Desk Bikes: A Yes or a No in the Office

May 19, 2021

The Best Standing Desk Mate

In one of the recent articles that I have made, I have talked about noise pollution and how it affects every person's system. In that article too, I have discussed how it affects people with certain heart conditions; some citations were made as well claiming that in recent years, there were reported cases of death that were caused by noise pollution among the people with certain heart conditions. 

Now, in today's situation, numerous workers have started rendering work in the office again. The usual office setting has already come back to normal because vaccines were already administered to people. This is certainly good news. However, the question is how about the routine and lifestyle of every office worker? Has it already gone better? Do most workers maintain a healthy lifestyle? Thus, in this article today, we will talk about how workers could maintain a healthy lifestyle while in the office without creating much noise that could distract others who are working. Now, let's start the discussion: 

I. The Possible Scenario in The Office:

Now that the work setting has started coming back to normal, a lot of adjustments are needed to be done. A lot of people have been used to working at home for more than a year. Hence, they have already adjusted to a smaller workspace with fewer interactions with co-workers. As they say, the ambiance at home is different from the actual office set-up. Some changes might take place such as:

● From WFH set-up to the office-based set-up; adjustments with the time need to be observed by the workers.

● Changes with the system in the office might be needed to be implemented. While most could adjust to these easily, some might find it a bit challenging to easily get by. 

Although most people would be able to adjust to these, possible challenges should still be anticipated once most workers come back to office-based work. This involves: 

● The assurance that work schedules and other important reminders be given accordingly.

● The assurance that health protocols be observed during the transition. Some people are still having the fear of acquiring the virus although most people across the states and other parts of the world have been vaccinated. 

● By making sure of the safety of the workers who are coming back to the office, it is also important that every working individual maintain a healthy lifestyle. We all know that the virus affects a person with a weak immune system. One of the challenges of working in the office is the possibility of being exposed to germs, bacteria, and viruses no matter how a place is disinfected hence one of the ways to protect oneself is to create a stronger immune system. However, the question is: how could one develop a stronger immune system amidst the busy and stressful office work? Thus, here are the ways: 

II.Ways to Develop A Stronger Immune System:

Working outside the home is still a challenge for every working individual because Coronavirus is still around. Some countries have rising cases just like in India where the cadavers are left in open spaces and burned; some are left floating in the river. This shows that the virus is still killing millions of people across the globe every day. Hence, even though the vaccine is now available, stricter health guidelines or practices should be observed by people from all walks of life. So, below are the ways to keep a healthy immune system:

● One must avoid an unhealthy lifestyle by not smoking and drinking too much alcohol:

As they say, when you get into these vices, you make your life shorter. A person who smokes too much is twice likely to develop respiratory diseases. Hence, if the respiratory system of a person would get weak chances are he might get infected by viruses. Covid19 can easily infect anyone who has this condition. Hence, it is wiser to cut those vices. 

● Eating healthy foods and avoiding too much sugary food would be highly advisable.

Some people disregard healthy foods because they are less tasty compared to sweet and salty foods. However, switching to healthy choices can give the body a sufficient dose of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system. 

● Taking vitamins and supplements rich in Vitamin D and C is a must. Consuming these can help boost the immune system.

Supplements and vitamins that are rich in Vitamin D and C can help a person avoid the germs, bacteria, and viruses that could bring severe sickness. These strengthen the respiratory system and make the bones stronger. 

● Keeping an uptime even at work using the best standing desk mate such as the Under Desk Bike V9U:

This could help a person not just maintain a beautiful physique but could boost his immune system amidst a very busy transition from working from home to working in the office. 

On the other hand, one of the concerns on using pieces of equipment in the office such as the Under Desk Bike V9U is the assurance of a lesser noise. We all know that in the office, people need to concentrate more on paperwork, meeting, and projects. Hence, how could this reliable product from Flexispot help a worker boost his immune system and maintain a healthy lifestyle without causing too much noise in the workplace? With this, let us discuss what the Under Desk Bike is about. 

III.The Best Standing Desk Mate:

As mentioned above, the Under Desk Bike V9U is considered the best standing desk mate because of its incredible features such as:

● good mobility

The V9U is easy to move around the workplace because of its easy-rolling

casters that do not make a lot of noise. With this, no one will get disturbed

while you choose your workout spot in the office. 

● height-adjustable seat:

Whether you need a little higher seat or not, you could freely adjust the equipment to your desired level. This indeed is user-friendly and could assist you as you cycle and work on your spreadsheet.

● whisper quiet feature

Cycle as work on with your spreadsheet without disturbing your colleagues. This is one of the best features of the V9U. Your colleagues would not notice that you are already cycling. Enjoy a hassle-free workout that could help you boost your immune system and reduce noise pollution. 

The transition from the WFH setting to work in the office setting is still challenging. Statistics don't lie and millions of people get infected or die from Covid-19 even up to these days that vaccines for the disease have already been created but with a stronger immune system and the determination to get healthier, one could be saved from acquiring this deadly virus.

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