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Tips for a healthier way to work

Portrait of Woman with butterflies flying from her head

5 Women Who Inspire Us

There are women in the world who inspire us for many different reasons. 

International Women's Day

How to Celebrate International Women's Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the accomplishments of women around the world. 

woman smiling while having coffee

Things I'm Grateful for This 2021

This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions for most of us. 

What path to take?

A Guide on How to Make Big Life Decisions

A person goes through many crossroads in life.

going green at work

Go Green: 10 Ways to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

In the last sustainability report by Commercial Cafe, it was highlighted that states in the US are decreasing their overall use of fossil fuels.

The Height Adjustable Sewing Table is an extraordinary table inspiring you to be

Cosplay:The Subculture of the Younger Generation

Let's take a closer look at the world of cosplay.

A Win-Win Solution for your children’s academic achievement is the Height Adjust

Most Popular Education Trends in 2021

A look at some of the most modish trends that are sure to make a student more well-rounded.

The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk inspires you to achieve your academic

Food for Academic Success in the Pandemic Era

The foods you eat play a crucial role in your success in school and in life. 

Safety, functionality, durability are just some of the ways that describes the M

Live Streaming: Now Trending

Streaming live is one of the most popular contents on the internet right now.

One of the best standing desks for 2021 is the Modish Standing Desk and it’s up

The Basics of Online Selling

Starting an online business is a task that takes dedication and passion.

The rectangular desktop of  Seiffen Laminated |Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) is pack

Did You Dream About Me?

A dream as a form of wish-fulfillment can become reality if we work hard for it. 

The Modish Standing Desk is the one you’re waiting for - packed with features th

Social Media Management

Boundaries between work and play can become blurry at times.

The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk allows you to work productively without suffering

Looking Forward to the Holiday Season?

It's never to early to think about the Holiday Season; let's take a look at some Christmas and New Year traditions.

Make your wise move, own the bestseller and most economical standing desk - the

Is that a Wise Decision?

When it comes to decision-making, you need to think before you act.

It’s time for work and productivity and time to have a Modish Standing Desk that

A Great Coffee Experience

There are many benefits of coffee consumption; make sure to drink it in comfort and style.

Dare to write or  present your ideas with the Height Adjustable Whiteboard Stand

Writing: A Daunting Task

To many, writing can be very intimidating...

The Modish Standing Desk is your huge support for your smart ideas and future pl

Caring for Marine Life

The story of Flipper; the dolphin that died from a broken heart...

This Height Adjustable Sewing Table is more than meets the eye

Latchkey Kids No More

The pandemic has paved the way for many parents to be able to stay home and spend more time with their kids.

With the Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop, any activity will be smoo

Flowers for Business

Exploring the nature of flowers and how many people are able to create a lucrative business centered around them.

The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is a multipurpose chair for it allows you to

George Mueller: A Man of Great Faith

Use your ergonomic chair to read anything you want in comfort.

Physical  comfort and Mind Productivity are achievable with Accent Chair 005

Musings from Onassis

For the millennials, Aristotle Onassis may not ring a bell, but for the baby boomers, it surely will.

The  Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11 lets you listen to music

Music for the Soul

Listening to music is a universally appreciated hobby that can have a positive impact on your life.

The Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9  allows you to work or

Working From Home is Still Preferred

Working from home is something that may attract you; make sure you have the right equipment to stay healthy and productive.

The Comhar All in One Standing Desk Wooden Top 48”  allows posture corrective mo

Journaling and its Secret Benefits

There are various ways keeping a journal is beneficial for you which you are may not be unaware of.

The Fixed height Table FDI-47”W allows your creative mind to unleash great ideas

Finding Ways to Succeed

Tips to help you achieve success, whatever it means to you.

The Hand Crank  Ergonomic Sit-Stand Kids Desk/Kids Standing Desk is perfectly ma

On Teaching Children How to Read

Tips to painlessly teach your child the skill of reading.

The GoRiser Standing Desk converter ML2 will support your workspace needs even i

Tiny Homes: Would You Like to Own One?

A standing desk convertor is an essential piece of furniture if you live in or are looking to purchase a smaller home.

Whatever hobby or task you like to do, the  Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standin

On Teaching Foreign Students

A look at classroom teaching and how it is being challenged by online learning.

Changing postures while you work is a good way to be productive. You can stand a

Achieving Success

A standing desk that is comofrtable and ergonomic can give you a greater shot at success.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk makes you productive and comfortable as you do your ta

Writing Advice to Ponder

The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk is one of many products offered by Flexispot that will vastly improve your writing experience.

Why don’t you convert your working table as a coffee table such as the Willow So

Debunking Myths About Caffeine

A working standing desk can also be converted into a coffee table to help you enjoy your cup of Morning Joe.

The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk lets you sit and stand while working that reduces

A Salad Story

A simple salad preparation is all you need to maintain your body weight and to keep you leaner but healthy.

