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Tips for a healthier way to work

man drafting to make a standing desk

How to Make a DIY Standing Desk

Do you spend hours at a time sitting at your desk?


Mini Pizza

Having movie night at home with friends or family but can’t quite think of a fun snack idea that you can all share?

boss saying thank you signage

11 Employee Appreciation Ideas for Remote Workers

Keep your employee morale and motivation high while they are working from home.

Ready to Vlog

Exploring the Era of Vlogging

With a snap of a finger, you can access anything and everything online.

magic trick

Flexispot Magic Tricks #2: How to become a millionairess

Time to become Millionaire!

A sure fire hit as gift for a child returning to school is the Modish Standing D

Is Your Child Ready to Return to School?

Back-to-school is right around the corner; make sure your child is prepared.


Flexispot Magic Tricks #1: Trap the Coin

Is it possible for a coin to across through the glass? Let's see...

The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk will inspire children to study with i

Child Readiness for School

 A child’s preparedness for school is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Halloween Ideas for the Workplace 2021

Halloween Ideas for the Workplace 2021

Get together with your coworkers, celebrate, and have a fun time this Halloween.

Standing Desks Make the Best Gaming Desks: Here’s Why

Whether you are a professional or recreational gamer, a standing desk is a necessary upgrade for your setup. 

11 Easy and Fun Paper Plates Crafts For Kids

11 Easy and Fun Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Paper plates are a great craft source for kids because they are abundant and cost-effective.

Fostering a Student’s Creativity with FlexiSpot

Fostering a Student’s Creativity with FlexiSpot

Having a naturally artistic child is a blessing that should be explored further.

Power of Social Media

The Impact of Social Media

Exploring the effects and the pros and cons of using social media.

Effective Communication in the Workplace: Why and How

Effective Communication in the Workplace: Why and How

The importance of employee communication in the workplace and how to improve it.

Me and My Beagle

Having Pets in the Workspace

Do you love pets?

Unleash Your Artistic Prowess With A DIY Art Studio At Home

Unleash Your Artistic Prowess with A DIY Art Studio at Home

You'll be making art from the comfort of home in no time with these home art studio design ideas.

The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk is one smart choice for learning and

Fun Activities at Home Sans Mobile Devices

Get off your phone and enjoy life with the family the old fashioned way.

Back To Distance Learning 2021: Ergo Study Space

An Ergonomic Study Space for Kids

An ergonomic workplace minimizes discomfort and the risk of injury. 

11 Skills You Can Upgrade Through Video Games

11 Skills You Can Upgrade Through Video Games

Video game skills can be critical for successful decision-making in business.

Coffee and Books

On a Desk Bike, Reading Your Favorite Coffee Table Book

I love bookstores. 

Movie Popcorn Night

All You Need for the Perfect Family Movie Night

Going to the movie theater, trying to the drive-in cinema for the first time, or watching a movie while having a picnic on the grass sounds even more thrilling during these times.

Ergonomic Convenience for the Studious Student

Flexispot Ergo Chairs are the Best Choice for Young Learners

Exploring reasons why the design and features of these ergonomic chairs will benefit your child.

modern daming desk

Invest in a Black Modern Gaming Desk Setup

Enhance your desk set up as a gamer or game developer with furniture and accessories that allow you to win with a black desk gaming setup. 

Vlogging at Home

Is Content Creation a Real Job?

Many have questioned the legitimacy of digital content creation as a professional job.

father and his children

11 Easy Play-Learn Activities for Children

They say that every home is a child’s first school.

Methods and Aspects of Effective Workplace Meetings

Methods and Aspects of Effective Workplace Meetings

Effective meetings are one method of addressing and resolving issues in any institution, not just a business. 

Woman Reading

8 Tips to Read Books Again

Rediscover the magic of reading by following these 8 simple steps.


What Makes Teamwork So Important in the Workplace?

The importance of cooperation cannot be overstated, as it can increase a company's overall success. 

