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Tips for a healthier way to work

The Biomechanical Pain In the Office

4 Ways Musculosketal Pain Can Be Relieved with Flexispot

A look at some ways Flexispot can help reduce or eliminate musculosketal aches.

7 Ways On How To Promote Physical Activities On Children

7 Ways to Promote Physical Activities to Children

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy way of living for children. 

working from home

Is it a Good Idea to Work From Your Bed?

Allowing your bed to stifle your productivity, mental health, or well-being is a bad idea. 

woman exercise

Mental Focus with Flexispot: Pedaling Your Workday Away

A revolutionary new way to stay fit and workout while you work.

Being safe  and economical set   the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk    a

Health Tips for Back to School Kids

A prosperous school year awaits those that know how to stay healthy.

working from home

Bye Bye Office Life: The Benefits of Working from Home

If you are still bustling in an office and are wondering if working from home is right for you, read this article.

As parents, we need a study table that is more functional yet economical - surpr

Preparing for School Reopening

Give your child the best chance for success by preparing them for back to school properly.

Kid’s Ergonomics and Calisthenics

The Best Fitness Equipment for Your Kid's Exercise Time

Protect your child against the threat of a sedentary lifestyle and keep them healthy with the help of FlexiSpot.

The Blue Collar Workers

Ideal Ergo Chairs for Blue Collar Jobs

The advantages an ergonomic chair can provide to a blue-collar worker are plentiful.

11 Energy and Brain Boosting After-School Snack Ideas

11 Energy and Brain Boosting After-School Snack Ideas

Nutritious after-school snack ideas sure to keep your kids happy and healthy.

The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) is packed with powerful features

Parent-Child Separation During the Pandemic

Preparing your child for back-to-school can be stressful, especially during the pandemic.

Let your child play, study, and have fun on a Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study

Study: Anxiety and Depression are Linked to Perfectionism

The need to accomplish every task flawlessly may be hurting you mentally.

How Can Back Pain Be Possible With Children?

Can Back Pain Be Possible With Children?

Many people suffer from back discomfort at work...

student’s tools

3 Best Workspace Tools that Students Should Know and Consider

Maximize your potential when studying at home by making your learning space completely your own.

3 ways you can study at the comforts of your own home

3 Ways You Can Study in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Distance education recommendations to strengthen your academic success.

Your Simple Guide Before Getting A Standing Desk

A Simple Guide Before Getting A Standing Desk

Standing while working is gradually becoming the new workplace trend...

How Children Can Benefit From Standing Desks

How Children Benefit from Standing Desks

Incorporating standing desk in a child's life early on can help to stall and reduce health hazards.

ergonomic work

A Digital Artist's Ultimate Workstation Design Guide for 2021

Avoid aches and pains in your creative workspace by investing in ergonomic equipment.

man in deep sleep

8 Tips to Go to Bed Early

Getting enough sleep can shoot your productivity to the sky; here are 8 simple ways to sleep earlier.

ergonomic items

Transform Small Office Spaces into Elegant Work Areas

It only takes a few tweaks to make the most of your small workstation and boost your productivity.

How To Keep Remote Workers Happy

How to Keep Remote Workers Happy

Ideas to boost the morale of your employees.

It Only Takes 3 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy During The Pandemic

3 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy During the Pandemic

A child's health is the priority of every parent; here are 3 simple steps you can take to keep them safe.

Eating the right kinds of fruits and vegetable plus physical exercises with the

Do Fruits and Vegetables Really Reduce Overall Cancer Risk?

Investigating a connection between healthy eating and a reduced risk of cancer.

7 Factors That Reduce Productivity

11 Factors That Reduce Productivity

Exploring factors lead to a drop in workplace productivity.

What To Do About The Dreaded Zoom Fatigue

Avoiding the Dreaded Zoom Fatigue

Learn how to keep up with your business while also focusing on your health.

