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Chairs and tables in modern office

Top 10 Office Design Ideas for 2022

Over the last few years, the working landscape has transformed and evolved so that predictions, expectations, and aspirations for what an office should look like have never been more disparate. 

young man verifying data on his computer

5 Ergonomic Design Considerations

Millions of employees have desk jobs. 

simple conference room

How to Redesign Your Conference Room on a Budget

Workplace remodeling projects are an excellent method to change a conventional office into a contemporary, up-to-date workspace with new ways of working and interacting. 

Young smart girl looking at laptop screen

10 Basic Ergonomic Design Tips to Get Started

Regardless of the industry, you work in, if you spend hours in front of the computer, you need to create an ergonomic-friendly space. 

man working on his standing desk

Design Your Flexispot Standing Desk: DIY Frames, Desktops, And Power Strips

Flexispot makes the most creative ergonomic furniture.

Bedroom with desk

Feng Shui Bedrooms with Desks: Complete Guide

Though some offices strive to develop a layout for their employees, that idea doesn't fly with many workers. 

New office style and design

Co-Working: The Evolution of New Workstyles

Coworking, as a concept, has existed for a very long time. 

home office design

9 Ways Women Can Make an Office Space Their Own

Working at an office for long hours can be exhausting! 

living room home furniture

Tips for updating your indoor/outdoor furniture

We all reach a point where we get tired of furniture in our homes. 

Colors of the Wheel

How to Match Colors for Office Aesthetics

So many people go now to Pinterest for a quick access to interior design. 

home office

5 Common Home Office Decor Mistakes And How To Fix Them

In years past, a home office was regarded as a luxury more than something people required in their houses.

employees working in a an active workplace

A Guide to Designing an Active Workplace

Spending eight hours a day in a rocky seat with your eyes glued to the screen can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. 

Colleagues working in an eco friendly office

How to Design an Eco-Friendly Office

Green initiatives that are both innovative and cost-effective can help the environment and save money in the long run. 

young man working from home.

Smart Home Office Ideas to Transform Your Space

Even if your home office is a delegated space for doing business, a nook for paying bills, or your remote working area, you are worth more than an extra chair stuffed into a corner and a metal desk. 

office workplace

How Color Affects Workplace Productivity and Mood

Ever felt tired and unproductive in your workplace? 

indoor furniture's

The 5 Biggest Indoor Furniture Do's and Don'ts

Despite architecture setting the scene and providing the framework, furniture, and interior design can strongly influence the mood and vibe of a space. 

Active office layouts

11 Active Workplace Design Suggestions

While architects and developers must consider energy efficiency while developing buildings, residents' physical well-being is also crucial.

Multiracial young creative people in modern office

Building a 21st Century Office: 2022 Modern Office Design Trends

A typical Office design in primitive days is a largely stuffed, poorly-ventilated room with a chair and table covered by papers and office appliances under the whirring of dim fluorescent lights. 

woman working on her new desk

Tips for Updating your Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

We all reach a point where we get tired of furniture in our homes. 

white home office design

Minimalist White Decorations To Spruce Up Your Home Office (2022)

Decorating your office is a personal adventure - the way your office is structured will determine how best to decorate it.

An elegant apartment interior with bed

How to Choose The Perfect Headboard: A Flexispot Guide

A headboard is among the first things you will observe when entering a bedroom. 

Happy at Work

Designing a Workstation for a Piscean in Mind

It’s that time of the year for our emotional, sensitive, and understanding Pisceans! 

office designs

Fun Office Decor Ideas for the Best Work Experience in 2022

Major key many employers out there use to unlock the potentials of their workers is by face-lifting their workplaces.

Lighting in Interior Design

Basics of Lighting in Interior Design

Lighting design for interior spaces is among the most important things that one needs to consider, yet it's frequently overlooked by do-it-yourself designers. 

Office design

Office Design Ideas

Considering how you spend most of your day in your office, it is essential that you make it look appealing, comfortable, and inviting. 

