Ergonomic Advice

design of the office

The Importance of Natural Light in Office Design

Natural light is essential for your health and productivity in the office.

Changing old office chair

How to Pick the Right Office Chair for Your Workstation

A good office chair will help improve your productivity and your health.

seating reclined

Is it Safe for Your Back and Neck to Sit in a Reclined Position?

The proper way to recline in your ergonomic chair.

office body strains

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Prevalent Workplace Ergonomic Injuries Edition

Educate yourself on and prevent common office injuries, because prevention is the best cure.

office desks

Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Standing Desk

Avoid these errors when working on your standing desk.

standing desk

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk is Perfect for You

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk is an ideal desk for all situations.

desk organization

How to Personalize Your Workstation

Show off your personality by making your workspace truly yours.

creative block

Struggling With Creative Block? Take a Look at These Tips

An excellent guide an overcoming your creative block.

standing desk

Why the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL is Right for You

The Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL is an ideal standing desk for your home or office.

office work environment

10 Psychological Techniques to Revolutionize Workflow

A guide to being more productive and effective in your personal workspace.

worker’s health

A Few Ways to Stay Healthy While Stuck At Work

Stay healthy and fit while at work with these simple tips.

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

The Vici Duplex Standing Desk is What You've Been Waiting For

The Vici Duplex Standing Desk is a convenient, stable and easy-to-adjust desk perfect for your every need.

minimalist office

10 Reasons Why Minimalism Has Grown to be a Global Trend

Minimalism is a fantastic aesthetic that can be applied at home or in the office.

 monitor stand

Working With a Monitor Stand

A monitor stand and storage organizer can greatly enhance your productivity in the office.

The Vici Duplex Standing Desk will keep your body in shape through exercises in

Health Regimen in the Office

Take care of your body by have a health regimen in the office and investing in a standing desk.

ergonomic equipment

Why Does Investing in Ergonomic Furniture Save Money?

Though ergonomic furniture may be pricier, you to gain from this investment in the long run.

desk exercises

How to Squeeze in a Workout While at Your Desk

Exercising in the office can greatly impact your health in a positive way.

Moving at work

Stretches to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Stretches, complimented with a standing desk, will prevent back pain in the office.

Workplace distractions

How to Boost Work Productivity by Reducing Digital Distractions

Constantly being distracted by technology will drastically reduce your productivity in the office.

office environment

How Should Hybrid Work-from-Home Employees Handle Time Pressure?

Follow these tips to more effectively handle time pressure when working from home.

Work relationships

Increase Productivity by Developing Positive Work Relationships

A healthy relationship with your colleagues will vastly improve productivity at work.

Team communication

Five Communication Skills for Dealing with Conflict in Your Team

Follow these tips to properly deal with disagreements in the office.

physical movement

Simple Workplace Exercises to Boost Your Productivity

Simple exercises to do in the office should be an essential part of your work day.

office camaraderie

The Relationship Between Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

A comfortable, healthy and happy employee will result in much higher productivity from them.

standing desk

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Standing Desk for Your Workstation

Get informed crucial on what is crucial when purchasing a standing desk.

work environment

The Characteristics of the Optimal Office Chair

These are the things to look for in an ideal ergonomic office chair

Work exercise

Get That Blood Pumping and Burn Those Calories With a Standing Desk

Get fit with a standing desk in the office.

Benefits of Placing Cactus on Floating Shelves

In other countries, there is a popular belief that putting cacti inside the house could bring bad luck because of its thorns...

Monitor Stand Workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W

Is the Monitor Stand Workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W the Best Fit for Your Work-From-Home Setup?

Did you know that the way you plan or set up your home office has an impact on how productive you are?

 A Blue Home Office

The Best Tricks & Products to Make Your Small Office Appear Bigger

Are you ready to design a home office you love but worry about having sufficient space?

 A laptop in the outdoors

Best Productivity Hacks for Digital Nomads

Procrastination at the office or home is common, but it is quite impossible to shrug the feeling if you’re a digital nomad...

Healthy eating habits when working from home

6 Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt When Working from Home

Since most of us are still working from home...

Body stiffness caused by poor workstation

Ergonomic Home Office Setup for Avoiding Back Pain at Work

Spending most of your time at home can be taxing, especially if you are working at home...