11 Tips on Mental Wellness Improvement At Work

11 Tips to Improve Mental Wellness at Work

11 ideas to etablish a healthy outlook and improve your psychological well-being.

ergonomic desk

5 Ways to Construct an Innovative Workspace

Your office layout has been shown to have a direct impact on productivity, performance, and focus.

Keeping it Virtual: 9 Tips to Manage Virtual Employees

Keeping it Virtual: 9 Tips to Manage Virtual Employees

If you're forming a home-based workforce, follow these steps to improve your virtual team's efficiency.

ergonomic desk

The 3 Best Standing Desks Under $500

3 fantastic standing desk options, all under $500.

The FOBO during Shopping

3 Ergonomic Pairs that could Help You Overcome FOBO

Exploring FOBO, AKA the Fear of a Better Option.

Chairs and Heights

Advantages of Big and Tall Chairs for Workers with a Short Stature

Your height should not stop you from experiencing holistic relaxation and comfort.

content writing

A Desk Setup Guide For Content Writers: How To Boost Creative Ideas

How to boost creative ideas for content writers?

A Virgo Home Office for Summer's Last Hurrah

A Virgo Home Office for Summer's Last Hurrah

Summer is nearing its end and Virgo Season is fast approaching.

online school

Stay Ahead in Class With These Popular Desk Setups

Set up a proper study environment for maximum productivity and academic success.

We Shall Overcome

Ideas to Beat Negative Thinking with FlexiSpot

A guide to staying positive during these trying times.

Pandemic Self-Care Practices To Do

10 Pandemic Self-Care Practices To Do

With the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, the need to care for our health is critical.

13 Ways To Give Your Home Office A Facelift

13 Ways to Give Your Home Office a Facelift

Simple tips to make your office the perfect den for productivity and success.

Why Bother About Sitting and Standing

Stand or Sit... Does it Matter?

Examining the pros and cons of sitting and standing.

office chair

8 Best Durable Office Chair Fabrics (2021)

A guide to selecting the best office chair material for your needs.

ergonomic chair

3 Must Knows When Looking for the Right Office Chair

Determine your budget, make a list, and study.

Working With Pets: 11 Tips to Stay Productive

Working With Pets: 11 Tips to Stay Productive

Ways to work successfully and efficiently with your dog or cat in the same room.

The Best FlexiSpot Ergonomic Standing Desk and Desk Bike For 2021

The Best FlexiSpot Ergonomic Standing Desk and Desk Bike for 2021

Take advantage of all the opportunities and benefits these products have to offer.
Beat It, Afternoon Slump! 13 Ways to Conquer It

Beat It, Afternoon Slump! 13 Ways to Conquer It

13 tips to ensure you are productive and feeling great throughout the entire workday.

The Busy Corporate Achievers

The Best Desks for the Busiest People

Transforming your workplace into a hub that is perfectly free from sedentary pain and injuries is challenging in reality.

noise reduction

Noise Reduction Solutions for Your Office

The more noise disturbances there are, the less productive you will be. 

Why Good Posture Is A Big Deal

Why Good Posture is a Big Deal

Good posture offers numerous benefits daily to those who practice it.

green office

Green Living Ideas to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Making little changes to your workday can have a big positive impact on the environment.

10 Workplace Mental Benefits of Exercise

10 Mental Benefits of Exercise At Work

Exercising at work improves our focus, concentration, precision and memory.

Nursing Home: A Haven not the Last Home

Products that Support Ageing and Health

Optimizing the brain function of the elderly.

What Employees Need to Succeed

What Employees Need to Succeed

Try these for a better working condition that will help you achieve company goals.

11 Crafting Ideas To Try During 2021 Pandemic

11 Crafting Ideas To Try During 2021 Pandemic

Scrapbooking is the hobby that someone could reasonably afford and master. 

Ways On How Standing Desks Enhances Productivity

How Standing Desks Enhance Productivity

A standing desk can assist you in performing many tasks more efficiently and quickly.

The Best Desks Suitable For Your Space and Needs

The Best Desks For Your Needs

Choose a standing desk that suitable for your place.

