Tips for When Your Home Office is in Your Bedroom

May 10, 2021

 bedroom office

Working from home has many advantages, including no travel time, fewer interruptions, and greater control of your work environment, to name a few. However, it also commands thoughtful decisions on how to function most efficiently and how your workspace can help. Creating a home office in your bedroom will assist you in remaining safe and energized during the day. You may design the perfect workstation, and there are numerous fantastic ideas to choose from.

Many of us would probably prefer a single office over an office-bedroom combination. If that isn't an option, establishing a dedicated workspace in a bedroom may be the next best thing. Planning makes it as conducive to productivity as possible. 

You'll want to have an ergonomic home office when creating your bedroom office. The purpose of an ergonomic home office is to configure your workspace to fit you as a person and the work you do. As you apply ergonomics to your office space, the bedroom office design ensures that work is effective, secure, and in a way is healthy.

Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up your bedroom office:

Get your desk and chair right.

Have your desk face away from your bed.

It's a good idea to put your desk facing a wall or a window. When you work with your back to the bed, you will be less distracted by images of your comfortable mattress and soft pillows.

Better yet, get a sit-stand deskalso known as a height-adjustable desk or a standing desk.

Every day at FlexiSpot, they envision, develop, and implement ergonomic solutions to help people live healthier and more active lives. Their R&D team comprises forward-thinking engineers who use cutting-edge technology to transform their innovations into viable products that improve efficiency in the workplace and at home.

Their appealing height-adjustable desks provide the full sit-stand experience for people who need a larger workspace and are willing to replace their current desk.


standing desk is a perfect upgrade for your home office or workstation. FlexiSpot's Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series is stylish, modern, and packed with features that you can take advantage of to have a healthier and more comfortable working lifestyle.

Desktop options

● Laminated: Available in up to 10 different color options, including black, white, maple, mahogany, custom graphite, marble grey, special walnut, ebony, oak, and brown wood grain.

● Solid Wood: This solid surface is made to last because it is free of toxic chemicals. The eco-friendly desktop is designed to last and will help you adopt a greener attitude. 

● Bamboo: Natural surface with twice the toughness and elasticity of regular wood. Carbonized technology covers the tabletop with a water-resistant 2H lacquer, making it moisture-proof, insect-proof, and scratch-proof.

  1. Steady. Quick.

Their desk frame is made of powder-coated steel tubing that prevents scratches and stains. Even at the highest setting, the dual-motor lifting system and improved structure could provide maximum stability.

Advanced control panel

Their advanced keypad has three memory height presets and a programmable sit/stand reminder system, as well as an energy-efficient LED display. You can easily switch positions and receive friendly reminders when it's time to stand.

Highly customizable frame

Frame extends from 43.3'' to 66.9''. Variable frame width for the use of plates with a width of 39.3''-74.8''. Minimum plate depth 23.6''.More legroom and flexibility. 

Anti-collision function

The anti-collision feature ensures protection by preventing the desktop from being damaged or other items and devices crushing when it is in motion.

Loading capacity +78%

Even with a total weight capacity of 275 lbs, the powerful dual motors allow for a maximum lifting speed of 1.5"/s. You can accomplish all of this with the simple press of a button.

Get a comfortable chair.

The chair you sit in while working has a significant impact on your health and comfort. If you aren't using the chair much, you have more leeway to prioritize aesthetics over functionality. In either case, you'll want to invest in a supportive and comfortable chair, ideally of the ergonomic kind.

Benefits of ergonomic chairs:

● reduces neck and back pain

● corrects posture

● adjustable

● increases productivity

● improves mood and energy

● provides support for the most comfort


The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair provides the ultimate seating experience behind your desk, with its 3D lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests.

3D lumbar support system

The elegantly curved backrest ergonomically conforms to the neck and spine for complete headrest and lumbar support, with three height adjustment levels and a gentle rebound mechanism.

Ultimate breathable mesh

Their premium fleece mesh, made from Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive material, provides optimum ventilation while protecting the most fragile fabrics.

Adjustable seat depth

Personalize your sitting experience based on your body type.

45° backrest tilt

Allows you to relax in peace during your work lunch break.

Cushioned 4D armrest

The versatile armrests, which are adjustable in four dimensions, contour seamlessly to your arms and elbows for optimum comfort.

Separate the two areas.

It is crucial to maintain clear differentiation between work and relaxation areas. If you have space, keeping the physical distance between your bed and desk is a simple solution. Another efficient way to distinguish work and sleep areas is to use a curtain or mirror. Closing the curtain when done is a simple way to indicate the end of the workday.

Have sufficient lighting.

Proper lighting is essential for your eyes, efficiency, and morale. If your bedroom has a window, position your desk near it and make the most of the natural light by keeping the blinds wholly open or half-open if there is a glare. 

If there isn't a window, use bright yet warm overhead lighting, desk lamps, or both. It would be best if you stopped using lighting that casts a shadow on your computer screen. One method for avoiding glare is to use task lighting such as the Task lamp TA1004BK behind the screen.

Ensure that you have enough storage.

This tip is critical because a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind, which means you won't be able to concentrate on your job or turn off your brain when it's time to relax. Storage systems make it easier to find, which decreases tension.

If you want to be minimalist, scan all of your relevant documents to your machine and toss the originals (but only after you've backed them up). If paperwork is inevitable, use a mix of shelves and file storage to keep things organized and easily accessible. 

Consider who else is using the space.

If you're going to share an office with someone else, make sure it's not too crowded. Separate the two areas as much as possible if there is enough room. Also, discuss how you can avoid distracting or irritating each other when working.

Remind yourself that the only thing that matters about your workspace is that it helps you complete tasks in the most stress-free and productive manner possible. If that means working from a patio chair, under a weighted blanket on the couch, or in a tiny office space you created in your bedroom, so be it. We've always been told that we ought to detach our work and leisure areas, but having a home office in your bedroom not only saves space but is also very convenient and enjoyable!

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