Ergonomic Office Setup

Style Guide: How Ergonomic Products Can Help You Style Your Office

Did you know working for long hours in uncomfortable positions can affect your body in more than one damaging way? 

A minimalistic office décor

Tips to Add a Splash of Color to Your Office Decor

Did you know that color has a distinct effect on people and can effective productivity and performance at work?

Ways to make the office look lively

How to Brighten Up Your Office in 16 Ways

Did you know that brightening up your office can instantly make you more productive, alert, and feel better?

Flexispot adjustable desk for workspace

Color Psychology: Choosing the Best Colors for your Workspace

Whether you’ve moved to a new workspace or are just renovating your old one, picking the right colors can make a huge difference.

Happy at Work

Designing a Workstation for an Aquarius in Mind

Aquarius season is here and it is that time of the year for the humanitarians of the zodiac! 

young woman in a small office

9 Ways to Make Your Small Office Seem Bigger

A small office space may seem nice and cozy to some of you, but it can be a cramped and claustrophobic space for others. 

Design tips for comfort room

Create the Ultimate Comfort Room with These Design Tips

The opportunity to make your home seem comfortable and distinctive is the lure that keeps us wanting to come home after work every day.

A modern living area

Redecorate Your Living Area Under $500

The living area is the most important part of the house. 

The importance of proper office lighting

The Importance of Proper Office Lighting

Lighting has been proven in many studies to significantly influence your employees' productivity, but it may also affect them in good and bad ways.

Add Some Color to Your Bedroom Walls

10 Ways to Add Some Color to Your Bedroom Walls

In recent years, timeless, safe, and minimalistic colors have become the new trend. 

an image of a chic and luxurious office

Tips to Make Your Workplace Look Chic & Luxurious

Are you tired of entering your office, only to instantly be surrounded by dull grey walls and an interior that makes you want to leave immediately?

2 employees having break

How to Brighten Up the Office During Dull Winter Days

When the days grow shorter and the weather becomes colder, many people find themselves struggling to get through the workday.

home office design

Creatives' Diary: Golden Ideas to Make Your Home Office Burst With Creativity

Designing your home office is work; making the design creatively spicy is more work. 

young woman working on her backyard

Top Backyard Office Pod Ideas for Remote Workers

A few decades ago, everyone needed to be at the office to get any productive work done. 

young man decorating the office

Putting Up Christmas Decorations Around the Office

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. 

man holding a cup of coffee

Creative Home Office Christmas Decoration Ideas

Bells jingle all the way, and the city is painted in red; oh yes! It’s yuletide season.

functional workplace trends

Comfortable and Functional Workplace Designs: 5 Up-and-Coming Trends

The current office design trends blend the beautiful with the practical in new and fascinating ways, shifting away from designs just for the aesthetic.

office designing and ergonomics

10 Office Design Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Things have moved on quite far in terms of workplace design options, away from small, simple cubicles to muted, uninspired color palettes.

young woman working from home on a winter season

Home decor ideas for a cozy home in winter

Transforming your home into a warm and cozy space for the winter is essential, even if you’re a minimalist. 

Happy at Work

Designing a Workstation for a Sagittarius in Mind

It’s that time of the year for our fiery, curious, adventurous, and life-loving Sagittarians! 

Home office setup

How to Create a Contemporary Home Office

Due to the COVID-19, an increasing number of individuals are working from home, and at-home workspaces have become an important part of most people's lives. 

Woman decorating Christmas tree on their office

Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your Workplace

With the holidays just around the corner, there is no doubt you're looking for ideas to decorate your workplace. 

Standing Desk Wonder

Why We Love Furniture with Customizable Features

All homes are different. 

Home office desk

Tips for Setting Small Offices with Limited Space

Designing the perfect office space, no matter how big or small requires a mixture of effective planning and creative touch. 

Grey and yellow themed workspace

7 Ways to Add Colors to Your Office

Are you planning to renovate and decorate your workspace?

home office

How to Build a Home Office into a Studio Apartment

Picture this. You hop out of bed in the wee hours and turn on your kettle or coffee machine. 