Ergonomic Quality Time with The Kids

5 Ways to Enjoy Child-Care Tasks in 2021

Child-care tasks made fun and easy.

How Learning and Studying With Pets is Helpful to Students

How Learning and Studying With Pets is Helpful to Students

Animals give a rich sense of connection, and a wide range of species, including cats, dogs, fish, birds, and horses, have assisted many individuals in coping mentally with the pandemic. 

Teaching Tips To Keep Students Engaged While Distance Learning

Teaching Tips To Keep Students Engaged While Distance Learning

Distance learning has become more widespread during the present period of social distancing induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make-up and perfume

Vanity Station Essentials

The ultimate vanity station checklist has arrived.

A Happy Family of Four

How to Spend More Quality Time with the Family

The entire family will benefit from spending quality time together.

Build Your Teen's Study Area in 2021

Build Your Teen's Study Area in 2021

A guide to creating a stylish and ergonomic workstation your teen can be proud of.

The Fun-Filled Web-based Learning

3 Awesome Gaming Chairs That Make Studying Fun

These chairs will turn any study session into a good time.

The High Five of Success

4 Ways to Strengthen Employer-Employee Relations this Pandemic

Ideas to help grow the bond between management and their personnel, for the benefit of all.

The Kid’s Mathematics Anxiety

4 Ways to Encourage Students To Love Math

It turns out mathematics are nothing to be scared of...

Motivate your child to study on a big desk such as the Standing Desk Pro Series-

A Fun Way to Make Your Own Face Mask

Show off your creativity by making your own personalized face mask.

First-Day-Of-School Activities To Try This School Year 2021

First-Day-Of-School Activities To Try This School Year 2021

As soon as you see those colorful back-to-school signs appear at your local stores, summer officially ends around August. 


Why a Phased Return to Work Plan Works

Developing a proper return-to-work strategy is crucial for success.

Resist Becoming A Hermit When Working From Home

Resist Becoming a Hermit When Working from Home

Being too at ease as a remote worker might be harmful to your health and social life.

nature and productivity are at their best with the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

The Importance of Play During Child-Parent Interaction

Play positively affects the the total development of a child.


Flexispot Magic Trick #5: The Naughty Egg

Keep your eyes on it. Have you see where the egg go?

Standing Desk Types and Advantages for Educators

Standing Desk Types and Their Advantages for Educators

There is a plethora of benefits that standing desks have to offer when presenting to your class. 

5 Tips to Establish a Connection with Your Child

5 Tips to Establish a Connection with Your Child

It takes tremendous work, love, and time to be the parent that your child deserves.

Woman Vlogging

Pursuing the Vlogging Dream: Home Setup Must-Haves

The workspace essentials for every aspiring vlogger.

Back-To-School Success Planning in 11 Ways

11 Tips for Successful Back to School Planning

11 ideas to ensure your child's transition back to the classroom is a successful one.

online studies

10 Advantages Distance Learning Can Offer College Students

Reap the benefits of online learning by improving your productivity and focus.

Reading and Your Child: The Standing Desks for Young Readers

Reading and Your Child: The Standing Desks for Young Readers

Reading is one of the most cardinal aspects of learning. 

gaming desk

Reasons Why Your Gaming Desk Should Be a Standing Desk

What makes a standing desk an ideal gaming solution, and what to look for when purchasing one.

Active Sitting for School in 2021: Why, What, and How

Active Sitting for School in 2021: Why, What, and How

Whether in the classroom or workplace, active sitting is a beneficial habit worth keeping.


Tips for Students to Stay Focused when Learning Remotely

Learn how to concentrate and remain motivated when studying at home.

13 Tips On Teaching Your Child Backpack Organization

13 Tips to Teach Your Child Backpack Organization

Learning to move items efficiently between school and home is a lasting organizational habit.

Video Gaming

How to Earn Money from Online Video Gaming

Buckle up because it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. 

Study at Home with FlexiSpot

Study at Home with FlexiSpot

It is crucial for every parent to create a home study setup for their child where they can thrive.