The Stool and Aesthetics

Beyond Aesthetics: The Accent Chairs for Spine Protection

Accent chairs are not just beautiful; they can provide an incredible, ergonomic sitting experience.

Here For Good: Work From Home Advantages

Here For Good: Advantages of Working From Home

Help employees to be more efficient during Covide-19.

The Top 2 Beautiful and Ergonomic Standing Desk For Your Office

The Top 2 Standing Desks For Your Office

 A great workplace can help you and your mental health

Healthy Habits To Do At Work

Healthy Habits to do at Work

Optimal health does not come easily, which is why it is critical to adopt certain behaviors into your everyday routine

The Brilliant and Happy Students

3 Reasons Investing in FlexiSpot Products Helps Your Child's Learning

Improve your child's academic life by giving them the proper equipment to learn.

The 2021 Bucket List

The Best Ergonomic Chairs to Complete Your Bucket List of Ergo Products this 2021

An ergonomic chair can help you maintain great posture while enhancing your efficiency in the office.

Did You Know These 13 Things About Back Pain?

Did You Know These 13 Things About Back Pain?

Facts about back pain that you may not have been aware of.

What Standing Desks Have To Do With Sciatica

Standing Desks and Sciatica

Although standing desks can benefit individuals with sciatica, it is crucial for spine health to balance sitting and standing. 


How to Stay Active Instead of Sedentary With an Ergonomic Office Chair

To be exposed to hazardous working circumstances, you don't have to work in a factory. 

working professional

Handling Workplace Stress and Burnout the Right Way

Methods for managing and reducing stress in the office.

Sitting All Day At Work? Do These 12 Tips

Top 12 To Do Tips & Tricks For Sitting All Day At Work

Working in a great remote work gives you a boatload of versatility and independence.

Ways to Foster Employee Innovation with FlexiSpot

Ways to Foster Employee Innovation with FlexiSpot

Innovation is among the most critical abilities required for success. 

Best Height-Adjustable Standing Desks for Any Workspace

Best Height-Adjustable Standing Desks for Any Workspace

Improve your health and increase your productivity with the best standing desks on the market.

computer strain

Avoiding Computer Strain As An Office Worker

Having the appropriate desk and chair will help you to avoid computer strain.

5 Tips For Freelancers’ Post Pandemic

5 Tips For Freelancers’ Post During Pandemic

If it wasn’t clear before, it is stark now set in stone.

The Glass Top of an Office Desk

Advantages of Glass Tops and Wooden Tops

Wondering which desk would be more suitable for your office?

The Craft Maker

5 Ideal Ergonomic Chairs for Crafts Makers

Create a masterpiece with a little help from FlexiSpot...

7 Easy Tips On Office Chair Maintenance

Office Chair Maintenance: 7 Easy Tips

With regular care and frequent maintenance, your chairs will glide smoothly and be with you for years.

Saving The Environment With The Help of the Office Desk

Earth-Friendly Standing Desks from FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot is dedicated to providing an environment-friendly workplace. 

the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

Why the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk is the Right Choice

Why is this magnificent standing desk perfect for you?

Stretching Out; Stress is Out

Fitness Chairs and Desk Bikes for a Linear Workstation

Stay fit at the office; workout while you work.

Say Oui to The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Say Oui to The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Choose a chair that provide adequate back support...

The Top-Caliber HealthCare Provider

The Ergonomic Needs of Nurses on Duty

The Global Pandemic of 2020 has tested the very core of every health care provider in the medical field...


Make Your Workday Productive With These Tips

Maintaining a daily productive day is not easy all the time...

Saving More With the Right Desk Product

Dual Motors on a Standing Desk: Advantages

Another reason why FlexiSpot standing desks are top quality...

What Are the Factors that Negatively Affect Company Success?

Factors that Negatively Affect Company Success

The success of a business is totally reliant on the productivity of the employees.

eco-friendly lifestyle

5 Tips to Work Sustainably at Home

Simple ideas to assist the environment while working from home.

woman working

Tips for a Successful Approach Towards Working From Home

A guide to working smarter from home. 