Working Employee

Safeguard Your Back from Injuries with an Ergonomic Home Office

Setting up your home or office in an ergonomic fashion is an excellent way to prevent back problems.

ergonomic office desks

Standing Desk vs. Sitting Desk: Which is Better?

A standing desk can improve your productivity and health both inside and outside the office.

Ergonomic Office

Office Chair Ergonomic Features for Short People

People of a smaller stature need an office customized to their needs.

better work environment

Create a Comfortable Work Experience with an Anti-Fatigue Mat

All sorts of joint and muscle discomfort and stiffness can be prevented with an Anti-Fatigue Mat.

7 Simple Standing Desk Workouts to Try Right Now

Hurrah! You’ve finally bought your standing desk, finished your workstation setup, and now all you have to do is figure out which standing desk workouts would be beneficial for you.

If back exercises don’t work to alleviate the unbearable pain in your back, then you’ll need another alternative – perhaps incorporating work and workout together. Now that doesn’t sound like much of a bad idea, isn’t it? According to a study, women aged 50 and above who spend sitting most of the time are more susceptible to developing symptoms of cardiovascular disease, and that goes even with the younger generation due to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you really care for your heart, then a conscious effort, from the way you eat and allotting time for exercise would be of great help.

With more employees having to embrace the work-from-home setup, there is more time to take care of their overall health. Since a sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect on our health, we’ll give you seven simple standing desk workout you can do while working at a standing desk.

 1. March in Place

The road to a he

Productivity Setup

How to Maximize WFH Comfort Using FlexiSpot Equipment

When it comes to working from home, you are exposed to different factors that may affect your productivity.

A freelancer is working at home

A Definitive Guide to Building a Successful Freelance Writing Career

Building a career as a freelance writer comes with many guidelines that will help you achieve tremendous success. It is important to understand and deploy essential tools such as a freelance writing website to your advantage to get all the leverage you need over your competitors.

By deploying the right tools, while writing, your writing quality greatly increases over time and you'll be on your way to a successful freelance writing career.   


The Fall and Triumph of Vlogging for Today's Influencers

Bretman Rock, Logan Alexander Paul, Jenna Marbles

working using a standing desk

Invest in a Standing Desk Now!

A standing desk can help you be more healthy and more productive in these uncertain times.

proper chair cleaning

Five Simple Steps To Properly Clean Your Office Chair

Here are five easy steps to make sure your office chair stays clean and hygenic.

sitting office worker

Is Cross-Legged Sitting in a Chair Not Ergonomically Sound?

Sitting cross-legged may be a health hazard.

Take care of your home office equipment

How to Properly Maintain your Workplace Essentials

Simply transforming an area of your house into an ergonomic workplace should not be the end of the whole dynamic setup...

Real Vibe of the Desk Bike Music: Mozart or Nicki

You’re reshuffling your playlist on Spotify. It’s the start of a busy work day and you’re really looking for something that could fuel you up...

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Know the Easy and Best Way to Clean a Mesh Office Chair

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to clean a mesh office chair.

Picture Perfect Workstation

Picture Perfect Workstation

Loving the aesthetically-pleasing workstations you see all over your social media feed? Click on to know how you can achieve  it the workspace of your dreams!

work environment

Tips to Consider on How to Efficiently Use a Small Office Space

Not all offices offer a big space where an employee can roam around freely and work without limitations.

 work environment office chair

Reasons Why an Uncomfortable Office Chair Affects Workers Productivity

If you find yourself sitting for long hours in front of your computer, you need a proper chair to support your body. 

Sleek and stylish workstation

Elevating the Sleek Ambiance of your At-Home Workstation (Duplicated)

It is time to douse your at-home workstation with a sleek aesthetic.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Getting the best standing desk bike with the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

When working in an office, the last thing on your mind is getting some exercise. You’re there to make a living and not doing something about your health. In fact, about 95% of office workers said they don’t have the time to do any exercise because of the workload.

Sleek and stylish workstation

Elevating the Sleek Ambiance of your At-Home Workstation

It is time to douse your at-home workstation with a sleek aesthetic.

bamboo desk

Ways to Fuse Nature into your Workspace

Knowing that you have many things that you have to accomplish in a tight schedule, you turn to your home as your refuge.


