late at night to see his latest uploaded vlog on the social media) and the watch you’re really desiring has already been out of stock. We would just end up asking ourselves: what else could go wrong? This thought is something that needs to be acknowledged and release. As what spiritual teachers say “acknowledge and release”. Every emotion should be known and one should let go of the negative feelings that weaken our spirit. At times, they all fall unto one spectrum. In most worse cases, it’s on our spectrum that these negative vibes fall. A lot of blog posts and tutorials online may help us how to do the right meditation. There are some teachers who say that the perfect way to do the meditation is to ground yourself on the floor with pillows around. Light some incense, center yourself and empty your mind. That’s pretty challenging, right? A lot of blogsites will teach us that the mindfulness habit that we need to observe and practice are the following: mindfulness, meditation, scripting (a manifestation practice wherein you’ll need to write down the great things or positive things about yourself or you may write the opposite qualities that y

fitness chair

The Only Bike You'll Ever Need for Work

It has been more than a year now, and some of us are still stuck at home.

standing desk

10 Health Benefits That a Standing Desk Can Bring You

Prolonged sitting has often been termed ‘the new smoking’, and with good reason.

Productivity Setup

How to Maximize WFH Comfort Using FlexiSpot Equipment

When it comes to working from home, you are exposed to different factors that may affect your productivity.

Happy Couple

Best Home Office Desk for Lower Back Pain

“There are many reasons why you need a standing desk in your office—in our case, well, a home office,” said Andrew Barber, a young business owner from Texas

How to improve your posture

Good Posture: 2 Products That Can Help

Regular office jobs require sitting for extended periods...

Sit or Stand

How Long Should You Really Stand at a Standing Desk?

There are proven benefits to both, but it has been medically proven beyond all doubt that sitting for hours every day has enormously negative effects on your health...

posture for spine health

5 Common Posture Mistakes and How to Correct

When parents and teachers admonished you for not sitting upright and slouching, they were right! Bad posture is detrimental to your health and puts stress on your body...

buy a standing desk using fsa

Using your FSA or HSA to Purchase a Standing Desk

While most of the world is staying home to stay safe from the effects of the pandemic...


Why Ergonomists Recommend Chairs with Lumbar Support

Whether you are studying at University, working in an office or working from home via technology one thing is certain you are spending a majority of the work day in some type of chair. Whether the chair is an office chair, desk chair, gaming chair, accent chair, bean bag chair, papasan chair, massage chair, ergonomic chair or egg chair their sole purpose is to provide a chair for which to sit.

While this is true, it is imperative to understand that sometimes a chair is not just a chair. Each chair is not created equal. Short term comfort cannot replace the effects associated with long term pain. This is why it is so important to create a workspace that is ergonomically correct to prevent these preventable symptoms.

By the end of that work day, if you don’t have the appropriate lumbar support you may notice that you are suffering from low back pain, neck pain and/or headaches. It is essential that you have the appropriate lumbar support with your office chair to ensure that your posture is correct. Having the appropriate posture helps alleviate that unwanted pain.

Ergonomists are specialists who conduct research on the study of Ergonomics. Proper ergonomics are essential to creating a workspace that will protect your health.

What is Ergonomics ?

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill defines ergonomics as the following, “Ergonomics can roughly be defined as the study of people in their working environment. More specifically, an ergonomist designs or modifies the work to fit the worker, not the other way around. The goal is to eliminate discomfort and risk of injury due to work. In other words, the employee is our first priority in analyzing a workstation” ( UNC-CH, 2020).

Ergonomics means creating a workspace environment around the individual, not the other way around. It provides a workspace uniquely created to you for which your individual physiology is taken into consideration

How to adjust office chair

3 Things to Consider When Adjusting Your Chair

When it comes to ergonomics, learning how to use your tools is what would make the difference between what makes it effective or completely useless. In this article we’ll tell you the top 3 components to consider when adjusting your office chair. 

How to choose ergonomic office chair

3 Tips for Choosing The Right Ergonomic Office Chair

With all the different types of office chairs in the market, finding the right ergonomic chair might be a little overwhelming. With these 3 quick and easy tips, find the right chair that works for you!


How to Cope With Stress While Doing Remote Work

It can be challenging to cope with stress. But with a can-do attitude, you can respond positively when life throws you a curveball.

sit-stand converter with monitor arm

Five Reasons Why Home Office Monitor Setup Is Important

A home office monitor setup can help you create an ergonomic workstation, especially if you want to reduce back and neck pain.

 Poor Posture While Working From Home

Tips to Avoid Poor Posture While Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the working landscape, forcing many to work from home. Now the question remains: Is your workstation ergonomic enough?