The  Upholstered Swivel Accent Chair With Wheels Rubi makes a conversation happy

Beyond Reading in the Library

An upholstered accent chair can give your office that rustic library vibe you love.

Variety and durability make this Standing Desk pro Series Extra large desktop a

Stop and Refresh with a Glass of Lemonade

Grow and be a better entrepreneur with help from Flexispot.

Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is your first step towards conquering your

Make Your Dreams Come True!

An ergonomic table can help you achieve your dreams.

flash sale customer review

FlexiSpot’s Brand Day Flash Sale: My Personal Experience

With my apt response to health-related issues, it is not surprising that I am an ergonomic workstation freak...

customer review

The shift I’m glad happened

Looking back, when I think of my adamance to board the standing desk bandwagon...


Flexispot Review: Budget-friendly Sit-stand desk.

An unhealthy remote workstation is like a ticking time bomb...


Flexilab Testing Program Review

Clients participate in the FlexiLab Testing Program, which allows them to test some of FlexiSpot's flagship products before they go live...

The Adjustable Dumbbell LCL will keep  even older people physically fit with reg

Working In Senior Years

I am a senior citizen and still working. This is not surprising...

Height Adjustable Sewing Table-Sewing Standing Desk ES9W  makes  a perfect sewin

On Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated occasions every year around the world...

Manifesting dreams with water

Believing the Law of Attraction With Water and a Standing Desk

Do you feel that sometimes you all your dreams or desires do not manifest? Do you sometimes experience a chain of unfortunate events? 

US Navy

Retired US Navy Seal

They say life begins at 40. I beg to disagree. Life begins at 60.


Pet Grooming

Today, we are talking to Stela from California.

Fun Hobbies That Help With Your Child’s Mental Health Through This Pandemic

Fun Hobbies That Help With Your Child’s Mental Health Through This Pandemic

Go pack up the kids’ crayons and books because here are some fun hobbies that you and your children can do together to help curb the loneliness this pandemic brings...


The Fall and Triumph of Vlogging for Today's Influencers

Bretman Rock, Logan Alexander Paul, Jenna Marbles

corporate working

Working from Home vs Working from the Office: Which is Better?

You are working the same hours, still facing a computer screen, sitting for long hours, and doing the same job responsibilities. 

Coping with grief and the loss of a loved one during this pandemic

Coping with grief and the loss of a loved one during this pandemic

The loss of a loved one is a universal experience that many people share all around the world...

workplace and life at home balance

10 Tips to Maintain a Better Work-Life Balance at Home

Having a hard time finding that sweet spot that lets you have more control over your life and work responsibilities?

flexiSpot story

Trusting a Caring Company Like FlexiSpot to Provide Your WFH Needs

Remember the good old days when you had to leave your house to go to your daily job...

A Fairy Tale Bedroom

A Fairy Tale Bedroom

When you were younger, your parents used to tell fairy tales that made you believe in magic. From Cinderella to Jack and the Beanstalk, you have heard them all. But now, it's time to have your own fairy tale in the bedroom...

Support For The WFH Employee

Support For The WFH Employee

Thinking of ways to show your support for your work-from-home employee? Here are a few simple tips to get started...

remote working at home

A Guide to a Better Freelancing Work Experience

Achieving a good and efficient workflow is what all workers want to have...

Office Stuff That Double As Home Furniture

Office Stuff That Double As Home Furniture

Want FlexiSpot products to look at-home and not too office? Save and refer to this guide in the future...

A mother singing a lullaby to her baby

The Benefits Singing a Lullaby while Sitting on an Accent Chair

The mother’s voice means safety for the baby. It is his refuge when he feels hungry or sleepy...


Extroverts During the Pandemic

An extrovert is someone who loves working in a dynamic, fast-paced workplace...

Community Spirit

Community Spirit

The global pandemic changed the world. It exposed weaknesses in governments and societies...


A Day in the Life of a Writer

Calvin has been a writer for ten years...

Global Pandemic

Introverts and Extroverts on Lockdown

When the global pandemic wreaked havoc on many countries, people find themselves working at home...


Traditional Working Space versus Work from Home

With the rise of the internet, the traditional workplace is changed forever...


Introducing Rube Goldberg to Kids

Kids are natural critical thinkers...

dad and daughter

How to Spend Quality Time With Children

The parent-child relationship has been greatly impacted  by working parents...

Feels Like Teen Spirit

Feels Like Teen Spirit

Parents and their teenagers can be the best of friends...


Table Activities with Young Children

When you have small children, it can become challenging to keep up with them and the kind of energy they have...

Dog Care

Double Life

Harvey’s father was one of California’s most famous lawyers...

Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

Utsukushī Basho means 'a beautiful place' in Japanese language. If you are looking for ways to inject some Japanese-inspired aesthetics to your home and workstation, then this is the right place for you...

