The Benefits of a Drafting Table for an EFL Tutor

May 12, 2021

The Drafting Table

Creativity is one of the characteristics of a good EFL tutor. In this industry, a teacher should do something unique and thought-provoking when teaching. If you check academies where EFL tutorials are done, you would see how enthusiastic and passionate they are. From the star stamps for rewards to the lessons they incorporated with videos and images, you would see how devoted the EFL tutors are. Some are even using realia or the tangible objects used during activities in class connected to the lesson. In this article today, we will discuss the:

  • ways an EFL Tutor makes his class interactive and engaging
  • the effects of energy exerted much by the tutor to his body
  • the benefits of a drafting table for an EFL tutor

So, let us begin the discussion now.

I.Ways an EFL Tutor Makes his Class Interactive and Engaging:

As it was discussed in the article, the role of the EFL teacher should not be limited to introducing a topic to a child and explaining certain grammar rules. It should be more than what is in the book. Hence, the tutor spends more time creating class materials that would engage the students in learning the target language. He also uses approaches in class such as:

  • Teacher-centered approach to Learning:

⮚ focuses more on the authority

⮚ its end goal is to make an evaluation and gauge the student's level after a series of lectures and tests

⮚ involves direct instruction from the teacher

⮚ teachers viewed as the main authority figure in learning

⮚ students are viewed as empty vessels who passively receive knowledge

This approach mentioned above focuses only on giving instructions and lectures. The downside of this is most students become more passive learners because they tend to be just receiving instructions from the teacher. On the teacher's end, it adds up physical stress to the teacher because he is the one who does all the work plus it sometimes gives him a hard time gauging the cognitive ability of the child. Looking at this model, we may consider that it could bring havoc on the teacher's health because of certain illnesses that might later develop. On the other hand, there is another approach that is a teacher does in his class which is the:



  • Student-Centered Approach to Learning:

⮚ an approach that makes the students active learners

⮚ The teacher plays the role of a facilitator in this kind of approach

⮚ This kind of approach is identified in activities such as group projects, class participation,

⮚ This is also present in kinesthetic learning where the student is allowed to do role-plays, sing, dance, act, and play games in learning a new lesson.

The student-centered approach to learning is indeed applicable for online video classes because this can make the class interactive, especially in online group classes. However, the downside is not all students would like to participate in certain activities under this approach. At times, classroom management is hampered by students who misbehave during class or do not participate well. Most of the time, when the teacher makes class materials and plots the study plan, it turns out that sometimes the behavior of the student affects the class. This can cause stress to the teacher and could make one feel fatigued, confused, and exhausted. When this happens, chances are the teacher might:

  • get distracted and less focused on the other objectives for the day
  • forget other deadlines and get behind schedules
  • also, be mentally exhausted in the long run

These hazards could not just affect the focus of the EFL tutor or his ability to focus but could also affect their total balance and health in the long run. Hence, in the next part of the discussion, we will talk about:

II. The Effects of Energy Exerted much by the Tutor from his Body:

Aside from fatigue, there are other illnesses that a tutor may experience as he exerts much energy in handling stressful situations in class:

■ The Release of Stress Hormones:

When a person becomes fatigued or stressed, the body releases stress hormones such as cortisol. These hormones trigger obesity. Hence, if you noticed, most people who work in this industry face health problems such as for overweight.


■ Long-term Damage to the Spine, Neck, and Lumbar:

As the pressure gets more immense, the further the damage it causes. As mentioned above, stress increases the production of cortisol or the stress hormones that trigger obesity. Once a person becomes overweight, there is a tendency that his spine, neck, and lumbar might be damaged due to the extra weight that gives pressure especially when the person's lifestyle becomes sedentary, his weight is not properly distributed and is accumulated on the spine, lumbar, or lower torso.

■ Eye Strains and Migraine is Possible:

EFL tutors spend more time in front of the computer conducting classes, making reports, and evaluating for long hours. As a result, their eyes become damaged because of radiation exposure. Despite the development of anti-radiation eyeglasses, it's still difficult to avoid the damages that are caused by the devices. So, imagine an EFL tutor who needs to spend more than 8 hours in front of the computer, he tends to become more exhausted because of headaches although he just sits and monitors the class. This may give proof that the radiation emitted from the devices affect the person's physical health

■ Frustration and Depression are Inevitable:

In this industry, EFL tutors are prone to experiencing depression. This is caused by different factors such as unmet standards and complaints from students and their parents. Whenever this happens, it creates havoc on the person's mental health. This is common in this industry even though a teacher is required to remain perky and sustain a high level of energy. This becomes a problem because some could not express well their thoughts.

Looking at the examples below, we are going to talk about how the last part of the discussion today. It is about good effects using a Drafting table for an EFL tutor:

III. The Benefits of a Drafting Table for an EFL Tutor

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