Employees hot desking

What Is Hot Desking and What Are the Benefits?

Hot desking or non-reservation-based hoteling is a newer trend that can open up collaboration at work, as long as you implement it right. 

Influence Your Boss To Purchase A standing desk

Use These Tips And Template To Influence Your Boss To Purchase A Standing Desk Machine

You might have seen or come across standing desks, maybe at a friend's place of work or maybe on the Internet or some online video, and you are already familiar with the how functional standing desks are; the health benefit, how it can enhance your productivity at work and also collaboration with your colleagues.

Electric Height Adjustable Desk


Evidently, effective and converting workstation machines are a great way to keep you productive and also help you reduce your risk of having health issues that can be epileptic to your well-being.

Two people are doing exercise for health

Stretches and Exercises for Sciatic Pain from Piriformis Syndrome

Sciatic nerve pain doesn't always arise from the nerve roots. Sometimes, the piriformis muscle can tighten or become inflamed, irritating the sciatic nerve. Thankfully, several stretches and exercises can help alleviate your pain from piriformis syndrome. Further, moving around and standing help relieve the pressure on the injured muscle and reduce pain.

A man is typing on his laptop

8 Bad Computer Habits You Need to Break and Why You Should

“We had no computers when we were your age.”

Undeniably, computer systems have played a significant role in what have achieved such growth. Every organization needs computers today, no matter how small the operations are.

But the reality is that technology, according to Simon Sinek, has made millennials more and more entitled. Of course, that is a more psychological interpretation of how technology has affected us.

A woman is sitting and eating junk food

Sedentary Lifestyle Can Accelerate the Aging Process

A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to an increased risk of a plethora of age-related ailments, including but not limited to obesity, diabetes, heart attack, osteoporosis, and certain cancers. Even worse is twice the risk of premature death that comes with leading a sedentary lifestyle for two decades. 

flexispot height adjustable gaming desk standing desk

How to Make Your Gaming Computer Setup Awesome

For game enthusiasts and professional streamers alike, their gaming setup is their paradise. Since then, millennials have developed a sense of aesthetics and are making their dimly lit computer gaming zone look cool and sophisticated. Here are some ways and tips to help you turn your gaming setup into an ergonomic center.

standing desk of FlexiSpot

Why Programmers and Coders Need FlexiSpot Standing Desk

Our bodies are not designed to sit for extended periods. Using a standing desk at work offers health benefits that go a long way. Consider integrating an adjustable standing desk like the “FlexiSpot” into your workplace to enjoy a more active, happier, healthier and productive life.

A staff is suffered from gout during work

How To Cope With Gout

Anyone suffering from gout knows how terrible the symptoms can be. A full blown gout attack can leave you almost paralyzed. In order to prevent this from happening, try making a few changes in your lifestyle as a starting point to dealing with your condition. Little changes can make a huge difference! 

A programmer is doing his work

Programmers:Stand Up For Your Body!

FlexiSpot’s Electric Height Adjustable Desk allows programmers and gamers to stand while using the computer. Sitting down for hours on end each day is proven to increase the likelihood of various chronic health problems.

flexispot Stylish Sit stand Smart Workstation EM6S standing desk

The Benefits of Using a Smart Workstation

Working at a desk may be inevitable.  Being sedentary and unhealthy are optional when you use a Smart Workstation.  It allows more movement to immediately improve your quality of life.

flexispot Stylish Sit stand Smart Workstation EM6S standing desk

The New FlexiSpot Smart Workstation: Relieve Pain While Boosting Productivity

Learn about the features and perks of the FlexiSpot EM6S Smart Workstation that create the ideal mix of productivity, style and spine health.

Durability Test on Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

Why durability test is needed?

A durability test is a test simulating the repeated application of loads or movement of components occurring during long-term use. It evaluates how well a product holds up when put to the test beyond its expected or designated function.

Standing desks need to be suitable for use and durable, they should be strong enough to withstand a reasonable weight and joints should remain tight with use over time. To the average consumer, the desire for longer lasting probably seems beyond debate. Durability test is becoming increasingly important as manufacturers strive to increase the reliability of their products.

The last thing you want is a desk that won’t last.

What is the test process?

