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May 27, 2021

The Theodore Standing Desk-48

Communication is usually two ways. One is verbal and the other is nonverbal. We speak with words to express what we think and feel and share it with another person. So this is verbal. On the other hand, we can also express what we think or feel through writing or gestures or what we call nonverbal communication. I chose to share my ideas and feelings with the latter because sometimes I run out of words to describe and say what I feel. I am sometimes lost in translation.

The Talkers

There are people who like to express their opinions and feelings verbally. They are good at that and they feel much better when they have said their piece. I think it is also a kind of relief when you could tell what exactly you feel at the moment rather than suppress your emotion for some reason.

The Writers

On the other hand, there are individuals who are happy and better at scribbling and expressing their thoughts and feelings in the written form. I am one of them. I am not a confrontational type of person who would talk lengthily to say my piece. I would rather keep silent and write my feelings on paper when I think it is the best time to pour out my emotion nonverbally.

I admire those poets of long ago who had the precious time to have a pen and paper to scribble what they felt at that very moment. So prolific that every word was written with prudence and the words synchronized with their exact meanings. For me, the poetry of the old days was written not only to express what the poet felt but also they were written to be admired and to inspire future readers. They had the privilege to write poems in their own space and time.

Today, the internet and computer technology make it possible for us to share our opinions on social media with any device that we have. Almost everyone across the globe has at least one device to send messages, write their opinions and thoughts about any situation that is going on around us. Blogging is one way of expressing one’s opinion, situation, and whatever they want to tell their audience. Social media is almost more powerful than mainstream media.

We are the Future

This is the advantage of modern life. We could use the internet and computer technology to be part of cyberspace or the global village. We can communicate with anyone at any time with someone in any part of the world. However, I chose to be more traditional in writing what I feel. I think I would rather write my ideas and feelings first on a piece of paper before I use my tablet or laptop to write my final draft. In this way, I could edit my draft on paper first, and then, the final writing would be done on the laptop or computer.

Another advantage of writing today is that there are already applications that could check on the sentences according to the grammatical rules and it is done in a jiffy. Unlike in the past, you have to read each sentence and correct the grammar of each which is more tedious and takes time to finish. And there are also suggestions on what vocabulary words are more appropriate to use in the sentences. So writing becomes easier these days. You only have to organize your thoughts or the structure of a piece of writing such as an essay, and other things such as vocabulary and grammar would come easier in the end.

When I was young, I didn’t have a nice table to write on. So, my father made a small table from a small tree so I could have a makeshift table when I did my homework and scribbled on my pad paper. I was happy and content with my small table although, at night, it was hard for me to do my school work because we did not have electricity at that time. After a few years, we got the electric power and there was light. I was ecstatic because it was bright and I could see everything around me even at night. That was memorable!

Today, we have a wide range of tables and chairs around and we could readily buy according to our needs. I am so amazed at how creative and innovative these manufacturers are in terms of producing pieces of furniture that are exactly right for our home or office use.

FlexiSpot is one company that is admirable for bringing creativity and innovation in the manufacture of home office furniture. In fact, millions of people around the world love and trust this brand because it has its own pool of engineers that plan and design products according to the company’s goals. The company has the worker in mind. So the products are designed to promote health and productivity among workers or users of its products.

For example, the  Theodore Standing Desk-48" W is my dream desk. Its features are really great and I think any user will really love to own this wonderful desk for the home and also for the office. 

● the design is a mixture of the old and modern styles combined into one. So it is classy and chic yet reminiscent of the past

● It is height adjustable, ergonomically designed

● Has a spacious storage drawer to store office supplies and other objects

● Has a built-in USB port where you can charge your devices while working

● There are only 3 (three) easy steps to follow for its installation

Is it not great to own this wonderful piece of furniture? I am sure you will be inspired to scribble while you gather your thoughts for a winning piece of a story, a poem, or the lyrics of your next song. I think all your creative juices will naturally flow freely when you have this kind of desk on your side. Why not visit the website today. It is just a click away!

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