Office Design Color Themes

5 Office Design Color Themes and their Psychological Effect on Office Workers

If you’ve done drop-offs at a daycare center, then you’ve seen the brightly colored murals over brightly painted walls.

Office Desk With Feng Shui Principles

The Secret to Enhancing the Flow of Energy in Your Office Desk With These Feng Shui Principles

Applying feng shui to office designs has become a widespread practice in Western countries.

10 Ways to Light up a Tiny, Windowless Office

10 Ways to Light up a Tiny, Windowless Office

The first thing you look at when setting up a shop for your operation is the location.

employee working from home

5 Things to avoid when creating a wfh station

The new norm is working from home. 

woman in the mood working

15 Helpful Ways to Lift Your Mood at Work

Almost every working adult has experienced work stress at a certain time in their career. 

Tech Office Interior Designs to Encourage Productivity and Performance

Tech Office Interior Designs to Encourage Productivity and Performance

It’s been proven time and time again that physical workspaces affect a number of the factors that determine productivity.

Ways to refresh your home for Autumn

Ways to refresh your home for Autumn

In many ways, autumn is the season of change.

home office setup

Efficiently Set Up Your Home Office Even While On a Budget

Have you lately decided to work from home?

home office

6 Home Office Atmospheres to Create Your Dream Workplace

So, you have gotten used to working from your home office.

home office boho aesthetic

Desk Design Options for a Boho Office Aesthetic

The boho office style is a lovely contemporary choice for those wishing to do something different with their workstations. 

home office

Ergonomic Office Designs for Your Employees' Health

An ergonomic and creative office space will give your workplace a productivity and morale boost.

workspace personalization

Workspace Personalization Ideas for Your Office Area

It is more complicated than you might imagine to decide how to design a work desk

office area

The Best Home Office Design Ideas to Try Right Now

If you are having problems working from home, your workstation isn't set up in a way that allows you to be effective. 

Happy Halloween!

10 Halloween Decor Ideas with FlexiSpot Floating Shelves

Decorating your house for Halloween can be a fun bonding time with your family.

Workspace Aesthetics and 6 Ways to Implement It

Workspace Aesthetics and 6 Ways to Improve Them

We need a creative environment to be at our best no matter what area of business we're in. 

Out of Space for a Workstation? Try Creating a Cloffice

Out of Workspace? Try Creating a Cloffice

Turning a closet into an office is a great idea if your space is limited.

effective home office area

Figuring Out the Ideal Location for Your Work-From-Home Office

Suggestions to aid you in finding the finest spot to work from home. 

effective tips

Boost Work Efficiency with These 12 Inspiring Home Office Designs

A variety of home office ideas that will boost your productivity and morale.

8 Tips to Building a Fun and Practical Workspace

8 Tips to Building a Fun and Practical Workspace

With more individuals working at home these days, we understand the value of a well-designed home office and its impact on efficiency, productivity, and even job happiness. 

10 Ways to Making Your Home Workspace Eco-Friendly

10 Ways to Make Your Home Workspace Eco-Friendly

Tips to build a sustainable and green working environment at home.

woman working

3 Floor Plan Examples for a Home Office

Not much is required when converting unused space in your home into a home office. 

woman working

Create an Ergonomic Office Space in 7 Easy Steps

Procedures and desk arrangement ideas to quickly have your office space set up and operating for you or your employees.
effective home office

A Private Workspace at Home Made Easy

Increase your productivity and reach your goals by creating an efficient personal work area at home.

workplace design

5 Tips for Designing Your Workstation with Ergonomics in Mind

Essential ergonomic design tips for making your home office a healthy environment for you and your family.

Work Done!

Workstation Décor Tips for a Libra

Aside from Halloween just a few weeks away, October also continues the Libra season up until October 23. 

designing a tech office

Designing a Tech Office to Increase Productivity and Effectiveness

Everyone in the office will be affected by changes to the work environment.

office design

16 Simple Office Decorating Tips

A more inviting and energizing atmoshphere in the office can work wonders.

office decor

Home Office Decor Ideas for Beige Lovers

Simple neutral office ideas that provide a great unique touch of efficiency to your business.

graphic designer

A Desk Setup Guide for Graphic Designers & Producers

Workstation and designer desk setup tips to support your creative workflow and maximize your productivity.

