Things to Consider When Buying A Desk Chair Without Wheels

May 10, 2021

Different kinds of ergonomic chair no wheels

Office chairs with wheels are not the only choice when choosing an ergonomic chair. Sometimes some people prefer to have their chairs to stay put in one place. Either they don’t want to scratch the floor or prevent anyone from playing with their chairs. To them it’s distracting. Try to imagine swiveling in your chair all day instead of getting work done.

Luckily, desk chairs without wheels are getting popular. Not only are they more affordable but also look much better in home offices, are easier to assemble, and come in a plethora of styles and designs. All this despite being high quality, 

Although most people only look at the aesthetic qualities when choosing a wheel-less desk chair, there's more to it than just a chair than its looks. It can provide maximum comfort and support during long working hours.

Things to consider when buying a desk chair with no wheels

1. Desk chair materials

Desk chairs differ in their material and fabric but, not all of them have the right degree of comfort and breathability for a good workflow. Even the chair's materials can affect how you work! The goal is to choose a durable material, yet won't irritate your skin or make you uncomfortable.

Fabric-upholstered desk chairs are the most common types of materials that are comfortable and attractive. They're perfect for those who are not willing to sacrifice comfort over style. But the disadvantage with fabric construction is that they stain easily from liquid spills

If durability is topmost when looking for a desk chair without wheels, the hard surface chair is the ideal choice. Wood chairs are the sturdiest and can last a long time. No more stains and having skin irritation on the fabric.

The same also for plastic desk chairs. They are long-lasting and aren't as fragile as people think they are. However, these materials don't have the best back support and feel too hard. This can be uncomfortable as time goes by.

Vinyl office chairs are what you'd typically see in an office space. They're hard-wearing, come in a variety of softness levels. They’re also spill-resistant, making them easy to clean. Nevertheless, due to their non-breathable nature, these chairs make their users unpleasantly warm.

Leather is a great choice if looking for a material that can hold heat and keep you cool while working. Another good thing is they elicit timeless elegance that never goes out of style. The downside of leather is that it tends to crack without regular upkeep which can be a hassle for busy people.

To get maximum breathability and cool comfort even during hot days, a mesh desk chair without wheels is best. They let the flow of fresh air circulate at the back. However, mesh chairs aren't good at distributing body weight properly which leads to discomfort over time.

2. Ergonomics

These ergonomic chairs without wheels can improve posture and support the body correctly. But does it exactly make it ergonomic? Firstly, it should have an adjustable seat height. This is usually found in rolling chairs but the wheel-less models can have an adjustable seat height as well. Next, look for a chair that has lumbar support to prevent yourself from straining your lower back. The backrest should be adjustable and at least 12 inches for proper support of the upper body. When it comes to armrests, make sure they're adjustable for a comfortable typing experience.

3. The desk chair's overall comfort

Not all chairs are created equal for everyone. Try out the chair first to see if it is a good fit. Just because a desk chair has lumbar support doesn't mean it's going to be comfortable for you. It might be too comfortable, leading to distraction when working. Do some research by carefully reading the chair's specifications, read reviews, and check the return policy.

4. The types of flooring they'll be standing on

The type of flooring in your office may be the last on your checklist for the chair but, it is an important factor. This is because not all desk chairs are designed with one type of flooring. Even desk chairs with no wheels can’t do much damage than those with rolling casters, they still manage to have their share of scratches and scuffs. 

Inevitably, the desk chair will move back and forth any time of the day. If your floor is wood or isn't easy to clean, avoid chairs with metal legs that can rust and cause scratches over time. Tile, laminate, and vinyl floors are scuff and stain-resistant so there is minimum damage.

Whether the floor is hardwood or carpet, the best way to protect it is to use felt furniture pads. These pads will separate the chair from the floor no matter what kind of chair it is.

5. The desk chair's weight limit

One-size-fits-all chairs are a myth. Each chair has its weight capacity. The reason for the weight limit is that if it exceeds its capacity. It will wear out faster and turn it into a squeaky piece of furniture. Computer desk chairs can hold up to 250 pounds while big and tall office chairs have variable weight limits of 300 to 800 pounds. To get the best comfortable seating experience for your body, keep the weight limit in mind.

The Benefits of Office Chairs Without Wheels

Office chairs with no wheels have the following benefits:

● They are generally less expensive compared to wheeled models.

● They are simpler and easier to assemble.

● They come with floor guards and minimize damage to hard floors.

● They look better in home offices.

The disadvantages of the ergonomic chairs without wheels are:

● They are not mobile, unlike their wheeled counterparts.

● There are fewer models to choose from.

● Most of them don’t have adjustments for armrests and seat heights.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing between office chairs with or without wheels is based on one’s budget, as well as the features you are looking for. Find which advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and stick to that decision.

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