The chosen sample for testing is Flexispot E1 standing desk frame with 55 “X 30” desktop. The total load of the desk is 190.52 lbs, and the adjustment range for testing is from 28.5” to 47.4”. Before starting the test, a cycle counter is necessary to be installed with the desk, as it will record up and down movements every time. The test process is to run 2 full cycles of up and down adjustment within about 2 minutes, and then rest 18 minutes before repeating the movement before. This experiment began from Aug. 9th, 2018, and till Dec. 29th, 2018, which is 141 days later, the test still continues as the desk keeps working. Experimenters suspended the test shortly to make a note. The cycle counter display shows 40832, indicating that 40832 times vertical movements already occurred in the past 141 days. While pressing the buttons manually, this Flexispot E1 standing desk is still able to go up and down smoothly and stably.

Check video.

Why do you choose Flexispot?

As the test result above illustrates, regardless of 40832 times up and down adjustments w

Why National Ergonomics Month Matters

October is National Ergonomics Month! Although it doesn’t get much press, this month is dedicated to all the ideas, practices, and products that make your work and life safer, healthier, and more comfortable. 


Ergonomics from 1950 to the 21st Century

After World War 2, ergonomics focused on product design and convenience.  In the 1950s ergonomics developed a focus on people in systems, now called “human factors.” 


Ergonomics to 1950

Today’s ergonomic industry offers products that contribute to health and productivity. Industrial design, physiology, biometrics and other disciplines working together have created some extraordinary equipment, such as under desk bikes.

Employees working in an open office.

How to Create Privacy in an Open Plan Office

Open offices are the new trend for businesses. Here's how to offer your workers privacy in the workplace when productivity matters most. 

A signpost indicating a choice between outsourcing HR or staying in-house.

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing HR

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing HR functions. The cost savings and scalability are tempting, but balance with preserving service quality. 

Doctor writing a prescription.

Can My Doctor Prescribe a Standing Desk?

One common question from health-conscious workers is, "Do I need a doctor's note for standing desk requests to my employer?" No, but it can help your case. 

posture reminder app

How to Select a Posture Reminder App

Have you ever considered using a posture reminder app to keep your spine in line during the day? Discover pluses and minuses of popular apps and programs. 

A woman drinking coffee at her computer

Typing Ergonomics Tips: Improper Techniques Could Be Hurting You

Practicing good typing ergonomics helps your health and productivity. Here's how to maintain an ergonomic typing position all day. 

Can a Smart Device Shock You Into Good Posture?

Can a Smart Device Shock You Into Good Posture?

Do posture correctors work? The research is mixed. But that doesn't mean posture shockers, or any other device or brace, won't work for you. 

Two male and two female employees communicating in a shared open office workspac

Mind Your Manners: 5 Open-Office Etiquette Tips That Are Easy-to-Implement

Developing rules around open-office etiquette will transform the productivity in your workplace. Here are five easy-to-implement tips to get started. 

FlexiSpot E5 Desk

Comparing the Fully Jarvis Desk and the FlexiSpot E5 Desk

Decide between Fully’s Jarvis desk and FlexiSpot’s E5 desk with this detailed comparison of standing desk attributes.

FlexiSpot ClassicRiser Series

4 Back-Friendly Reasons the ACA Endorses the FlexiSpot ClassicRiser Series

The ACA granted FlexiSpot its full endorsement for all four sit-stand desk models in the ClassicRiser series. 

Is a treadmill desk right for you?

Standing Desks vs. Treadmill Desks: Which One Is Right for You?

Are you unsure of the benefits of a standing desk vs. treadmill desk? Learn what each does and how both may be the answer to your office health concerns. 

Woman wearing glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses for Work: Are They Worth It?

Do blue light glasses work, or are they just another fad? Research shows that blue light can interfere with sleep and screen time can cause eye strain. 

How Durable Are FlexiSpot Desktops?

When it comes to choosing the perfect desktop surface for your new electric standing desk, durability is one of the most important features you can shop for. But, how exactly do you measure durability? Well, we think a good field test does the trick. So, we recently put a standard FlexiSpot desktop through a four-part durability test to see how it stood up to a little abuse. Here’s what we discovered.

Test #1: Scratch Test

Customers often ask how susceptible FlexiSpot desktop surfaces are to scratches. It’s a smart question since scratches take away from the desk’s beauty. They also make tasks that require a smooth surface, like writing and drawing, more challenging.

For our scratch test, we didn’t hold back. We grabbed a stainless steel fork from the kitchen and repeatedly scraped the prongs along the surface of the desk.

Result: Despite our best efforts, the fork didn’t leave behind a single scratch.

Test #2: Weight Capacity Test

With multiple monitors, desk accessories, a full-size keyboard, a mouse and paperwork, it’s easy for a desktop to fill up with stuff quickly. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that one of the first questions customers ask is: “How much weight can a FlexiSpot desktop support?”.

