The Benefits of An Ergonomic Chair for EFL Tutors

May 13, 2021

Ergonomic Chair

As mentioned in my previous article, the roles of an EFL tutor in facilitating learning and embodying perkiness in class are crucial because, without them, every non-native English speaker would not be able to learn and hone their skills and knowledge of the target language. This would be needing the student's total physical response that could be attained with the teacher's proactivity, creativity, and authoritativeness. These things can be done by the tutor but with consequences on his health. This is because of the stress brought by certain factors. Hence, in this next discussion, we will deal more with the:

● factors that cause stress to the tutor

● the health hazards that most tutors face 

● the benefits of using an Ergonomic Chair before, during, and after tutorials 

Doing online video classes is a slice of meat to chew especially when you need to render more than 8 hours in the office or even when you are working from home. Being an online EFL tutor does not mean that you are just going to teach descriptive grammar in an instant. Oftentimes, you will be needing more hours to finish a class material. This may cause fatigue to the teacher. In some worst cases, this brings pain to the spine and lumbar because of the pressure he feels. Aside from that, there are other: 

I.Factors that cause stress to the tutor:

These factors cause great stress to the tutor and are identified as:

sudden changes with the student's schedule and preference of class material:

This usually occurs (although seldom) when the student changes his mind

during the last minute but the teacher already made a material following his study plan. This usually happens with adult students who like topical discussions


■ student's behavioral problems:

This takes place usually when the students find the material difficult or they do not like the topic for the day. Despite this, the tutor needs to carry on the discussion because that is part of her objectives and goals for the class. It is also done to gauge the student's cognitive ability and core skills. 

This brings effect to the teacher's health yet he needs to facilitate the class hence he thinks of various activities connected to the lesson and is worthwhile and fun.

■ technical problems before and during tutorials:

This often happens before and during classes. In some companies, the teachers are the ones who need to do minor troubleshooting however it can still cause stress especially if it's a recorded class, this may leave a bad impression and could escalate to something worse. As a result, the tutor needs to do a lot of extra work. This stress extends to areas like the neck, spine, and lumbar because of the pressure the teacher creates on his body. 

■ the intrusion of work into free time:

This usually happens when an extra workload is being given to a teacher. Even in the EFL industry, this happens although most materials are ready-made, some evaluations, and reports need to be finished ahead of time. Frequently, the teacher ends working on weekends just to meet a deadline for the next week. This adds extra stress to him because he has no choice but to finish it for his students instead of spending more time on leisure activities that are recommendable for him. 

■ long periods of concentration:

At times, the tutor becomes preoccupied with the things he needs to work on

in his classes especially when he gets low-performance evaluations from the students and the superiors. This possibly triggers his stressors and affects his mood and teaching performance.  

These things have a lot of disadvantages because of the long-term effect of the stressors on the tutor. Although it is still important that a teacher must observe proactivity so he could avoid these stressors that bring havoc to his health. As they say, preparing or anticipating things ahead of time could save you from getting burned out. Keeping open communication with immediate officers and the parents of the students can help one avoid problems and miscommunications with the student during classes. 

Now, for the next part of our discussion, we will talk about: 

II. The Health Hazards that Most Tutors Face:


In the EFL industry, it is common that teachers experience illnesses such as throat conditions because of long hours of discussing with students. However, there are other health hazards that tutors experience in teaching non-native English speakers. Whether it's office-based or home-based, most teachers experience illnesses that oftentimes become life-threatening such as:

■ cardiovascular diseases: 

Conditions like hypertension are the diseases that most tutors experience. With the combination of a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, the teacher develops this disease that can cause great harm in the long run. 

■ musculoskeletal diseases:

The long hours of typing reports, class materials, and evaluation lead to diseases around the ligaments, carpal tunnel, hands, and fingers. As the hours of continuous typing increase, the more it becomes detrimental for the tutor's body. If you notice, most teachers complain of nerve and hand pain caused by long hours of preparation in front of the computer. 

■ strains around the neck area down the spine: 

This is brought by the hours spent at the computer. Most of the time, after four hours of teaching, the tutor usually feels exhausted. Their exhaustion is accompanied by sharp pain around the neck and the spine and because of the condition of their workstation especially the equipment they use, they usually develop soreness around the spine area.

This kind of work situation should be changed and improved by choosing the right equipment especially the chair that is used during tutorials. Hence, in the last part of the discussion, we will talk about: 

III. the benefits of using an Ergonomic Chair before, during, and after tutorials:

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