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flexispot standing desk converter

Why Invest in a Standing Desk Converter?

You may have seen your co-workers using a standing desk converter at your workplace and may have come across a few TV commercials. 

Bamboo standing desk by FlexiSpot

Product Review: AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

Sitting for too long is a frequent issue throughout the globe, with many of us engaging in a sedentary lifestyle via binge-watching television, sitting in automobiles, and working at computers.

adjustable standing sewing tables

Benefits of Adjustable Sewing Tables for Your Designer Office

You won't be able to sew on just any surface; you'll need a strong table above all things since an unstable station when stitching might spell disaster. 

man thinking

Sit2Go 2-in-1 vs. Under Desk Bike V9U - Which is the Right Choice for You?

Whether you are working in an office or at home, sitting at a desk all day can be awful.

man working in a standing desk converter

Why the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter is a Truly Superior Product

Standing desks are becoming an increasingly popular option because they can help reduce obesity, eliminate neck and back pain, and improve heart conditions. 

young lady using flexispot products

4 FlexiSpot Accessories to Make Your Office Space Highly Functional

Did you know that your office accessories can influence your work performance and productivity? 

Woman at Work

FlexiSpot Accessories to Upgrade Your 2022 Workstation

Looking to upgrade your workstation this 2022 but haven’t started yet? 

Wooden top standing desk

Everything You Need to Know About Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top

Are you looking for a high-quality standing desk to create the perfect workstation and take your working experience to the next level? 

young man enjoying his online game

Top 5 Standing Desks for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

If you're a gaming enthusiast, you might spend hours sitting in front of your computer screen, playing your favorite game. 

Anti-fatigue mat

The Pros & Cons of Using Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anyone who has spent a notable amount of their day standing while working at the office or home would understand the discomfort it causes. 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk with Glass Top

Perks of the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top

When you’re shopping for new furniture, there are so many options available that it can get a bit overwhelming. 

woman flexing her weight loss in exercising

Get Back in Shape with the Under Desk Treadmill 08

While there is so much that we’ve got the technology to thank for, 


FlexiSpot New Year Offers You Shouldn't Miss

Want to buy furniture at this time but worried that you might not find something of great quality that is within your budget?

Ergonomic chairs in the office

7 Reasons Why You Need an Ergonomic Office Chair from FlexiSpot

An increasing number of people are spending more time seated with most people sitting in an inappropriate office chair. 

new years resolution with Flexispot

New Year Resolution: Start the New Year with the Best of FlexiSpot

"This year, I'll exercise more often," Or "I'll work hard to get my overdue promotion."

man using treadmill

Compact Treadmill 09 or Folding Treadmill 10 | What Can Work Better for Your Office Space

You're probably aware that training on a daily basis is among the healthiest things you could do for the body. 

Adjustable Bed Base

Why You Need to Buy an Adjustable Bed Base Today

Have you ever seen one of those beds that can change positions at the press of a button? 

Standing at Work

8 Considerations When Buying the Best Standing Desk

You might have been thrown into working from home at the height of the pandemic so, of course, your house was not prepared for it.

foot of a woman in an anti fatigue mat

Anti-Fatigue Mats – Do They Work?

Are you a cashier, receptionist, professor, chef, security guard, warehouse supervisor, or anyone whose job requires them to stand throughout the day?

Benefits of getting a climate-positive workstation for your office

Benefits of Getting a Climate-Positive Workstation for Your Office

We are well aware that we have not yet reached a tipping point in the battle against climate change.

Bamboo furniture in the office

6 Benefits of Using Bamboo Furniture in Your Office

As natural resources continue to deplete exponentially, the fast-growing bamboo is revolutionizing the production in several industries.

best price and best quality logo

Top 7 Most Effective Products Under $300

Most of us spend a large part of the day in our offices, hustling to get further in our careers and reach new levels of professional growth. 

bestseller sign

6 Best Selling Products of This Season

With e-commerce growing at a constant rate and more and more online stores popping up every few days, customers nowadays have an endless variety of products and services to choose from. 