To help answer that question, we tested to see what would happen when a 178-lb man stood on the desktop and moved around a bit. While the technical specifications on the FlexiSpot

electric standing desk vs crank

Standing Desk Buyer's Guide: Electric vs. Crank

Standing Desk Buyer's Guide: Electric vs. Crank - Explore and compare the pros and cons of electric and manual (crank) standing desks. 

Woman wears a posture brace outside.

Do Posture Braces Work? The Pros, Cons and Three Alternatives to Consider

Do posture braces work? The scientific evidence seems to be up in the air, but these pros, cons and alternatives might help you decide what's best for you. 

Woman meditating at her desk

How to Improve Posture at Work: Take a Meditation Break!

Want to know how to improve posture at work? One of the benefits of meditation may be standing and sitting a little taller. 

Woman rubs her eyes while sitting at her desk

The Long-Term Health Risks of Computer Use

Technology is a valuable tool, but the health risks of computers must be addressed to protect the workforce. 

Yes, You Should Use a Standing Desk Mat—Here’s Why

Quality standing mats provide a ton of benefits over standing on a hard floor, or even carpet. 

Standing on a Foot Mat

The Science Behind Anti-Fatigue Mats: How Do They Work?

Ever wonder how do anti-fatigue mats work? Take a peek at the science of the anti-fatigue mat for standing desk workspaces. 

Male and female coworkers sitting at a desk

Best Furniture for Hot-Desking

Forgoing the traditional office set-up and switching to a hot desk office? Here's what you need to consider when it comes to hot desk furniture. 

trackpad vs mouse

Trackpad vs Mouse: Which is Better for Your Wrist?

Millions of people point and click all day at work, and many of them suffer from hand and wrist pain, strains, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Choosing the right pointing device and using it correctly can help you avoid these issues and keep your creativity and productivity flowing.

hand numbness

Numbness in Hands – Causes and Solutions

Ever get numbness or tingling in your hands or fingers? You’re not alone—it’s a common issue that can range from momentary and minor to recurring and severe. It can stem from a variety of underlying issues and can indicate bigger problems developing. So how can you figure out what’s causing your hand numbness, and what can you do about it?

Back Benefits from a Standing Desk - and 5 Tips for Making the Switch

A very common ailment of office workers is back pain. Sitting at a desk all day at work puts unnecessary pressure on your spine and can lead to discomfort and injury. But trading in your traditional workstation for an adjustable standing desk can reduce that pressure and help to increase the health of your spine. Read on to find out why your back can’t stand all that sitting.

Sit or Stand – How Does Position Impact Your Spine?

Sitting for extended periods has been shown to shorten and harden abdominal and hamstring muscles. At first glance this change might not seem related to the spine, but the imbalance that it causes impinges on the rest of the body’s core, reducing spine alignment and muscle symmetry. Standing helps strengthen muscles in the core and legs – essential to general strength and to preventing spinal injury.

Slouching is also much more common while sitting, and dipping your head toward the computer screen can cause neck and back pain and eventually impact your spine’s curvature. Performing repetitive tasks, particularly while seated, puts stress on muscles and joints and increases the risk of back and neck injury such as spine misalignment, pinched nerves and degenerative discs.

One advantage of an adjustable desk – whether used for sitting or standing – is the ability to customize its height and provide an ergonomic advantage for your body, promoting good pos

A business woman stretching at her desk.

How To Prevent Health Problems With Back Ergonomics in the Workplace

Learn how to prevent health problems with back ergonomics in the workplace. 

tension headache

The Correlation Between Neck Posture and Tension Headaches

Many employees would say that their jobs can be a pain in the neck.  This may be a figure of speech, but it can be a reality when so much time is spent sitting in an office with less than ideal posture.  So what happens when our daily posture causes pain, particularly tension headaches?

Have you ever had neck pain creep up, but you weren't sure what was causing it?

Neck Pain From Mobile Devices? Encourage Ergonomics in the Workplace

Neck pain from mobile devices is more common than you might think, and it can cause issues over time. Here are some causes and treatments for tech neck. 

tip to prevent neck pain

How to Make Sure Your Desk Job Isn't a Pain in The Neck

Neck pain is one of the most common physical complaints among adults around the world, and it is an even worse problem among people who work office jobs that require them to use a computer for most of the day.

Woman working from home on her laptop

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Working and Working From Home

In today's world, flexible work is a key point of interest. The advantages of working from home help to deliver value for both workers and employers. 