Dead Flowers Alive

Liven up a Space with Dried Flowers

There are many different creative ways you can use dried flowers.

employee productivity

The Role of Office Furniture in Enhancing Employee Productivity

The right ergonomic furniture in the workplace can make or break your productivity levels.

8 Elements to Ginger Up Your Workspace for Fall

8 Elements to Ginger Up Your Workspace for Fall

 Create a well thought out workspace with the right ambiance at home to maximize work performance.

rustic style

Decorating Your Home and Office in a Rustic Style

Most of our time is spent in the office. As a result, one must pay close attention to the layout and design.


Set Up a Comfortable and Ergonomic Office at Home

Ergonomic furniture for your home workspace will help keep you healthy and productive.


Cubicle Decorating Ideas for a More Stylish Workplace

Having a modern and trendy workstation can improve productivity and focus and reduce stress.

computer setup

Putting Together the Ideal Desk Layout for Two Computers

Your home office should be private, pleasant, and accessible.

office design

Boost Your Concentration with Respectable Modern Décor

The appropriate choice of furniture can increase workplace efficiency and productivity. 

home office

The Ergonomic Home Office Desk Layout

Discover methods to style your home office with ergonomic furnishings and set up your workplace in a way that works.

9 Home Workspace Tips For Creativity and Productivity

9 Home Workspace Tips for Creativity and Productivity

Increase your efficiency and happiness in the workspace with these simple ideas.

desk design

5 Tips to Set Up Your Desk for Maximum Comfort

Enhance your health, well-being and comfort in the workplace with these five ideas.

The Organized Corner

Home Décor Tips for a Virgo (AKA an Organized Freak)

Unique ideas to make your home décor match your zodiac sign.

office design

Startups: Give your office a unique startup vibe (2021)

Give your office the creativity and efficiency that will set it apart.

wall design at home

The Best Wall Stickers to Spice Up Your Wall Décor (2021)

There’s nothing worse than a dull workspace; give yourself inspiration and motivation with wall stickers.

personalized desk

Personalize Your Standing Desk Design with These Easy Steps

It's everyone's dream to work in a well-designed, ergonomic workspace.


Finding Your Best Home Office Desk Position

Many remote employees are unsure of the optimal location for their home office desks. 

Ergonomically-Organized Study Room

5 Steps for an Ergonomically-Organized Room for Your Child

Ensure your child is ergonomically protected while doing their schoolwork.

Man at his work station

Tools to Grow a Passive Source of Income

Nothing worth having ever comes easy; but those that work hard will be rewarded generously.

desk makeover

Spruce Up Your Office Desk with These Tips

There are a plethora of ways to make your desk more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

work area transformation

Transform Your Work Area to Improve Your Eyesight Gradually

Tips to slowly but surely improve your vision.

Worry not about spending more on a workstation- the Motorized AlcoveRiser Standi

An Incomparable Standing Desk Converter

Taking a look at one of the finest standing desk converters on the market.

Multi-purpose room

Applying the SAID principle when Designing a Space

Using the SAID principle as a guide to interior design could promote better work performance. 

English Cocker Spaniel at Home

Transform Your Urban Space Into a Pet-Friendly Haven

Give your pet a safe and happy environment they can thrive in.

study nook

Back to School: Creating a Cozy Study Nook for Enhanced Studying

A comfortable study nook can raise your child's productivity and motivation.

white office design

9 Desk Setup Tips to Boost Your Productivity (2021)

Improve your efficiency in the workplace by following these simple hacks.


Set Up a Great Homeschool Workstation

Give your child the best home workspace without breaking the bank.

ergonomic designs

Trending Contemporary Office Designs for 2021

An effective office design has been shown to have a direct impact on business performance.

office setup design

6 Ways to Customize Your Standing Desk Workstation

Improve the aesthetic of your office with these standing desk ideas that are compatible with modern office design.

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