Ergonomic Advice

cleaning desk

A Clean Office Desk for Increased Productivity

The advantages of a clean desk and how to maintain cleanliness at the office.

Modish Standing Desk

Must-Knows When Purchasing a Standing Desk

These are the things you should look for when shopping for a standing desk.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Increase Your Standing Desk Functionality

Exploring ways to use a standing desk to its full potential.
Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

The Benefits of a Bamboo Standing Desk

A bamboo standing desk can improve your productivity, your posture, and make work at the office more interesting.


Daily Movement: The Key to a Healthier Life

The benefits of physical activity and how to engage in it while working from home.

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk: Perfect for You

A standing desk is an excellent choice for those who want to maintain health and increase productivity at the office.


How to Create a Productive Office Environment

Creative ideas to turn your regular workspace into a well designed office meant for efficiency and well-being.

desk brightness

Benefits of Adding Natural Light to Your Office Design

Discover the advanatges of natural light and ways to illuminate your workspace with it.

Feng shui

The Ultimate Guide to Feng Shui Office Desks

Establish harmony with your office using these Feng Shui tips.

remote teamwork

How Can Remote Teamwork Efficiency Be Improved?

Build a better business by establishing improved communication fundamentals.

lack of motivation

Motivation at Work: Why Do You Lack It?

You are missing your usual inspiration at the office. Why is this and how can you rejuvinate yourself?

work desk

Five Tips to Stop Neck and Back Pain

An aching neck and back can ruin your day; here are five ways to treat and prevent soreness.

gaming area

Game Smarter, Game Better

An ergonomic gaming setup will help you out on the battlefield and in life.

reclining chair

Are Gaming Chairs Beneficial for Your Posture?

A gaming chair will improve the quality of your gaming while protecting your back, neck and overall posture.

sleep and productivity

A Good Night’s Rest for a Productive Day

Adequate sleep plays a crucial role in our productivity at work.

standing desk

Must Knows About Standing Desk Ergonomics

Everything you need to know about a standing desk and why it is so beneficial to your health.

office items

A Little Color Goes a Long Way

A touch of well-placed color can create an office environment where productivity can thrive.

need for lumbar support

A Guide to Lumbar Support and Proper Posture

An in depth look at the importance of lumbar support and how it helps maintain a healthy posture.

office chair

What You Should Know About The Office Chair Base

The foundation must be excellent for a user of an ergonomic office chair...

working at home

10 Practical Styles & Inspirations for Decorating a Home Office

You don't need to be an expert in design to have a vibrant home office.

back to the office

Overcoming the Fear of Returning to Work After Quarantine

Exploring ways to decrease your apprehensiveness about going back to work.


Efficient Tips for Creating an Ergonomic Workplace Setup

Each employee has a deadline to meet, but what if you could do projects more quickly? 

sitting while working

Floor Sitting: Ergonomically Good or Bad News?

Is sitting on the floor beneficial to your health, or is it detrimental? 

happy employee

Tips to Make Your Work Days More Productive

Simple ideas to make sure you are getting work done efficiently on the job.

school environment

Advantages of a Standing Desk in the Classroom

A standing desk can improve the productivity and health of a student.

office break

5 Ways Your Employees Can Take Better Breaks

Workplace breaks are crucial; find out how to make them more effective.


Incorporating Minimalism in Your Home Office Desk Setup

Looking at the pros and cons of a minimalist setup and how to implement it.

office desk

Steps on How to Meditate at Your Desk During Your Work Break

Working for eight hours or more can be psychologically, emotionally, and physically taxing.

tips to improve office setup

Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

Enhance your petit workspace with these design tips.

refreshing office

Simple Concepts to Liven Up Your Workspace

Freshen up your office with these easy tips.

refreshing office

A Better Lifestyle: Tips to Make Your Work-Life Balance Work

A proper work-life balance will help you live a happier and healthier life.

office posture

The Benefits of Improving Your Posture

A look at common posture blunders and ways to improve upon them.


The Necessary Office Equipment You Should Have in Your Office to Boost Productivity

Some steps may be taken to ensure that employees perform better to reach high levels of productivity in a firm. 


What Are the Benefits of Using a Standing Desk Stool in Your Home Office?

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular...

performance work tips

Work Better, Perform Better: Use This Performance Boosting Workplace Tips

It has been challenging to find the right rhythm and approach to get the job faster. 


Gaming Chairs: Are They Helpful for Your Back?

For people who work or stay seated most of their days, it is a known fact that their bodies are confined to stationary movements or even suffer from poor posture. 