10 Ideas to Promote Active Learning in Class

10 Ideas to Promote Active Learning in Class

Implement these strategies to make lessons more meaningful and enhance data retention among your students.

7 Ways To Get Your Kid To Study Better

7 Ways to Get Your Kid to Study Better

Assist your child in developing studying practices that will be crucial for their academic success.

Go with the bestseller- the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Study: Homework Affects Parent-Child Relationship

Does homework strengthen the bond between parent and child?

Why You Should Let Your Employees Do Remote Work

Why You Should Let Your Employees Work From Home

A list of compelling reasons for allowing your employees to work remotely.

11 Ways to Foster Independence in Your Child

11 Ways to Foster Independence in Your Child

Our children may be reliant on us today, but they will grow up to be self-sufficient doers and thinkers.

Working Out Together

10 Specific Hobbies to Try as a Working Parent

Having a hobby can benefit your life in a multitude of ways.

10 Red Flags Of An Untrustworthy Leadership

10 Red Flags Of An Untrustworthy Leadership

Every employee is aware that your immediate boss sets the tone for your professional relationship.

Workplace Personality Types: Who and How To Manage Them

Workplace Personality Types: How to Manage Them

Boost workplace efficiency by appropriately accomodating different personality types.

Woman Dancing

Shut Up and Dance

If this doesn't get you to dance, nothing will.

Scrapbooking Tools

Best Tips and Ideas for Your Scrapbooking Hobby

Tips to beautify your scrapbook and ideas for the memories you want to document. 

The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk is your pathway to academic success

Ways to be a Highly Effective Student During the Pandemic

A guide to maximizing your academic potential.

Delight Your Workers From Home With Online Team Building 2021

Delight Your Work From Home Employees with Online Team Building (2021)

A sense of teamwork ensures that your virtual team can blend their talents and strengths together and respect one another. 

The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) will make your  desk activities

Parent-Child Interaction: Does It Matter?

How much of an influence do parents have on their child’s academic achievements?

At-Home Travel Boys

6 Fun Ways to Travel While at Home

Travel the world without needing to leave the comfort of your abode.

Keep Your Children Interested While Online Learning With These Tips

Keep Your Children Interested While Online Learning With These Tips

Many children are beginning the school year, in the same manner, they finished it: on a computer monitor. And the majority of them aren't happy about that.

The Studious Bright Kid

Optimizing Reading and Vocabulary Drills with FlexiSpot

Aid your child's learning by giving him access to the right equipment.

Eating together

Dissecting the Culture of Eating Together

You don’t have to speak the same language to share and eat together. 

Painted Hands

Painting ideas for you and Your Kid to Bond

Most parents start their kids young with arts. 

Siblings in Disagreement

How Parents Can Mitigate a Rivalry Between Siblings

A guide to lessening the frequency and the impact of arguments between siblings.

A Grateful Kid

Four Ways to Teach Your Kids to Say Thank You

Being able to understand their gratitude will help kids be more grateful and appreciative of others.

Yawning Woman

How to Pull Off Another All-Nighter

Sometimes, an all-nighter is simply unavoidable.

Give Back To Your Team: Fun Fall/Autumn Activities

Give Back to Your Team: Fun Autumn Activities

A little Autumn cheer could be greatly beneficial to your workforce.

The Parent’s Guidance

3 Ways to Guide Your Child During Study Time

Make sure to invest in the right products to develop and sustain your child's talents.

Better Together

How to Make the Accountability Buddy System Work

It’s getting harder to stay on track with one’s life goals because distractions are everywhere. 

8 Easy Ways to A Happier, More Productive Workplace

8 Steps to a Happier, More Productive Workplace

Happy employees are much more effective than those who are dissatisfied.

remote work

10 Ways Businesses Can Support Parents Who Work from Home

Tips to give your remote employees the help and support they need.

