Ergonomic Office Chair Must-Haves For Better Lumbar Support

May 20, 2021

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Being stuck in front of a computer for an extended time can wreak havoc on your posture. One way to remedy this is by relying on ergonomic equipment that we all use in both our personal and professional lives. An ergonomic office chair will help you determine the proper practices to apply so that your posture is in good shape. 

Working for a longer length of time without a stable and robust chair to support your back can leave you feeling tired and exhausted once your shift is completed. Not to mention that you may be putting your health on the line, especially in your spine and neck.

This is where an ergonomic chair with lumbar support comes into the scenario. Back pain is one of the most common complaints people have. It's possible that your chair is to blame. Purchasing an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support could be the answer to all of your issues.

Having an ergonomic office chair is essential for you to consider. Traditional office chairs are no longer adequate. Office chairs are much more critical than we realize. Our entire body weight is carried by this item, which has an impact on our overall health. 

In this article, we will feature three of FlexiSpot's ergonomic office chairs. But before that, let us further discuss why there is a need for them. 

Why Ergonomic Chairs Help Remedy Back Pain

Lower back discomfort is incredibly uncomfortable, leading to more severe health issues in the future. It's critical to understand what causes back injuries so you can quit doing them or take preventative measures early on.

Backaches are one of the most common reasons individuals go to the doctor or take time off work. Missing a day of work can be pretty stressful for some people. Therefore precautions must be made.

An ergonomic office chair can help you minimize back pain and maintain the proper alignment of your back and spine. You minimize your chances of experiencing a significant deal of pain and discomfort by using a chair like this, not just any chair.

Understanding Back Pain

A variety of factors causes backache in the lower back. A lot of pretty essential elements can produce this disease. Injuries incurred during daily activity such as exercise or transferring goods account for the majority of these causes. Some of the reasons are as follows:

● Ligament or muscle strain

Something as simple as lifting heavy objects, making odd gestures, or sitting in the wrong chair may cause this. This puts strain on your back, resulting in discomfort.

● Health conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis

The vertebrae in your spine are affected by these conditions. This causes discomfort, which necessitates medical attention.

● Abnormal spine curvatures

Scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis are examples of this. Since it puts strain on the muscles, tendons, vertebrae, and ligaments, this causes terrible posture and a sore back.

A multitude of illnesses, both severe and minor, can cause back discomfort. Slight modifications in one's lifestyle, such as switching from an ordinary office chair to an ergonomic chair, can make a significant difference and relieve some of the discomforts. If you have a serious ailment, it is recommended that you see a doctor.

Featuring Three Ergonomic Office Chairs 

With many chairs on the market, we are narrowing down your search to a good three choices.

1. Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

With its 3D lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests, the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair gives you the ultimate seating experience behind your desk. This will change your perspective when it comes to office chairs.

The gracefully curved backrest ergonomically fits the neck and spine for optimal headrest and lumbar support, with three height adjustment options and a mild rebound system.

Adjustable in four dimensions, the flexible armrests contour effortlessly to your arms and elbows for maximum comfort.

Made from Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive fiber, our premium fleece mesh offers maximum ventilation and protects the most delicate fabrics.

2. Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

Featuring reliable, ergonomic support, the breathable mesh back and passive lumbar support release your body pressure both at home & in the office.

This chair can perfectly fit your body, and it even has an adjustable three-position lifting armrest. In addition, it has a two-position siltation locking mechanism that makes it possible to tilt the chair when you want to rest.

3. Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 5405

High-density foam is used to make the premium fabric upholstered seat cushion, which has good air permeability and comfort. The flexible backrest with mesh fabric keeps you cool and comfortable by supporting good air movement, eliminating sweating and moisture while also allowing you to focus and relax.

With three different tilts, you can adjust almost all the parts of this desk chair - you can adjust the seat height for the most suitable position with the first tilt on your right hand, adjust the tilt angle of the seat for different occasion with the middle tilt, adjust the back height for the most comfort with the third tilt. 

This office chair has a breathable mesh back, passive lumbar support, and a generously padded and contoured 4" thick mesh seat cushion, all of which promote air circulation and back support to relieve back discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.

Final Thoughts 

It is not always necessary to choose a new chair quickly. Because there are so many aspects to consider, it is a decision that demands thought and investigation. Because your decision will have an impact on your health, you should make it a top priority. This could be one of the essential contributory elements if you are often whining about back pain.

An ergonomic office chair with lumbar support will maintain your spine's natural structure, promoting proper sitting posture. You are less prone to have aches and pains if your range maintains its standard shape.

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