New Year, New Me

Gear Up! Making Your New Year Resolutions Happen

2022 is not just a calendar date anymore, we’re already living it. 

A Contemporary Workplace

My Dream Workstation for 2022

It’s almost 2022!

Contemporary home office

Home Office Essentials from FlexiSpot – Maximize Your Ergonomics

Working from home has become a common practice for many people all around the world. 

Flexispot height adjustable desk

3 of the Best Standing Desks by Flexispot

If you're reading this it's safe to assume you've done some research on Height-adjustable desks.

employee suffering from lower back pain

Why you Must Replace Regular Chairs with Ergonomic Chairs

You may have ever wondered if there's any difference between ergonomic chairs and the regular ones you've always known. 

seiffen laminated standing desk

How You Can Make Full Use of Your Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

A standing desk is an excellent addition if you want to maximize your productivity while staying healthy. 

Ergonomic Chair in a Workplace

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair: The Best Ergonomic Chair for Office Employees

As an average office employee, you might be sitting at your desk in the wrong chair without even realizing it. 

young woman enjoying sewing

Ultimate Guide to using the Height Adjustable Sewing Table

While many ladies agree that they love to sew from time to time, many admit to avoiding regular sewing because of the fear of aches and pains. 

A standing desk converter

Standing Desk Converters vs. Sit-Stand Desk: Which One Is Right for You?

In recent years, many of us have realized that a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to our overall well-being. 

picture of flexispot under deskbike

Is It Worth It to Buy an Under Desk Bike?

Working for hours while sitting by a desk can be cozy. 

My Christmas Wishlist

I Wish I have These FlexiSpot Products

It’s just a day before Christmas Day! Christmas Eve may be a workday but it’s also special for most, if not all. 

office workplace

What Furniture and Equipment to get Your Office After a Holiday Promotion

Most workplace promotions happen at the end of the year. 

employees wearing christmas hats

8 Days of Christmas with Flexispot’s Must-Have Products

Are you looking to upgrade your office space by ditching your traditional furniture and replacing it with ergonomic office chairs and standing desks? 

gaming table and chair

A Gamer's Christmas Wishlist

I know the feeling. 

woman standing on a anti fatigue mat

A Comprehensive Guide to Anti-Fatigue Mats

A steady rise in Computers and advanced data networks allow us to do more work even from outside the comfort of an office. 

man working on a standing desk

Anatomy of a Standing Desk

Standing desks are a major innovation when it comes to workspace items and accessories. 

Woman sitting at a sit-stand desk

A Beginner's Guide to Buying Standing Desks

Sitting for lengthy amounts of time can have a negative impact on your health. 

woman on her sit2go chair

Top Benefits of Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Light cycling at the desk is an excellent way to ease into a fitness regimen because it can be done anytime and anywhere, even while doing other work or leisure activities.

A standing desk

Dual Motor vs. Single-motor Desks: Which Is Better?

Are you looking for a standing desk?

Christmas Gift

Flexispot Gifts for your Loved Ones this Christmas

Christmas is here! 

Birthday Candles

My FlexiSpot Birthday Wishlist

No matter what country you’re from, the date of birth is always considered special. 

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

The Best 3-Stage Standing Desk to Buy (2021)

The new rush for healthier workstations stems from the awareness of dangers prolonged sitting causes. 

Modern office

6 Chic & Classy Office Products for Modern Offices

Over the years, the concept of a workplace has transformed.

woman working on her office table

7 Stylish Products for Your Office

Does your workplace have a 9 to 6 (or even longer) policy? 

Ergonomic Chair

What Is an Ergonomic Chair? A Helpful Guide to Benefits and Buying

Working at an office usually entails spending a lot of time sitting on an office chair, which puts extra strain on the spine's structures. 

realtor with potential clients

How a Standing Desk Can Help Realtor Close Every Deal

The realty business is not for the faint-hearted. 

Flexispot Height Adjustable Desk

Flexispot Top Selling Items This Black Friday (2021)

It’s another Black Friday season, and as usual, stores are putting up loads of amazing offers. 