The Best Ergonomic Protection for the Best Educators

4 Reasons to Smile as a Teacher this 2021

Enjoy teaching at its finest with a little help from FlexiSpot.

The Smile of The Young Genius

5 Ways to Improve Your Child's Cognitive Abilities

An ergonomic standing desk and chair can help your child develop and sustain a good cognitive ability. 

Virtual Meeting Etiquette Everyone Should Know

Virtual Meeting Etiquette Everyone Should Know

Working from home came with a number of perks and advantages for people, the biggest one of them being getting rid of commuting from home to work every morning. 

The Active Academic Learners

The 4 Best Ergo Products to Buzz Up School Year 2021

You might need a little help for the upcoming school year.

Play time

Six Ways to Teach Your Kid to Say Sorry

Your child’s early development is crucial in determining what their values will be when they grow up. 

Professor at Work

Building Academic Integrity in the Online Classroom

Tips for teachers to encourage a high level of ethical standards during school time.

Go, Team Ace, Go!

The Roaring Lion in You: Ways to Lead Your Team

The global pandemic hit all the businesses almost rock bottom. 

online webinar

Tips for a Successful Webinar or Conference Video Call

A guide to having the perfect virtual meeting.


Flexispot Magic Trick #4: The Burning Rose

Love is a flame that burns with sacred fire.

Are These Prevalent At Work? Poor Management

Are These Prevalent at Work? Poor Management is the Culprit

If you're not sure what's causing your performance to suffer, here are a few red flags to check.

Plants in the Workspace

Growing Indoor Plants: Why, What, Where, How?

The popularity of indoor plants has taken an upward trend as more and more people realize their benefits.

Say Cheese!

Reasons to Pick up a Film Camera Today

You might say why go film when everything is already digital nowadays?

Babies and Dogs

6 Ways Kids and Pets Can Live in Harmony

Let's learn how to create a safe space for your child and your pet to get along.

Modern Dating

Everything You Need to Know About Modern Dating

A guide to help you find that significant other you are always dreaming of.

A man playing online game

6 Gaming Products to Take Your Gaming Session to Next Level

If you're going to get the most out of your gaming experience, you should have proper gamepads, mousepads, keyboards, chairs, headphones, and so on. 

 Work Set-up

10 Easy-to-Follow Productivity Hacks

Improve your efficiency and commit to a more disciplined workflow with these simple tips.


Flexispot Magic Trick #3: The Moving X

With this magic pen, you can move the written word with your finger...

Happy Employees: Why and How Sans A Raise

Happy Employees: Why and How Sans A Raise

There's more to running a company than periodic income statements and accounting reports.

young woman on a gaming desk and chair

Ergonomic Products to Level Up Your Gaming Setup

While many casual gamers may choose to sit on their couches for a session, those who spend hours playing their favorite games require something a little more ergonomic. 

Fashion Design

How to Prepare for Fashion Design School

A list of things to look out for if you're about to attend a fashion program.

office workmates having fun in the office

Musical Chairs and Other Fun Office Games for Christmas!

These days, job satisfaction matters as much as the size of the paycheck. 

Woman in Fashion

How to Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand from Home

The fashion industry, amid the pandemic, has become even more heartless to its laborers and to the planet.

Potted Vegetables

Why Urban Gardening is Worth the Try

There are numerous health benefits as well as economic and environmental reasons to grow your own food.

Woman Journaling

7 Bullet Journal Ideas to Start this Pandemic

Bring positivity back into your life during these uncertain times with the art of bullet journaling.

Learning and Active Sitting in School: 7 Benefits

Active Sitting in School: 7 Benefits

Active sitting has been shown to enhance a student's ability to engage and interact more efficiently in class. 

Working dad at home

8 Gift Ideas for Work-at-Home Moms and Dads

Traditionally, work-at-home moms dominated the remote work arrangement for quite some time, but things changed overnight amidst the pandemic. 

Thoughts become Things

The Power of Manifesting

A look at the significance of manifestation in our daily lives, and how to achieve our dreams.

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