Serial Nappers, Unite!

April 22, 2021

Serial Nappers, Unite!
Excelsia Raymundo Tallorin

I'm having trouble trying to sleep

I'm counting sheep but running out

As time ticks by, and still I try

No rest for crosstops in my mind

On my own, here we go…

My mind is set on overdrive

The clock is laughing in my face

A crooked spine, my senses dulled

Passed the point of delirium

On my own, here we go...
- Brain Stew by Green Day

We can all agree that sleeping is an amazing and relaxing pastime that is beloved by sleep-deprived adults all over the world. However, most working adults do not have the luxury of a nap time like kindergartens. Which is why some employees try to find an inconspicuous napping spot. They would rather sneak around their jobs than be caught having a hard time trying to keep themselves awake-- which is actually more noble than trying to halfheartedly finish a task because they need to nap.

You might be thinking to yourself that you do not need to nap. After all, nap times are reserved for little children so why should you even bother.

While you might think that way, science will otherwise prove you wrong. Here are some of the reasons why napping during the day is good for you and some tips to have optimal nap times as well

Before you nap, here is a little reminder from FlexiSpot.

- While sleeping soundly for 8 hours at night is beneficial, napping on the other hand causes more problems if wrongly done. Keep in mind that a nap must be less than 25 minutes for optimum energy levels throughout the day.  Anything beyond 25 minutes and you are a candidate for grogginess and a gloomier disposition.

Napping Quick Tips

  1. Find a space where you would be cozy and safe from a rude sudden awakening that can easily disrupt your mood. The Under Desk Hammock for Office Napping HK01 by FlexiSpot is the perfect solution for your sleeping woes. This hammock accommodates all shapes and sizes since it can carry up to 220lbs of weight. That is not all, as the hammock can be easily  installed on any of your FlexiSpot standing desks-- just install the included base plate underneath the desktop, attach the metal buckle from the hammock and nap soundly like a baby.

  2. Use your nap time wisely. While you might think that a swapping your lunch break for some shut eye is a good idea to make up for your lack of sleep,it actually possesses new threats that can affect your health. These threats are  stomach ulcers, weight gain (skipping meals can actually make your body do this) and a gloomy mood because all you ever think about is that you need to wake up right away or else, you would be late.

  3. Turn off the lights and lower your blinds because these can make it harder for you to fall asleep. If you are not allowed to do both, try investing on silk sleeping eye masks that are comfortable for your eyes and the thick skin around it. The silk fabric prevents your skin from developing wrinkles which is always a bonus.

  4. Get a soft but supportive portable pillow that is easy to hide on your office cabinets like the Mobile File Cabinet 027.

Why Napping Is Good For You

  1.  First of all, it drastically improves your mood. Have you seen some of the grumpy employees at your office? Maybe what they need are mandated nap times.

  2. Speaking of improving your mood, napping gives you a faster reaction time and better memory retention.

  3. While you may not get a night’s full sleep, napping can help you reduce fatigue throughout the day.

  4. Naps also provide a boost of alertness which is important if your job needs your undivided attention.

  5. Finally, naps are just truly pleasurable and relaxing. You may have not liked taking naps when you were a kid but let us be honest because now, you look forward to it.

When Should You Avoid Napping

While napping is a great way for your tired body to relax and recuperate, too much of a good thing can be bad. Here are a few times where it would be better if you skip nap time.

  1. If you have bouts of insomnia when the night falls, it is better not to nap at all. If you feel the need for a quick shut eye, consider doing it earlier in the day so you will get a good night’s rest.

  2. You may not have insomnia but napping later during the day can make it harder for you to complete an 8-hour sleep.

  3. If you notice that you are a fast and deep sleeper, chances are that short naps are not meant for you. A nap that goes on longer than the recommended length of time usually provides counterproductive results.

Supplements For The Insomniac

If sleeping is a problem for you, try some supplements or natural remedies to aid you in sleeping faster. Here are some of the tested and proven supplements you can use to cure insomnia if napping just would not cut it for you.



Valerian root




Do note however that some of the aforementioned remedies above can have some minor side-effects for you. If symptoms persist, it would be wise to consult a sleep specialist to give you a more comprehensive approach towards insomnia.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea how to effectively nap and when to avoid doing so, always remember that a sound sleep at night is still highly beneficial for the recuperation of your body. After all, your body deserves to rest as it gives enough energy and stamina to go about your day. 

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