A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Productive Physical and Digital Workspace

The importance of both real and virtual workspaces in increasing productivity cannot be overstated. 

desk job

How to Avoid Circulation Issues While Working at a Desk

Circulation problems affect millions; discover ways to counteract and prevent them.


What You Should Know When Choosing a Corner Standing Desk

Standing desks are without a doubt the rage these days...

desk accessories

Five Essential Office Accessories for a Productive Workplace at Home

Having the correct home office accessories is the key to a productive workplace...

gaming session

How to Buy a Good Gaming Chair on the Internet

A helpful guide on selecting the perfect gaming chair for you.

desk ideas

Trend-Setting Bedroom Office Desk Ideas

Make your bedroom an ideal place to work from home with these tips.

blue light exposure

How to Reduce Blue Light Exposure When Working on a Computer

Blue light can be hazardous in large quantities; here are some tips to reduce your exposure to it.

standing desk

Hidden Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Counting the numerous benefits a standing desk will bring to your life.

small office

Vital Tips for Making the Most of Your Small Office Space

Utilize your small office space in the best way possible.

ergonomic home office

10 Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Exploring the mental and physical health benefits of using an ergonomic chair.

optimal position

The Optimal Standing and Sitting Positions at Your Standing Desk

A guide to understanding the proper way to utilize your standing desk.

office worker

Ten Standing Desks for You to Choose From

Discover the comfort and convenience of a Flexispot standing desk.

office chair and desk

Why Do Old Chairs Squeak?

A squeaky chair can get annoying; find out how to easily get it sounding like new.

productivity tools

Workflow Automation and Productivity Boosting Tools

Use these technologies to increase productivity in the office.

designer workspace

Workspace Design: Tips Every Designer Should Know

Design ideas to improve the vibes in your workspace.

enhance office

5 Ways to Enhance the Ergonomics of Your Office Desk

Exploring a variety of ways to create a better workstation for a healthier and more productive you.


The Must-Know Productivity-Increasing Tools for Freelancers Like You

Challenges that most freelancers encounter is the capacity to effectively manage their time to achieve maximum productivity. 

office desk setup

Great Ideas to Organize Your Office Desk for Maximum Productivity

A guide on enhancing your work desk layout to maximize efficiency.

office chair

What are the Different Types of Tilt Mechanisms in Office Chairs?

The tension and strength of your chair's tilt mechanism is key indicator of how well it supports your back.

bedroom ideas

Fantastic Ideas for a Home Office in a Bedroom

If you currently have or are thinking about adding a home office to your bedroom, don't miss this guide.

ergonomic gaming

Are Gaming Chairs a Good Investment?

Is a gaming chair really any different from an office chair, and is it worth the money?

minimalist smart desk layout

A Smart Desk Can Help You Create a Minimalist Workspace

Is it possible that a minimalist office desk design will drastically alter the way you work? 

eco-friendly workstation

Turn Your Office to a Green and Lively Eco-Friendly Place

When the eyes can see vibrant colors, it signals the brain to be happy and motivated. 

desk position

What Is the Best Ergonomic Desk Position for Your Elbows?

An in-depth look at how to put your elbows in an optiminal position.

office chair

Five Ways to Stop Rolling Chairs from Scratching Your Hardwood Floors

Protect your hardwood floors from avoidable blemishes with these simple tips.

office chair

Workplace Essentials: Why You Should Use An Ergonomic Office Chair Headrest

An ergonomic chair is a crucial piece of furniture for your office.

office chair

The Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Chair at Work

Prevent the aches and pains you feel after a long day at the office.

gaming setup

The Multi-Monitor Desk Setup that Techies Need

Diving into the world of multi-monitor setups and how to compliment them.

male office worker

Guide to Helping Remote Workers Improve Their Overall Efficiency

Tips on how to work productively and effectively from home.

office break

Effective Ways to Unwind while You are on Break at Work

Tips to relieve stress in the office.

work habits to eliminate

Know These Work Habits That You Should Eliminate

What are some of your negative habits? 

office worker

People Frequently Make These Time Management Mistakes

Time management errors people make and how to solve them.

professional career

Techniques for Managing Your Professional Life in Turbulent Times

Tips to continue on your path to success, even when times are hard.

effective school tips

Remarkable Student Efficiency Hacks You May Not Have Expected

Improve your productivity as a student.

woman in desk

Must-Knows for Your Standing Desk

Things you need to know about your standing desk.

mental health concerns

Working from Home and Mental Health: Handling Four Key Problems

Four problems you may face while working from home, and how to handle them.

employee productivity

Time Management Training: Effective or Not?