The Best Way to Disinfect Your Office Workspace

While sanitization and cleanliness have always been important, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the process more frequent and methodical...

Home Office Décor

The Ultimate Colorology Guide for Home Offices

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions forcing a large number of people to work from home, home offices have become more popular than ever...

woman with back ache

Transform Your Office Environment Into a More Ergonomic Setup

Whether you are working in the office or at home, it is crucial to incorporate ergonomics into your work setup...

woman with back ache because of her office chair

Indications That Tell You Might Have to Upgrade Your Current Workstation Chair

You rely on your body for a variety of activities in your life, so you should think carefully about your life choices especially when it comes to adding physical activity into your daily routine...

 A dog and a man

Work from Home with Pets: How to Create a Cozy Corner for Your Furry Friends?

Back in the days when you worked from your office, you may have gotten used to mild interruptions such as colleagues knocking on your door...

Working from Home

Work from Home Like a Pro

WFH or work from home is not a new concept. For years, employees and freelancers are permitted to work at home...

Remote workers

How to Focus When Remote Work is Stressful

It is hard to accomplish your to-do list when you have a lot of things going on and you cannot muster the strength you need to do so...

drafting table

Drafting Tables: Benefits, Considerations, and the Height-Adjustable Type

If you work in architecture, engineering, or the creative arts, drafting tables is undoubtedly part of your workspace...

work from home

Myths (and Truths) About Working From Home

Since 2005, the number of employees working from home has increased by 140 percent...

work motivation

10 Motivating Ideas to Stimulate Your Morning

Starting the day with the right mindset increases the chances of you conquering your day with positive vibes...


Productivity Tips for Freelancers in Quarantine

Being a freelancer must take the skill and determination to strive hard and land clients...

Impact of technology

How Technology Has Changed for People Working from Home

Whether looking for a new skill to learn or searching for the information or guide you need online...

Home Office

How to Stay Healthy Despite Your Busy Schedule

When we have a lot of things to do for work, we tend to pore over every task and spend hours and hours sitting and not thinking about anything else until we’re done with our goals...

Working from Home

How to be Super Productive at Home

Let’s face it, most of us are stuck at home. However, thanks to the internet, we still have jobs...

Sedentary job

How to Improve Your Sedentary Work Experience

So, you want to do something about your health now instead of waiting until the last minute to try and fix the problem...

Ergonomic Chairs

An Ergonomic Guide for Sitting While Working from Home

Working to provide for ourselves and our family is in itself already a challenge...

An antique secretary desk

Ergonomics for a Secretary Desk

A secretary desk, also known as an escritoire, is made of a base of wide drawers topped by a desk with a hinged desktop surface...

A person taking a break on an ergonomic chair for home

Using ergonomic chairs for home office setup

Almost every office worker is working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Standing Desk

Recharge Your Physical & Mental Health With a Standing Desk

Sitting for 10 hours while working from home is not the best way to spend your day...

father and child

Simple and Fun Play-Learn Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

School isn't the only place where people can learn. You are your child's mentor while they are at home...

 bedroom office

Tips for When Your Home Office is in Your Bedroom

Working from home has many advantages, including no travel time, fewer interruptions...

Children studying in a loft bed with a desk

Want to have fun while studying or working? Get a loft bed with a desk!

The world pandemic has forced people to stay in their homes to work and study for the children...

Working in a standing desk

Factors That Help You to Buy the Best Standing Desk

Take action now and keep your work-from-home experience comfortable and efficient...

Work from home

Working from Home with Kids? Here's How to Stay Productive

While many have already received a dose of the vaccine or two, COVID-19 is still very much everywhere...

Moving At Home

Effective Ways You Should Know to Stay Active at Work

Staying active every day can be difficult for those who work in a sedentary setting...

Working from home

5 Bad Work From Home Habits You Need to Break

Let's face it, working from home is our new normal. Given this pandemic...

The Theodore Standing Desk-48

Indoor Environment and Productivity

It is normal to see employees working inside an office building. Today, it is still normal even though we still have the pandemic...

Comparison of a bunk bed against a loft bed with a desk

Bunk Bed vs. Loft Beds with Desk

There seems to be a common misunderstanding in regards to what a bunk bed and loft bed is...

