Sleep Tight: An Insomniac's Essentials

April 29, 2021

Sleep Tight: An Insomniac's Essentials
Excelsia Tallorin

As a child, you may have thought that sleeping is for the weak. After all, not everyone can push-through an all-nighter. Your energy levels when you were also a child were through the roof so it comes as no surprise if you tend to sleep later but still have the energy to spend the day after.

But now that you are an adult, sleeping is now sacred for you yet it is as elusive as catching your dog talking.

Well, your dog talking back at you may be impossible but catching some much needed sleep should be easier with these things for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Put The Weight On Your Sleepy Shoulders With A Weighted Blanket

- Cuddling in bed is one of the best ways to fall asleep. Some of the proven benefits of cuddling is it helps lower stress hormones which would lead to a more serene and deep sleep. However, not everyone has a partner to cuddle with or worse, you are not really on Team Cuddles.

Do not fret because a weighted blanket mimics cuddle sessions without the need of a partner. These fancy blankets can cater to whatever weight you want as it can weigh from 3 to 20 pounds.

While a weighted blanket may be expensive (the cost ranges between 40 dollars and even 200 dollars), the proven benefits of it will surely make it a great investment for an insomniac like you. Just like a baby swaddle, these blankets will help calm your nerves and lower your heart rate. Insomnia can also make you an anxious ball of nerves so a weighted blanket can help you calm down and ready for sleep. The heft also prevents you from too much tossing and turning around your bed which is helpful since your sleep would not be disturbed.

That is not all because a weighted blanket’s heft will help make you feel safe and secure throughout the night -- and when you are feeling safe and sound, your chances of sleeping are higher while disrupted sleeps become lesser with each use. Just make sure that you are comfortable with its heaviness so you would never feel trapped while using one at night.

  1. Pour Some Milk Up

- Milk is not just for babies and growing children! Through the passage of time, drinking milk before bed time had completed most people’s night routine.

This bedtime drink has special compounds that can help an insomniac fall asleep faster and much better. One of these compounds is the amino acid called tryptophan. You can consume tryptophan through eating a variety of protein-rich food and drinks, especially milk. With this special amino acid, you serotonin production is boosted up a notch.

With the boost of serotonin, you are on your way to easier and deeper sleep. The neurotransmitter serotonin also is a harbinger for the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. For your additional information, melatonin regulates your circadian rhythm to prepare your body for sound sleep throughout the night. 

By having a tall glass of warm milk at night as part of your calming bedtime routine, you are assured of a night’s quality sleep.

  1. The Only Blackout That You Want

- Blackout curtains are functional as well as stylish additions for an insomniac’s bedroom. While you might be thinking that a blackout curtain only comes in dark and heavy draperies that would make your room look somber, this type of curtain now comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures to match your aesthetic.

In addition to making your room darker, the greatest reason for you to get one is that it promotes sleep by blocking as much light as possible that can get through your room. With lesser light that seeps to your bedroom, it mimics the darkness that comes with every night. This is especially helpful since a dark room will signal your brain that it is time for you to sleep. The darker room, in the long run, would also regulate your body’s natural sleeping pattern. 

Another helpful thing with a blackout curtain is that it lessens noise that would enter the room since the thicker fabric will soundproof your room. All the extra noise and muffling from the outside is buffered so you do not have to worry about it disturbing your sound sleep that you waited for so long.

  1. Spray The Sleepy Vibes On

- The pillows you use can make or break the quality of your sleep. Which is why it is better to invest in good quality pillows that will provide comfort as well as support for your spine and neck health. For starters, if you are using the wrong type of pillow, you can easily develop body pains that can wake you up during the ungodly hours of the night.

If you are feeling a little fancy, you can also purchase some pillow sprays that are formulated with calming properties that can aid sleepless insomniacs. Simply spritz some on your pillow and the good vibes would bring you to Dream Land in a short while

  1. Sleeping Hammock

- If you find yourself getting sleepy throughout your shift, it is best to set aside a short nap that can give you a boost of energy  to work ahead. While it may seem counterproductive to sleep during the day, just take note of the time that you will take a nap. Having a quick snooze earlier in the day will not make it harder for you to sleep at night since you will get more and more tired as the day progresses.

Offices however, are not built for napping so the best solution for this is the Hammock Under Desk for Office Napping HK01 by FlexiSpot. This ingenious hammock is the perfect way to nap during your free time at work since it can be installed under your standing desk in just four easy steps. Your sleeping spray would also come in handy since you can spritz some to your heart’s content on this hammock’s parachute nylon fabric. Portability would not be an issue too since the compact design makes it a breeze to carry everywhere you want to go and relax.


Your insomnia may be stopping you from getting the most out of your life which is why with just these products, a sound sleep is guaranteed for you every night.

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