A guide of various time management skills and blunders.

work burnout

Five Steps to Avoiding Burnout After a Lockdown

Tips to stay productive and avoid burning out.

 office chair

What You Need: A Reclining Office Chair with a Leg Rest

A reclining chair with a leg rest will keep your blood flowing and your mind running.

work from anywhere

Key Ergonomic Guidelines for Distant Workers

Tips to stay healthy and productive while working away from the office.

home office workers

Make Sure You Do Not Make These Remote Management Mistakes

Tips to effectively manage employees when working remotely.


Easiest Way to Get You Ready in the Morning

Tips to ensure you are ready to seize the day every morning.

work performance

Know the Best Practices for Employee Performance Management

A guide to successful performance management of your employees.

office chair

Remove Spills and Stains from Your Office Chair

Tips on cleaning and maintaining your office furniture.

office desk

Which Is Better: An Electric or Manual Standing Desk?

Electric vs. manual standing desk debates are widespread in today's world, as some people are unsure which is superior. 

de-stressing techniques

Simple Workplace Relaxation Techniques

A guide to relaxing at work to ease your stress.

man using desk

Can a Standing Desk Aid Weight Loss?

A standing desk can help you with your weight loss goals.

employee desk etiquette

4 Hot Desk Etiquette Rules for a Productive Workspace

Desk rules to increase your productivity in the office.

enhanced performance

The Optimal Desk Arrangement for Enhanced Performance

Tips on creating an ideal workspace for higher productivity.

office productivity

Working From Home: 10 Tips for a Productive Day

A guide to getting the most out of your workday at home.

use your standing desk better

Learn to Avoid These Standing Desk Mistakes

Correct these errors you are making when using your standing desk.

work performance

How to Deal with Workplace Performance Anxiety

Tips of effectively managing performance anxiety at the office.

office accidents

Prevent Workplace Injuries With These Tips

Injury prevention in the workplace is an important aspect of any office setup. 

Standing Desk

Advantages of Transitioning to a Standing Desk

A standing desk is an effective investment that offers numerous benefits.

work routine

How to Create a Flexible Work Routine

Tips on making your work routine more flexible.

causes of shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain: Causes and Prevention

Shoulder pain is a common issue in the workplace that can be easily avoidable.

desk design

Simple Yet Stylish Minimalist Home Office Design

An informative guide on the best way to give your workspace a minimalist look.

office space

Office Spaces in the Post-COVID-19 Era

How life in the office has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk

The Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk is the Right Standing Desk for You

The FlexiSpot Willow height-adjustable desk is inspired by the flexible, sustainable characteristics of its namesake and includes an environmentally friendly solid wood desktop with a sleek, classic style that will blend in with any decor.

streamlining tasks

Strategies to Boost Productivity by Streamlining Your Tasks

When you are faced with a mountain of work, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and intimidated...

work fatigue

Ergonomic Office Tips to Help You Beat Workplace Fatigue

An ergonomically designed office can reduce exhaustion and vastly improve productivity.

avoid burnout

5 Ways to Avoiding Burnout After a Lockdown

In human history, Covid-19 is a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

employee teamwork

Tips for Getting Your Team to Work Effectively

An informative guide on how to get the best out of your team.

ergonomic chair

How an Ergonomic Office Chair With Lumbar Support Aids in Posture Development

Ann ergonomic office chair can vastly improve your posture.

workplace environment

The Crossing of Workplace Design and Culture

Your office design plays a big role in whether your business will flourish.

exercising at the office

Miss the Gym? Follow These Simple Office Chair Exercises for a Quick Workout

These exercises can help you stay fit in the office when you are unable to go to the gym.

setup and organizing your desk

Productivity Boosting Workplace Organization Tips

If you work full time, you will most likely spend the majority of your time seated at your desk.

ergonomic chair

Reasons Why Ergonomic Office Chairs Are Necessary

Ergonomic chairs are an essential piece of furniture for staying healthy and productive while in the office.

office style

Productive Styles & Ideas for Decorating a Home Office

Tips on effectively decorating your home workspace.

office desk

What Should You Do If Your Standing Desk Stops Working?

A guide on the steps to take if you  are experiencing issues with your standing desk.

seating reclined

Is it Safe for Your Back and Neck to Sit in a Reclined Position?

The proper way to recline in your ergonomic chair.

office body strains

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Prevalent Workplace Ergonomic Injuries Edition

Educate yourself on and prevent common office injuries, because prevention is the best cure.

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