A young couple does a forearm plank at the gym

Stand Up Straight: 10 Posture Exercises to Feel Your Best

While our modern-day desk jobs and TV bingeing can make bad posture worse, these good posture exercises can help reverse the damage, no equipment required. 

digital eye strain

Prevent Digital Eye Strain in a Digitally-Driven World

Digital eye strain is a growing health issue. Take steps to prevent digital eye strain so that your digital habits don't cause long-term vision damage. 

A woman happily and comfortably stretching at her ergonomically sound work stati

Workplace Ergonomics and ISO Certification

ISO 6385, ISO 10075 and ISO 27500 certifications allow organizations to take a methodical approach toward meeting approved ergonomic standards. Awareness of the importance of ergonomics in the workplace has grown in recent decades as one solution to problems associated with repetitive and stress-related disorders.

Dangerous or even merely unhealthy work environments feed longer term challenges that are harmful to employees and costly to employers. The American Institute of Stress cites multiple studies showing that 40 percent of employees find their job very stressful, and 25 percent view their jobs as the main source of stress in their lives. This stress leads to more health problems, higher levels of absenteeism and employee fatigue, and disengagement directly tied to productivity.

Workplace Ergonomics Are Important to the Solution

Against this backdrop the importance of ergonomics in the workplace cannot be overstated. ISO certifications give organizations a path toward standardized and professionally vetted ergonomic solutions. ISO certifications vary greatly in scope and scale, and the organization does not provide guidelines for the amount of time to receive certification. Prior participants suggest starting with the assumption that it will take roughly a year.

ISO 6385, Ergonomic principles in the design of work systems, is a good starting place by establishing ergonomic basics to enhance the work environment. It covers many job types from physical, blue collar workers in industrial settings to hospital workers to office workers who spend most of their working day at a desk.

a happy office man sitting at desk

How to Sit Properly at Your Desk

Learning how to sit properly at your desk is vital for muscle and joint health. Discover correct ergonomic positioning from head to toe. 

What does good posture look like?

What Does Good Posture Look Like?

People all throughout our lives tell us how important good posture is to our spine health. So, that begs the question, what does good posture look like? 

Coffee cup, plant and phone on a table

Going Green at Work: Your Guide to Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainability in the workplace brings multiple benefits to companies including improved engagement, heightened innovation and lower costs. 

6 Health Benefits of Using Sit-Stand Desk

As American jobs have become increasingly desk-bound and tied to computers, workers are spending more and more time sitting at their desks. In fact, between work and home, the average American spends over 12 hours a day sitting.

This sedentary lifestyle, termed “sitting disease” by the medical community, is one of the biggest health threats of our modern lifestyle. Sitting disease refers to metabolic syndrome and the ill-effects of a sedentary lifestyle, including increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, obesity, and early death. Prolonged sitting actively promotes several avoidable chronic diseases that are eating away at our health.

The good news is that making a few small changes to your daily habits can make a huge improvement in your well-being and help you attain a healthier lifestyle. Making an effort to stand and move more throughout the day benefits your mind, body, and overall health in numerous ways.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate more standing and movement into your day is to start using a sit-stand desk at work. After all, the workday accounts for at least 8 hours of sitting every day. A sit-stand desk is a height adjustable desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing at your desk while you work.

There are countless health benefits of using a sit-stand desk, but here are six of the most important:

1. Sit-stand-switch capability.

Members of the medical community are promoting a “sit-stand-switch” philosophy for optimum health. This philosophy says to alternate between sitting and standing every 30 minutes to prevent too much strain from being placed on you

Office layout with a modern design

How Office Design Affects Employee Recruitment

Attracting the right employee population has a variety of facets, but have you ever considered the relationship between office design and recruitment? 

loose weight

Do Standing Desks Help You Lose Weight?

Working a desk job may be good for your bank account, but odds are that it hasn’t been good for your waistline. A 2013 CareerBuilder survey found that 41% of workers report having gained weight at their desk jobs. 

good posture

How to Make Good Posture a Habit

Our bodies don’t do what we want them to do. They do what we train them to do. Poor posture habits only get worse over time, so it’s important to condition ourselves for better posture and better health.

4 Things You're Doing Wrong With Your Standing Desk

Switching to a standing desk is an important step for your health. Americans spend an average of 12 hours a day sitting, which is linked to many negative health effects, such as increased risk for cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and diabetes.

With a height-adjustable desk, you can swap some of those sedentary hours for time spent on your feet. Not only does standing during the workday prevent the ill-effects of a sedentary lifestyle, but standing also boosts energy and promotes productivity.

However, too much of a good thing can also be a bad thing. Sitting all day isn’t good for you, but neither is spending too much time standing stationary at your desk. Standing for too many hours at a time can cause fatigue, back strain, leg cramps, and joint pain. The good news is that with the right tools, you can avoid the side-effects of too much standing and gain the full benefits of using a standing desk at work.