Neck and Back Pain and What You Can Do About It

Hurt Be Gone: Relieving Your Neck and Back Pain

Exploring the causes of neck and back pain and ways to treat and prevent it.

Staying Healthy While Staying At Home

Staying Healthy at Home

Taking a few simple measures can put you on the path to better health

Get Rid of Online Interview Jitters With these Simple Strategies

Get Rid of Online Interview Jitters with These Simple Strategies

Tips to give the perfect online interview.

Active Workstation: A Better Health, Better You

An Active Workstation: Better Health, Better You

Having an active desk at work or home can be an excellent way to maintain the health of your body and mind.

Neck and Back Soreness

The Ergonomics of Massage Chairs and Big Standing Desks

These ergonomic pieces of furniture are office essentials that give you the protection you deserve.

Boost Employee Engagement Through a Professional yet Compassionate Management

Compassionate Management to Boost Employee Engagement

Improve staff performance and boost morale by treating your employees with respect.

Best Standing Desks for Fresh and Light Workspace

Best Standing Desks for a Fresh Workspace

The top standings desks that will give your home office a light and airy vibe.


Establishing Workplace Resilience

Seven simple recommendations to help you stay positive at work.

Ergonomically Relaxed on the Chair

The Advantages of a Wide Backrest

An ergonomic chair with a wide backrest will help you maintain good posture and avoid sedentary pain

The Sit2Go Fitness Chair can change your mood positively through cycling exercis

How's Your Mood Today?

Taking a look at just how much the weather can affect your mood.

How Will You Know If The Company is Right For You

Is Your Company Right for You?

These are the things you should look out for when joining a new company.

The Ergonomic Armrest

Ergonomic Handles and Armrests that Promote Blood Circulation

Be efficient in the office and energized at home with a top quality ergonomic chair.

Designed the Linear Way

Accent Chairs or Wobble Stools: Best Choice for a Linear Workstation

Which of these options is the best fit in a linear office layout?

The Looks of the L-Shaped Workstations

Ideal Ergo Chairs for an L-Shaped Workstation

These ergonomic chairs are created to prioritize your health and safety in the office.

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Looking for a Standing Desk? Look No Further!

 The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series is what you need.


Innovative Living Room Office Design Ideas

A guide to creating the perfect workspace in your living room.

office equipment

Vital Office Equipment for a Meaningful Workspace at Home

Five important home office accessories every remote worker should have.

5 Ways to Prevent 5 Office Work Injuries

5 Common Office Work Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Variety is the key to staying productive and pain-free in the office

ergonomic recommendations

Smart Desk Setup Tips for Increased Productivity

Enhance your performance at work by getting the most out of your desk layout.

Fitness for the Stay-at-Home Employee

5 Ways to Motivate Employees at Home

Viable methods for motivating staff to be efficient and productive wherever they are working.

workplace pains

Prevent the Occurrence of Workplace Neck and Back Pain

Follow these recommendations to have less discomfort and more flexibility and energy at the office.

virtual meeting

Making a Better Impression During Virtual Meetings

Impress your boss and colleagues in your next online meeting with these 9 tips.

The Sit2Go Fitness Chair will bring out the best in you  - productive and at the

Effects of Hypertension (You Might Wish to Know)

Let's have a talk about high blood pressure; its effects and how to prevent it.

The Desk and the Handicraft

The Benefits of Using a Standing Desk in the Workshop

Take advantage of the countless ergonomic benefits a standing desk has to offer in your workshop.

How To Set-Up a Welcoming Atmosphere for a New Employee

How To Set-Up a Welcoming Atmosphere for a New Employee

Giving a new employee a warm welcome can have a lasting impact on their motivation and morale.

The Worker’s Back Pain

Avoiding Procrastination with the Help of Ergo Products

Ergonomic products from FlexiSpot can ensure an improved posture and enhanced performance in the office.

Better Lighting With Task Lamps

Better Lighting with Task Lamps

Task lighting is a low-cost and straightforward means to enhance ergonomics at home and work. 

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