Chiang Mai

Home Away from Home in Thailand

Andrea Battenberg worked as a digital artist for a well-known company in Thailand...

A woman sitting by the window, waiting.

Theodore Standing Desk: The Keeper of your Love Story

I can still remember sending you this message for almost a decade...

Work Space

The Importance of Having an Organized Work Space

What does your desk look like?

The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

The Best Fitness Chair

I worked in an office for more than twenty years...

Write on offline cubes

The New Online Is Here, And It Is Offline

How increasing your social currency can be your key to success

entrepreneurs are working

Lifestyle Tips for Entrepreneurs

 As an entrepreneur you need a strategy to maintain a balanced lifestyle and avoid stress.  There are several simple things that you can do to keep your mind and body healthy and to make you more productive. A better you can build a more successful business and achieve your goals.

People who are leaders have gone through many obstacles in their path of life

20 Leadership Quotes from the World's Most Influential Leaders

People who are leaders have gone through many obstacles in their path of life. It is not easy to become a leader and help others. These leadership quotes from the world’s best leaders can help you to be motivated in your life.

A business man is drawing a upward trend

5 Beliefs About Success That Are Going to Help You Fail

Having the right mindset is essential to success in anything you do in life. Having a positive mindset and belief set can help you set new goals and achieve your dreams. However, having certain beliefs or mindsets about success may set you up to fail, either in business ventures or life itself. Here are some false beliefs about success, and how you can change your mindset with knowledge and learn the truth about success.

A man wearing suit is climbing a mountain

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What do people mean when they use the phrase “work smarter, not harder”? Usually, they mean that you should make your work process more efficient by decreasing the time and effort it takes to complete a task. Here are some tips and tricks to help you perfect the process of working smarter...not harder.

A workaholic man is working in the midnight

Daily Life of a Workaholic

Most people like to get off of work on time and rejoice about their days off...but what about those people who live to work? Here are their stories. If you're a workaholic or know a workaholic, maybe you can relate.

The inspirational story about getting three best friends

The Inspirational Story of A Lone Woman

The inspirational story of a young woman who battles depression and loneliness and has to find a way to start a new life despite being lonely

A businessman is laughing with money in his hands

Do You Have the Millionaire Mindset?

So, you want to be a millionaire? Last year there were 250,000 newly minted millionaires in the United States. There are as many paths to becoming a millionaire as there are millionaires. The Internet offers countless programs and boundless opportunities to reach that goal. Financial self-help books take up entire aisles of the bookstore.But what about the people who have already become millionaires? What are the traits they share? Can you cultivate these traits in your own life and set off on the path to financial success?Let’s look at the millionaire mindset, at the ten key traits shared by millionaires all over the world.

A leader is standing on the mountain top

What Do You Consider To Be The Single Most Important Quality Of A Leader? Why?

From decades of information and knowledge, we all know that it's impossible in practice to isolate one quality from alternative qualities. The qualities of an individual are entangled in complicated ways in which we all know that quality may be represented as most significant in the abstract. However, this importance doesn't translate any validity into leadership training. Earlier, organizations would hire those leaders who had relevant management expertise. Today, they're willing to position their bets on leaders who bring entirely different skill sets to the table and use those to assist the organization to navigate the apace turbulent business atmosphere.

An employee is crying

I Bit My Lip So Hard It Bled

Every employee has been frustrated with work before. 40 hours a week, 9 to 5 each day, totally bored with life and lacking fulfillment. Stuck on the hamster wheel of life. The repetition has made many cry. Want to make a change or quit your job? Here are some stories of people just like you.

A pair of glasses and a notebook shows Small Business

4 Small Business Success Stories for New Entrepreneurs

Running a small business is interesting in that it can be both a lonely and fraternal experience.Let's take a close look at four insightful small business success stories and some of the remarkable lessons they provide to those of us who are willing to learn from the key decisions and sacrifices others have made in order to grow their business. 

A staff is crying behind a box

Have You Ever Cried at Work?

Work can be the cause of many people's stress and anxiety; if not the cause, it's usually a factor in aforementioned stress and anxiety. Therefore, it may be more normal than you think to fight back tears after making one too many mistakes at your desk or to just let go and let tears fall during a quick bathroom or lunch break. In this article, we have compiled a few work-related anecdotes that you may be able to relate to.

A woman sit in front of a laptop

The Grueling Work to Success of A Start-up Company Employee

A start-up company employee tries to get promoted by maintaining a high quality of work and showing dedication in the face of adversity.

A walking entrepreneur in front of the door

5 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started With No Experience But Made Sure They Got It

Some entrepreneurs become successful only after doing well in another career: Maybe they mastered work as a consultant or an executive officer and used the skills they acquired to build their own enterprise.

5 success stories of entrepreneurs who started with no experience but made sure they got it

a woman with her smiling face

Self-Improvement: How To Boost Motivation

Find the motivation within yourself with these easy lifestyle changes.

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