These are a few of the most common mistakes people make when they first switch to a standing desk:

1. Not getting the right accessories.

A standing desk alone won’t do much to alleviate the chronic pain associated with sitting. You’ll just be swapping in one set of aches and pains for another. Standing for too long can be hard on your leg muscles and joints, and unless your computer screen is adjusted accordingly, your neck may also experience some strain and discomfort.

An anti-fatigue mat and 

three standing desk accessories

3 Accessories You Need For A Standing Desk

Switching to a standing desk can transform your work life. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and you’ll get more done throughout the day. A standing desk is hugely beneficial on its own, but adding a few accessories to your standing desk set-up can make it even more ergonomic.

We hand-picked the three best stand-up desk accessories you should have for your workstation. These stand-up desk accessories were designed to enhance the sit-stand experience by increasing comfort, maximizing efficiency, and adding more movement into your workday.

The 3 Best Standing Desk Accessories:

 1. Anti-Fatigue Mat


Even standing can start to be hard on your body if you do it all day. Using an anti-fatigue mat will make a long day on your feet easier on your body. An anti-fatigue mat is a rubber pad with a cushioned layer of support that alleviates pressure on your knees and ankles by stimulating subtle movements that promote blood flow in your muscles.

You could use an anti-fatigue mat anywhere that you stand for long periods of time, such as the kitchen, but it is especially beneficial at work where many people wear uncomfortable shoes. 

2. Dual Monitor Mount

monitor mount

A standing desk won’t do you as much good if your workstation isn’t set up ergonomically. The placement of hardware on your desk, such as your monitor, keyboard, and mouse, can have a huge impact on your physical well-being. A poorly set-up workstation wi

How to Choose the Perfect Standing Desk for You

You’re sold on the health benefits of using a standing desk to break up your sedentary work day. Now, you just need to buy the right one for you. Before you shell out hundreds of dollars on a model that doesn’t quite meet your needs, it’s important to recognize that standing desks are not a one-size-fits-all purchase. Here are 4 factors to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect sit-stand desk for you.

  • Your Height vs. The Height of the Sit-Stand Desk
    One of the worst things you can do for your health is buy a sit-stand desk that causes you to strain your neck, back, or even forearms (while typing) because it doesn’t adjust to the ideal height for you. To give yourself maximum flexibility to make proper height adjustments, we recommend buying a sit-stand desk that offers at least 12 different height adjustment settings. That way, whether you’re 5’1” or 6’6”, you’re sure to find the most comfortable standing height for you.

  • Desk Design vs. Personal Style
    Your personal taste and style should definitely play a part in your selection of a sit-stand desk. After all, who wants to spend 8 hours a day working at a desk that’s too bulky, the wrong color, or just plain unattractive? Fortunately, many standing desk manufacturers now offer a wide range of colors and styles to complement your existing office decor. So, don’t settle for a traditional black standing desk when you really want a mahogany one. Look for a reputable standing desk company that gives you style options. Also keep in mind that some some standing desks, have unique designs that are better for certain functions like laptop use. For example, FlexiSpot’s AlcoveRiser

You Might Be Doing These Things Wrong At Your Standing Desk

Whether you already have a standing desk or are thinking about getting one, there are lots of reasons to invest in one. From an immediate productivity boost to long-term health benefits, you can do so much by simply pushing aside your office chair and standing while working. But that’s not what we want to talk about here.

Even though the concept of a standing desk is really simple, you can actually do many things wrong when you stand. As a result, you could be missing important benefits or even causing harm to your health. In order to avoid this, here are some of the things you may be doing wrong and how you can fix them.

You Stand Too Much

Just like sitting for hours, standing too much isn’t good for your health either. According to the data published by the Department of Design and Environment Analysis, if you are only switching sitting to standing, you’re not helping your body. You just become prone to different risk factors.

For example, standing too much can lead to lower back pain and boost your risk for varicose veins, carotid arteries, vein thrombosis, and other health problems. Since standing compresses the spine and forces the heart to work against gravity, your blood can’t flow up properly.

That’s why you need to take the time and learn how to use your new desk properly. Like any other habit, it requires practice and routine to safely transition into standing at the desk. Don’t change your routine completely; instead, do your transition in increments and with moderation. This way, your body will build up to the full amount of time you need to be standing.

