Changing Lives with Ergonomic Workstation

May 13, 2021


The traditional workspace is changed forever. Thanks to the invention of standing desks, people around the world are discovering its many benefits.

The traditional table is re-engineered. Many marvels at the reinvention of the classic desk. Some were thrilled that something so basic can be turned into something entirely new and fresh.

If you’re thinking of buying one, you’re in luck, because today, we will hear from two people how standing desks and ergonomic chairs transformed their working and study lives.

Alistair: A Student from Melbourne

When my brother left for college, he let me have his room, his computer, and his standing table. I’ve seen him use his standing desk before. At first, I didn’t understand what the fuss was about—it was a table. Then one afternoon, I saw him push a button and the adjustable table rose like magic. He explained it was important to work or study standing up at certain times during the day. He said no one should remain seated all day and night. Standing desks will help you take care of your health, he said to me. I was thrilled when he said I could have it when he leaves for college. I waited a full year for the day. I was sorry to see him go, of course, I’ll miss him very much. You see, I’m very close to my brother. Ever since our father died, he became my second father. I was thrilled to have his room—the same thrill my younger sister felt when she got my room.

I love the standing desk. It’s perfection! I use it every day to play my favorite games and to study. I want to be an airline pilot.

I kept my brother’s stuff; I didn’t want to remove them from the room since it reminded me of him. But I ditched his gaming chair. It was huge and bulky. It looks comfortable, but wait till you use it for longer than an hour. It gave me back pains. I asked my mother for an ergonomic chair when I got an award in school. He got me the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair from the same company as my brother’s Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series.

The partnership of the standing desk and the ergonomic chair is the perfect solution. The thought that I can study and work on projects all day without worrying about the usual lower back pains at the end of the day is enough to inspire me to study harder. It changed my study life.

I use the standing desk like a traditional table when studying online with my classmates. Then, when my Apple Watch tells me it’s time to stand and move around, I click a button, and my tabletop rises like those advanced machines I see in movies. My teacher and classmates never noticed the transition because it’s smooth as butter. No weird sounds, no wobbling sensation for my gadgets on top of the desk. It’s completely convenient.

Andrea: A Nurse from the Philippines

When the global pandemic hit, my world turned upside down. I was working for a small hospital in the province. I was living a simple and quiet life. I was even planning to get married to the love of my life. We planned everything to the smallest details, but then covid arrived, we had to cancel most of our plans together. We got married in the municipal hall: no guests, no wedding party. I suppose it was okay. The most important thing is that we are safe and healthy.

I was ordered back to the hospital the day after the wedding. Since it was too dangerous to go home, I, along with the other nurses, ended up living at the back of the hospital. I thought it unfair that I had to spend all my time in the hospital, but I saw how many people needed us, so I just couldn’t abandon them.

I, along with a friend, was tasked to receive the patients coming in. It was a difficult job, but nothing compared to what sick patients had to go through. We were given a small table and two wooden chairs to use day after day. It was hot outside the hospital, and the chairs were unbelievably uncomfortable. And don’t get me started on the PPE we were required to wear.

Luckily, one afternoon, a wealthy man saw us and said that our desk and chairs wouldn’t do. I remember telling him that we couldn’t complain to anyone since our hospital is far too stretched out already.

The next day, he arrived along with a couple of men. They came to deliver a standing desk and two ergonomic chairs from a company called Flexispot. The table was large and solid. I was so thankful since we needed the space to put in forms and medical equipment. The man then explained how the table worked. I laughed since for me tables are all the same. He said that it may look like a traditional office desk, but it could transform into a standing desk. With a push of a button, the tabletop began lifting itself. It was like magic! Our new standing desk enables us to work behind the desk when we need to work on paperwork, and when we need to treat patients, we can adjust the height and it would conveniently turn into a standing desk. It was such a blessing.

The ergonomic chairs we were given are our favorite. It was nothing like the stiff wooden chairs we used before. It’s the most comfortable chair we’ve used in our life. The ergonomic design supports our backs so we need not worry even if we remain seated the whole day—which can happen sometimes. No more back pains at the end of the day.

Our work as nurses can be very challenging given our current situation. But the standing desk and the ergonomic chair gave us hope. It was a small token of gratitude from someone, and it made us feel valued as nurses. Bless him, who was generous enough to think also about our welfare and comfort. 

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