Last Man Standing

May 27, 2021

 Fatigue and Exhaustion will never be a problem with a Standing Desk Anti-Fatigu

Do you like cooking? I am sure you do. Even if you don’t like doing it, YouTube has thousands of videos that will entice you to cook and later on teach you how to cook like a pro. From the simplest dishes to the most intricate and difficult to cook dishes, you name the dish and cook it. Everything is possible even in cooking. We can be culinary experts without having formal training or certificate to guarantee that we have the necessary skill to reign in the kitchen.

My cousin loved to cook even when he was small. They say genes matter. Maybe. His mom was a kitchen cook when he was young. He liked all the food that his mom brought for him. During weekends, his mom cooked his favorite dish especially when he got high grades in school. It was the most-awaited part of the week for him. His mom never got tired of cooking for the family because this was her forte and she loved it. 

When my cousin John was in college, he dropped out to pursue his dream of becoming a chef in a hotel or in a tourist luxury liner. He was determined to succeed and achieve his dream. He enrolled in a small culinary school in the city and he was so excited to see his dream coming true shortly. Well, if you are really resolved to reach success, then I think you will be able to conquer it. 

True enough, he finished the course for two years, got his certificate as a cook but not yet as a chef. Unfortunately, his mom died before he graduated so it was the lowest ebb of his life. His mom was his inspiration and he dreamed of one day showing his diploma to his mother to make her proud of him. He was devastated yet, he knew he had to move on with his life.

He successfully passed the rigid test for the kitchen cook position in a big hotel and he was very happy. The first day was tough because it was already on-the-job training and he was kind of overwhelmed by just being inside the big huge kitchen and all the things in it. On the other hand, he was very happy to be a kitchen cook trainee. Some of the responsibilities he had to do were:

● Preparation of the meals as instructed.

● Preparation of a part of a major meal

● Assisting in the preparation of several parts of a major meal

● Preparation of the first meal of the day (breakfast)

● Cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment

● Reporting for any repair and maintenance needed

● Collecting store items as necessary from the main kitchen

● Assisting other stations as required by the Chef de Partie

● Performance of others tasks as may be assigned by the supervisor

Days and weeks had passed and the more John worked hard in the kitchen, the more he enjoyed being a part of the team. He was really determined to hone his culinary skill and working in that hotel was the best time for him to do that. He had a nagging dream of getting to the top.

John’s co-trainees became his friends and they were solid as a team, helping each other as much as possible so that nobody was left behind. After 8 (eight) weeks of culinary training, John passed together with his co-trainees. They were ecstatic as each one had a big dream of becoming a full-fledged chef one day. 

Years went by and there was no dull moment for John in the kitchen. He became a junior chef in the hotel assisting the more experienced chefs that exposed him more to the culinary world.

After 2 (two) years of dedicated work, he got another promotion as a Station chef of chef de Partie. With this promotion, he was able to hone his culinary skills as his position title required him to cook the meals to be served to the customers and hotel tenants.

  He was assigned to the station where he cooked different kinds of meat. By this, he was able to learn more about cooking and he was hoping to be assigned to another station to be able to learn more about cooking different dishes made of fish, vegetables, and also preparing different types of sauces.

After a year, his wish came true. He was again assigned to cook fish and sometimes vegetables when he had to pitch in for another Station chef. Years went by and his successive promotions enabled him to be financially stable and he had hoped that someday he would have his own family. He thought of applying for another job for greener pastures. 

 On the other hand, his sense of loyalty prevailed and he was thinking that the hotel he was working at forgave him all the opportunities to accomplish his dream. He set that plan of transfer aside and continued to be an exemplary chef in the kitchen. 

By the time he was 50, he achieved his dream of reaching the top of his career. He became the Executive Chef in the hotel. His friends were still around to back him up and to help him whenever he needed them. In return, he advised them to work harder like him and to enjoy their job, and be inspired. In doing so, the promotion will not be far behind. 

As he was getting old but happy in his chosen career, he already felt some back pains so easily exhausted that he became worried about it. Although he no longer cooked as an Executive Chef, he still had to be in the kitchen to oversee his staff and manage them appropriately. Standing for hours in the kitchen took its toll. He experienced some pain in the back and he was easily exhausted standing for long hours. 

 It was a good thing that he was able to purchase a fatigue mat from FlexiSpot. The Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1 was able to reduce exhaustion and fatigue while using this wonderful product from FlexiSpot. It had a magical power! At the end of the day, he was the last man standing.

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