Moreover, even if you feel like you can stand all day long, sitting and walking should be a part of your routine. What you need is to make sure your body is active and your muscles keep moving during the day. You can stand for a while and then sit for a while. Then walk around the room. Chat with your colleagues or read a newspaper. An

Studies show standing desks may be killing us - what to do instead

We all know that sitting all day is unhealthy. From claims that “sitting is the new smoking” to ever-increasing obesity statistics, the latest trend is to shun the sedentary lifestyle by staying active in the workplace, and the easiest way to do that is to buy a standing desk…


Recent studies are beginning to shed doubt on that notion, suggesting that standing at work is just as bad, if not worse for you than sitting. According to a study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, standing at work all day is “associated with a 2-fold risk of incident heart disease” over sitting, with one of the researchers noting an “incidence of heart disease among those respondents who stood a lot at work” comparable to smokers or obese people. A study published by the journal Ergonomics had a similar take on the matter, concluding that prolonged standing “may have health and productivity impacts” and may cause “lower limb swelling,” “muscle fatigue,” “deteriorated sustained attention reaction time,” and “decreased mental state.”

So if sitting is killing us, and standing is killing us, what isn’t killing us?!

With all this hubbub about the hidden dangers of the workplace, it might seem like there’s nothing you can do to ward off the imminent premature-death-by-just-being-alive. But fear not! There is a way to forestall this impending doom: stay active. Just because you

meeting on stationary bike

How Investing in Stationary Bikes for a Desk Can Benefit Your Company

When it comes to managing a healthy weight and staying fit, exercise plays a vital role in addition to a healthy diet. However, people today find it hard to make time to perform the fitness routines that can lead to their overall well-being. Especially, when they work at a job that requires them to sit behind a desk for eight or more hours a day. With such a sedentary job, it can increase a person’s chance of developing dangerous medical conditions that can affect their health. From heart disease to obesity, chronic diseases can affect how productive your employees are. As their employer, you should take an active role in promoting a healthy life to improve your employees’ quality of life. By investing in a stationary bike for a work desk, you can provide your workers with the opportunity to remain active while they are sitting at their desk.

Advantages of Encouraging Exercising While Working

Promote a Healthy Life and Save Money by Bulk Ordering

If you are looking for a wa

flexispot monitor mount

6 Benefits of Using a Monitor Mount

The way you set up your workstation impacts your work performance and even your job satisfaction. Finding the right arrangement for your desk can streamline productivity, boost confidence, and help you feel happier at work. On the flip side, an unsatisfactory setup can cause frustration, make it difficult to get things done, and may even have health consequences if the ergonomics are bad enough. Many employees have developed chronic back pain as a result of a poorly designed desk arrangement.

monitor mount can help you achieve the ideal desk setup that will unlock your productivity and help you feel more comfortable at your desk.

What is a monitor mount?

A monitor mount is a strong but flexible ergonomic arm that supports your monitors. While traditional monitor stands hold your monitor in a stationary, locked position, a monitor mount allows you to move and adjust the height, angle, or position of your monitor. If you have two monitors, you can use monitor mounts to find the perfect arrangement of the two, so they are easy to see and comfortable to look at.

Benefits of Using Monitor Mounts

Monitor mounts let you customize the arrangement of your monitors, which has numerous benefits for your comfort, productivity, and work habits. Read on to learn the top six benefits of using a monitor mount.

1. Work Efficiency

If you’re still using only a laptop to do your work, you’re probably wasting lots of time every day. It can be frustrating to switch back and forth between multiple different windows while you attempt to complete

Why the Deskcise Pro™ V9 is the Best Desk for Ergonomic Posture

By now, many of us are familiar with the dangers of sitting too long, especially when sitting with improper posture. Everything from organ damage to cognitive issues to chronic pain and early mortality can be linked to sitting with bad posture for extended periods of time.

Switching up your routine at work to include standing or cycling at your desk can greatly decrease your risk for these maladies, but posture matters when standing or cycling too. We’ve written before about how to stand with ergonomic posture when you’re using a sit-stand desk.

When seated, you should sit straight up (no slouching!) with your shoulders relaxed, elbows bent at 90 degrees, and your feet flat on the floor, ideally with support for your lower back. Odds are, you’re probably sitting right now. Take stock: how’s your posture? If anything in the above list is out of alignment, adjust your posture until you’re sitting ergonomically. How does that feel? More comfortable? Try to hold that posture as you continue to read this article.

Posture matters when you’re using a desk bike, too. Purchasing a desk bike like the All-in-One V9 Desk Bike is a great way to burn more calories, tone muscle, and increase your daily activity levels without disrupting your work routine. However, if you’re pedaling with bad posture you might be doing your body harm at the same time as your doing it good.

