Finesse Your Fitness At Work

April 21, 2021

Finesse Your Fitness At Work
Excelsia Tallorin

Working and sitting in front of your computer all day can have detrimental effects on your body. After all, your body is built to be up and running for the most part of the day. Sitting is meant for resting and doing this for long periods of time can take its toll on you. Before you catch wind of what is happening, it may be too late  to reverse the effects of too much sitting.

Signing up for a gym membership can be a good plan. You have your personal trainer and a workout that is meant for your body type and goals. However, not everyone has the time and budget to maintain a workout routine. The work schedules and deadlines can sometimes take over your day and you would rather rest at home.

Fortunately, FlexiSpot offers employees a wide array of ergonomic height adjustable desks and office chairs that fits everyone’s personality and necessities.

Now, you have the idea where to get the best ergonomic height adjustable desks and office chairs but what can you do to optimize your body while working? Do not sweat it! This article would provide you some helpful tips and tricks of the working trade to achieve a healthy lifestyle while working a sedentary job.

The Sitch With Stretching

First things first, before you start doing desk exercises that will exert your muscles, stretch it out to loosen the tightness you developed while working for long periods of time. This would also provide better blood circulation for your body that has been stuck in one position while you were busy concentrating at work.

With that settled, let us get stretching!

  • Shoulder Stretch

Just like stretching in the morning, go ahead and clasp your hands together while you are reaching for the office ceiling. Make sure that your palms are facing upward while you push and stretch your arms way up high. Hold this position 2 to 3 deep breaths.

  • Shoulder Rolls

Raise both of your shoulders going upwards your ears. Once you have managed to raise it, slowly roll your shoulder backward. Do this backward move three times and after you are done, repeat the procedure but this time roll to the front.

  • Finger and Wrist Stretch

Due to tremendous amounts of typing and computer based work, the finger and wrist stretch is essential for you to keep up with work and avoid the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. This move also requires you to stand up so that your spine would have a break from too much sitting. To properly do this, stand up and place both of your hands with the palms down on your FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk. Make sure that your fingertips are facing towards your body to feel more of the stretch.

Power Upwards
For the second part of your workstation workout, you will now focus on the upper part of your body. Your upper body includes your arms and shoulders which are both crucial if you are working and typing all day.

Start easy on the upper body exercises and build your strength up to do more.

  • Arm Circles

This exercise move may look quite easy to do but be warned because arm circles sure do pack a punch. Stand up and make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart. After that, extend your arms sideways at your shoulder height and move your arms as if you are trying to make small circles. Do this 20 times backward and another 20 forward.

  • Arm Pulses

To work out your triceps while stretching and give your shoulders some relief from working to hard, arm pulses is the move to do. Stand up and move your arms to your sides. Make sure that your palms are facing behind and pulse the arms towards your back while keeping them straight.

  • Prayer Pulses

Another variation of the arm pulses, prayer pulses are another way to move your pecs, biceps, and triceps. This move can also target your core and upper back which is a major win if you tend to sit and work in front of your desk all day.

To do this, put your arms forward and bend them upward in a 90-degree angle, then just pulse up! It may be that easy but you will feel the burn with this exercise move. Repeat 20 times and rest.

  • Push-Ups

While it would be ideal to do this move on the ground, we highly advise you to just do it with your sturdy Theodore Standing Desk. As much as possible, try to lessen your contact to the ground which is why an ideal way to do push-ups is with a desk. 

Start this move by taking a few steps back so that your hands are perfectly flat on your desk and spread it a little bit wider than your shoulder length. Carefully lower yourself down your desk and maintain a tight core. Then go straighten your arms but make sure that your joints are not locked to smoothly perform a desk push-up.

Get Low
Your lower half carries all of the weight of your body while sitting for an extended period of time. Which is why you must make it a point to regularly give your lower muscles some tender loving care and some office workouts if you cannot go to a gym.

  • Standing Rear Pulses

This move is fairly easy to do. You just need a robust standing desk to do this. Hold onto the edge of the desk and bend your leg backward while your foot is flexed. Raise your heel towards the ceiling for only a few inches and then release and put your foot right back behind you. For 20 to 30 reps, alternate between lifting your heel up, then pressing it back then switch sides.

  • Squats

You can do some squats even while at work because all you need to do is stand up and lower your posterior down your Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair without fully sitting down. This will keep all of your weight on the heel of your foot to exert your glutes. Repeat this 10 times and whenever you want.

  • Calf Raise

Improving your lower extremities blood flow is effortless with the calf raise. Simple stand up on your tip-toes to raise your heels and repeat 10 times.

After you have done every workout, end with another stretch session to fully refresh your muscles. These moves may not make you sweat like a pig at the gym but these are guaranteed to keep your physical as well as your mental health in good condition.

Your body is after all, a temple that you must take care of so that it would continue to serve you better. What is the use of working hard at work to have your savings if you would not be healthy enough to reap and enjoy the benefits right?

So, go ahead and work out while you are at work to finesse your fitness goals!

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