FlexiSpot Products to Fill Your Easter Eggs With

April 19, 2022

Easter Essentials

Are you one of those families that prepare big for Easter? That even if it’s still two weeks away, you are already shopping for the big celebration you will have with your family?

This year, Easter Sunday will fall on April 17. There are many reasons as to why people celebrate Easter but it all boils down to new beginnings. It marks the end of winter and the start of spring. Life is now slowly going back to normal before winter kicked in and put a halt to outdoor activities. Maybe you are one of those who are also in need of a restart, a rebirth, or an introduction to a new phase of your life. Easter celebrates that. You say goodbye to the past—cherish the memories and forget the dark experiences—as you look forward to a bright and happy future.

For Christians, Easter Sunday marks the first day after Lent, the 40-day penance that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Black Saturday. Jesus is resurrected from the dead after saving our sins and as a celebration and sign of gratitude, we celebrate Easter Sunday.

Families and friends reunite for a gathering at home, events place, restaurant, or in a park. Food is served, usually with lamb, bread, and other pastries. Stories from the past year are shared over bubbly and champagne. Games are prepared. Eggs are hidden with gifts inside that will delight whoever finds them. It’s a merry celebration of people who love one another and are moving on to a new beginning still in one another’s company.

From last year’s Easter to now, your family was fortunately blessed with a lot of opportunities and new ventures. You would want to pay it forward and celebrate the new beginnings you welcomed then that has now become your reality at present. Now that you are opening yourself up to a new phase yet again, you want to share your blessings with everyone present for this year’s Easter festivities. Why not invest in ergonomic pieces that would help improve their day-to-day lives? You could write these gifts on pieces of paper and put them inside the Easter eggs that you will hide around the house. The players of the Easter Hunt will surely be delightfully surprised once they see the gifts they’ve found. Here are some suggestions that you may cop from FlexiSpot.

Adjustable Bed Base EB011

Adjustable Bed Base EB011

We all need a good night’s rest every day of our lives. Your loved ones will surely be thanking you for this! We can guarantee that it will give them the best luxury sleep ever after a hard day at work. Since this is an adjustable product, it could be customized to the needs of one’s body. Read, watch TV or go to bed comfortably with the head adjustment ranging from 0 to 60 degrees. For more comfort, adjust the height of the bed by choosing from these three leg options: 3", 6", or 9”. The under-bed storage space measures up to 25 cubic feet.

This could still be used without a new bed. It can be fitted into a standard-sized bed frame or could act as a standalone support system. It is complete with a wired remote control that is easy to use and adjusts the bed frame to a comfortable sleeping position. It uses a durable and quiet motor and delivers a max thrust of 6000N (600kg) at a sound level of fewer than 50 decibels for sound sleep. For safety, it comes with a mattress retainer bar so the user or the mattress won’t be sliding off from the frame.

Height Adjustable Drafting Table

Height Adjustable Drafting Table

Maybe you are a family of architects, a draftsmen, or engineers, so why not give away this perfect electric adjustable drafting table to make their dream projects happen. FlexiSpot knows that sitting for long hours can drain your creative juices so the company’s team of innovators invented this drafting table to help artists stay inspired, motivated, and energized. With this table, it’s easy to switch in between standing and sitting positions with just one press of a button. It has a height programmable control panel that is equipped with not only up and down buttons but also four memory customizable presets.

The tabletop can be tilted from 0° to 40° to cater to different tasks---whether you’re working, writing, reading, or drawing. As with most of Flexispot’s desk products, this table comes with a safety ledge stopper that prevents devices and other desk items from sliding off its surface. Moreover, this drafting table has an expandable desktop that provides an extra 9.8” space. If not needed, it can easily be folded, especially in a small area where there is not ample space, to begin with. The table has a built-in, spacious pull-out drawer for storage that keeps one’s belongings out of sight and makes sure the desk is clutter-free.

Studio Standing Desk ESD101

Studio Standing Desk ESD101

The newest product of FlexiSpot is made for at-home studio quality, music production. This standing desk features a 2U Rack Space, a large top shelf, a programmable controller, and a space for a keyboard with 88 keys. With the controller, the desk can be raised or lowered with a single touch of a button. Its large top shelf can hold up to two display monitors, speaker monitors, and a total of 6U rack spaces underneath it to have an organized space for the equalizer and amplifier. Its keyboard tray can support 66 keys up to 70 pounds. This can be used by someone who does podcasts, who mixes music tracks, or creates and produces their own songs.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Give the players of your Easter egg hunt the gift of fitness. We’re sure it’s something one of them has been wanting to commit to this year. This fitness chair from FlexiSpot has a breathable mesh backrest that is both comfortable and stable. It has a firm seat cushion that ensures an enjoyable sedentary sitting experience. The seat can be adjusted easily with a one-touch lever.

It has a calorie tracker that can count the calories your loved one burns while they pedal at work. They may also customize the resistance level, depending on how fit they are. The caster wheels are durable and almost sound like a whisper.

It will keep the mind alert, stimulate creativity and also help lose weight if that is the goal.

We hope you all have a meaningful and fruitful Easter Sunday festivities this coming April 17!

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