Ergonomic posture on a desk bike is very similar to correct seated posture. You should be sitting up straight, not slumped over the handlebars. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your arms close to your sides. Adjust

gaming desk

How to Select a Gaming Desk

Clutter.  It’s a real problem for PC gamers.  Between computer towers, hard drives, peripherals, extra monitors and all the snacks and drinks you need to enjoy a good gaming session, it’s easy to find yourself strapped for space.  If that sounds familiar, it might be time to consider upgrading your desk.

It’s true that gamers are creatures of the digital realm.  We live vicariously through huge monitors, mouse clicks, and keyboard shortcuts -- but the truth is, no matter how virtual our lives, the hardware we use is very real.  Selecting the proper foundation for your gaming battlestation can be a challenge, so here’s a quick guide to help you select a new gaming desk.

Step 1:  Assess your needs

The best place to start when selecting a gaming desk is to figure out your own needs.  What is it about your current setup that you’re just not happy with, and why are you interested in making a change?  Maybe you just need more space.  Maybe you just picked up a second monitor and you don’t have room for it.

Consider your equipment and how you like to use it.  For the keyboard and mouse, do you prefer to keep those on the desktop, or would you prefer a sliding tray mounted beneath the desk?  If you have a tower with an external cooling solution or an external graphics card mounted near your tower, take those considerations into account before you start your quest for a better gaming desk.  Maybe a wall mount for your screen would be better than a setting them up side by side on the desktop.

Lastly, where are you planning to put the desk?  If it’s in a dark corner of the room, maybe an L-shape or a corner desk is a better fit.  If you’re displaying the desk front and center, a flat, open-concept standing desk without a flat back might be the better way to go.

Knowing what you need long before you seek the sage advice of your favorite search engine will save you from falling into an endless hunt for desks t

dual monitor setup

Dual Monitor Setup: How to Optimize Space, Productivity and Comfort

As a dual monitor setup becomes increasingly popular, learn how to optimize space, productivity and comfort with ergonomic tips and proper equipment. 

muscle fatigue

Standing Desk Ergonomics: How to Avoid Muscle Fatigue

It’s a great day! Your brand new standing desk just arrived, and you’re ready to put an end to your sedentary workstyle so you can enjoy all the health benefits of working at a standing desk.

But, before you dive right in, it’s important to acknowledge that your standing desk can only live up to your ergonomic expectations if you use it correctly. Poor posture and bad habits will have you in the same unhealthy boat you were in when using a sit-down desk. So, let’s review the basics of proper ergonomics so you can reap the rewards of working at a standing desk.

The Best Way to Stand

  • Use an Anti-Fatigue MatVeteran standing desk users swear by anti-fatigue mats. These super cushioned floor mats help ease leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain whenever you stand for extended periods.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: If you love to wear high heels or other less than comfortable dress shoes to work, keep a comfortable pair of shoes below your desk that you can switch into while standing.
  • Maintain Proper Neck & Elbow Positioning: Even when you’re standing, it’s important that your computer monitor is at eye level, at least 20 to 28 inches away from your eyes and tilted at a 20-degree angle. Your elbows should also rest comfortably at a 90-degree angle while using your keyboard.

how to use standing desk

Striking a Balance: The Right Way to Use a Standing Desk

How tall should my standing desk be? Is it healthy to stand all day at my desk? How long should I stand before taking a break? First-time standing desk users may be pondering these questions and more. Read on to find out how to set your desk height, how to balance sitting and standing, and how to keep pain from getting you down.

Setting the Height of a Standing Desk: Get the Angles Right

When determining desk height, get it right with right angles. Determine the proper height for your standing desk by standing up straight and relaxing your shoulders (but don’t lock your knees straight). Bend your arms so that your elbows form a 90-degree angle. Your standing desk should be set at elbow height so that your hands can easily reach the keyboard without bending your wrists. If you find it more comfortable, setting your desk height slightly lower is fine – but never higher, as this can strain your arms and wrists. The top of your monitor should be at eye level to avoid neck strain. You may want to consider an adjustable monitor arm for precision. Never use a laptop with a standing desk, as the correct setting for both keyboard and monitor height is simply not possible unless you have a separate keyboard or monitor.

It’s easy enough to convert proper standing desk height to proper sitting desk height – just include your knees this time! As when standing, when sitting at a desk you

seat cushion

Why You Need a Foam Seat Cushion

Warning: sitting for long periods may result in injury or death. But you’re probably not going to stop sitting, so if you must use a chair, you should at least do all you can to protect your body. One easy and affordable way is by using an ergonomic seat cushion—read on so we can convince you and show you the options.

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