Children studying in a loft bed with a desk

Loft bed with desk

Want to have fun while studying or working? Get a loft bed with a desk!

Make working from home while parenting easier

Parenting 101: How to Master Working from Home with Kids?

While the world adjusts to the “new normal,” parents working from home juggle through conference calls and emails around noisy kids...

home office

Furniture Design and Work Efficiency

There are several factors that contribute to an employee’s work efficiency...

Children homeschooling

How to Set up an Ergonomic Study Desk for Your Children

For several reasons, virtual learning can be difficult for children, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult on their bodies as well...

Work From Home

5 Working-From-Home Tips to Keep You Healthy and Energized

Whether working from home has you sitting all day or just feeling more tired than normal, you need to reinvigorate your body to help you be the best you can be...

office ergonomics

5 Most Common Ergonomic Issues & Solutions for Them

If you continue to carry on with your uncomfortable office setup at home, you might be closer to experiencing work-related health issues...

lower back

The Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B: Why It Should Be in Your Workstation

Low back pain is among the common occupational health-related risks among office workers...

A Short Guide for an Ergonomic Desk Set-Up

A Short Guide for an Ergonomic Desk Set-Up

Now that you are working remotely, it is important to adhere to an ergonomic office to keep your physical and mental health in top shape...

Ergonomic Wobble Stool vs Ergonomic Office Chair: Which One Should You Get?

Ergonomic Wobble Stool vs Ergonomic Office Chair: Which One Should You Get?

These two seats may be worlds apart but both offer more benefits than a traditional chair. But which one should you get?

Design of the Home Bar

The DIY-Mini Bar with a Wobble Stool

The quality of life that everyone of us has these days has changed drastically. 

Close Check

Cleaning the House and Standing Desk: Should it Be Excessive or Timely

Do you find yourself cleaning the same spot on a standing desk over and over? How do you find the littlest spot on the desk?

Manifesting dreams with water

Believing the Law of Attraction With Water and a Standing Desk

Do you feel that sometimes you all your dreams or desires do not manifest? Do you sometimes experience a chain of unfortunate events? 

Improper Posture

Improper Posture Can Get the Best of You

It takes more than just standing up straight to look your best to have good posture.

Stress and Anxiety

How Stress and Anxiety Can Wreak Havoc to Your Life When Left Unattended

The hustle never stops. Every day we are faced with numerous challenges and activities...

accent chair

Interior Design with an Accent Chair

Do you find your living room dull and uninteresting?

anti-fatigue solutions

What You Should Consider When Buying Anti-Fatigue Mats

Without a doubt, working from home has paved the way for some health concerns to arise...

white chair

The Adjustable Ergonomic Chair OC5G: The Best Work Buddy

Computers have been part of the workplace for years since then and everybody in the workplace has to be trained to work with computers, it is inevitable...

womans legs

The Dangers of Excessive Standing

Numerous articles have warned about the health risks of sitting all day, ranging from short-term neck and upper back pain to long-term cardiovascular issues...

Home office

How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office?

In the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the work-from-home (WFH) arrangement is all the rage...

A Cabinet with important Documents

How to Secure the Important Documents with a Mobile File Cabinet

At work, there are a lot of important documents that we need to finish on time...


Are You Suffering from a Pandemic Posture?

Let us paint a picture for you ― since the pandemic hit and work from home (WFH) directive was enforced, you have been enjoying your lazy days at work…

List of Things to Do

Making your To-Do-List with A Dry Erase Board

Part of being organized is to take down notes of the things that you need in order to remember all the task and important deadlines...

stacking chairs

Would You Like to Own One of the Best Selling Chairs in the World?

Chairs are of different designs, color, functionality, and materials...

Fun Hobbies That Help With Your Child’s Mental Health Through This Pandemic

Fun Hobbies That Help With Your Child’s Mental Health Through This Pandemic

Go pack up the kids’ crayons and books because here are some fun hobbies that you and your children can do together to help curb the loneliness this pandemic brings...


8 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Sit-Stand Desk

So you’re considering switching to a sit-stand desk but aren’t entirely sure whether it is worth the investment...

A home office in spare room

5 Best Places to Set Up Your Home Office

Whether you’re starting a small home-based business or working from home, having an ergonomic work setup is necessary...

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