Making your To-Do-List with A Dry Erase Board

April 28, 2021

List of Things to Do
Jaycel M. Borabien

Part of being organized is to take down notes of the things that you need in order to remember all the task and important deadlines. It’s pretty challenging though to maintain an organized board. Information overload and choosing the most important information are challenges of making a to-do-list every day.

So, in today’s topic, we will be discussing the:

  •  importance of making a to-do-list
  •  the fun ways to make a to-do-list
  •  the role of a Flexispot’s Dry Erase Board in organizing your to-do-list
  • Then, let’s get it on now.

Importance of Making a To-Do-List:

  • A study shows that spending 15 minutes planning can save you more time than an hour of executing a task.An example of that is the typical EFL class. One of the tasks of a teacher is to say the activities and objectives in a day it usually takes only 5 minutes to explain each objective and prior to the class, there is a 15-20-minute planning of the class flow. When it is done two things usually take place:

  • The flow of the lesson is clearer, concise, and fast; the student is able to follow easily because the tutor focuses on what’s really important plus the student’s attention is not diverted to unnecessary things in class
  • lThere is an abundant time for the assessment of learning and the application of the grammar rules which makes it easier for both the teacher and the student to finish a task.
  • Organization:Making a list of all the important tasks to be done is like preparing yourself in a battle with not just enough but more ammunitions. You learn to be more proactive in accomplishing a task in a day. When you write down the goals and plans for a day, you’ll be able to see the number of incomplete tasks of the other activities which you may add so a certain project will be done well.
  •   External Memory Aid:No matter how forgetful you could be, with a to-do-list, you don’t have to worry that you might miss something else. You just need to simply check the things to be accomplished.
  • It helps us Avoid Forgetting Things: Humans could only have the capacity to remember up to 7 things only. That’s because of the nature of having short term memories. Hence, a to-do list can help us look at those important reminders and accomplish tasks accordingly.  
  • Reinforcement of Memorization: When you prepare a to-do list, you’re able to retain pertinent information that you really need to accomplish a task. We may have a short-term memory but with a list, we may be able to meet the deadlines accordingly.
  •  Productivity: When you set up a to-do list, we would be able to avoid distractions because you’d be able to focus on your goals and attain them all as much as possible


  • Motivation:When we are able to meet our goals and plans for a day, we are inspired to do more at work. This can create a drive for excellence. In a to-do-list you may add more like getting a promotion.

Fun Ways to Make a To-Do-List:

Now, we are at the core of the topic. We have the idea of why we should make out to-do list. On this part, some tips on how to make a to-do list extra fun. With your creativity, you may incorporate different ways and it would be more precise and accurate with the help of Flexispot’s Dry Erase Board. However, before we list the concept fir your to-do-list, let’s find out more information about the dry erase board.  

Magnetic Dry Erase Board 36 x 24 Inch:

  • a scratch-resistant product that is suitable for all kinds of dry erase marker

  • has the ultra-clean wipe off feature which doesn’t make the product look untidy no matter how many times you erase some information compared to other whiteboard markers

  • easy to install and ensures that it doesn’t drop down because of the concealed screws within the product hence you don’t need to worry how to mount it on the wall.

Now, let’s get to the last part of the discussion. On this part, we’ll talk about the ways to make your to-do list extra special:

  • Make it a three-section dry erase board. With a size of 36x24 inches, you will be able to maximize the space of the board without making it look cramped. It will be efficient and designating task will be effective.
  •  Once you get finished dividing it into three sections, try to put colorful marks on it. A piece of cutout (maybe a letter) could be effective. Say, that section would be for the daily reminders, you may cut out letter R for that. By doing that, you’d be able to remember that that side of the board is for all the reminders.
  • Then, you may also try the other sections for target projects or deadlines. You may use another color of cutout for that too so you would not be confused with it. Putting some colorful pieces of parchment that will be for the days is also effective because you will know a certain color code for the day.
  • For the last section of the board, you may put some long-term goals through quotes or images of possessions such as car or the latest model of mobile phone. In my case, what I put are photos of what I would like to have as a property someday; I say a Benz would be a great motivator. Or try looking at Elon Musk or Jack Ma. By doing this, you would make your to-do list an inspiring one for you and your teammates.
  • Put them all in an organized manner. This is a challenge to most people. At times, when they say that they have a board to organize the plans and goals, they tend to forget that they still need to put the stuff there in order. This would avoid confusion and would not make you distracted.


Final Thoughts:

 In accomplishing a task, being motivated is important and helpful because it would make you feel the drive to succeed more. It may be a challenge to keep organized but being more determined to be successful could help us putting things in order.  

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