Hot Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2021: Hot Ticket Flexispot Products

Black Friday is one of the days in Thanksgiving week, which is always held on the last Thursday of November.

black friday sale

The Best 2021 Black Friday Standing Desk Deal

2021 Black Friday deals are about to blow your mind if you are familiar with how we usually roll at this time of the year. 

9-to-5 Office Workers

Ergonomic & Wellness Products for 9-to-5 Office Workers

Almost everyone over the age of 18 spends at least some part of their lives working at a 9-5 job.

seiffen laminated standing desk

Benefits of FlexiSpot Seiffen Laminated Standing Desks

An increasing number of people are threatened by the “sitting disease,” one of the biggest health concerns associated with modern-day living. 

Black Friday

Are you ready for FlexiSpot Deals this Black Friday 2021?

It’s Thanksgiving week which means the sales dates we’ve been waiting for are finally coming! 

Black Friday

Top Selling Items for This Black Friday

Black Friday is fast approaching, and as usual, everyone will be looking to take advantage of the amazing deals to nab what they have always been dreaming of for long.

Black Friday

FlexiSpot Black Friday Sale

Gone are the days when shoppers would camp out in front of stores, hoping to smash open some doors and save a lot of money.

Two Young Entrepreneurs

How a Standing Desk Help Entrepreneurs Keep a Thumb on the Pulse

Standing desks are not just for those who work in the office. 

kana bamboo standing desk

Go Green with a Bamboo Standing Desk

Working from home can help you play a part in making the world more sustainable.

lawyer in his office

The Ideal Desktop Set Up For the Fitness Conscious Attorney

It's true that most of us do our part to stay in shape. 

An artist working on drafts

What Is a Drafting Table & Why You Need It?

While you can sketch, paint, or do any kind of creative work at any table, a drafting table gives so much more for your workstation than a conventional table. 

Under desk bike

Why You Need an Under Desk Bike for Your Office

When you have a hectic schedule, it can be extremely difficult to burn calories, maintain a healthy weight, and stay fit and active. 

Upwardly Mobile Architect working

What's The Best Standing Desk for an Upwardly Mobile Architect?

An architect’s work is not over when he finishes his design.

woman working on her standing desk

A Full Guide on The Parts to Upgrade on Your Motorized Standing Desk

Purchasing a FlexiSpot Motorized Standing Desk is probably the best decision you’ll make towards your productivity.

woman busy with her sewing table

Enhance Your Craft with the Flexispot Height Adjustable Sewing Table

Did you know that sewing is one of the oldest crafts practiced by early men?

Sale Time!

What I'm Hoping to Buy from FlexiSpot on Cyber Monday

As early as now, everyone, consumer or retailer, is already prepping for Black Friday.

A Letter to Santa Claus

My FlexiSpot Thanksgiving Wishlist

The holiday season is mostly everyone’s favorite time of the year, and for good reason. 

Upcoming Sale!

The FlexiSpot Black Friday Wishlist

In case you forgot, Black Friday is fast approaching! 

Enhance Workplace Productivity with Flexispots Finest Selection of Lounge Furnit

Enhance Workplace Productivity with Flexispot's Finest Selection of Lounge Furniture

There are few things as important in the workplace as having a well-designed and welcoming office space.

Expand the Horizon of your Office or Home Workspace with FlexiSpots L-Shaped Ele

Expand the Horizon of your Office or Home Workspace with FlexiSpot's L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing desks have taken over the office space, and it's easy to see why. 

Top Professions That Require a Flexible Workstation

Top Professions That Require a Flexible Workstation

Whether you are working from the office or from your home, having the right workstation could be the difference between delivering and running behind schedule.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

What is an ergonomic chair?

Get a More Immersive PC or Console Gaming Experience with the Electric Height Ad

Get a More Immersive PC or Console Gaming Experience with the Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk- 55"

Gaming as we know it has certainly changed over the years.

Improve your workspace with the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Improve your workspace with the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

If you work from home, have a desk job, or you're a dedicated gamer, chances are that you spend a great deal of time sitting. 

The Best Workstation Set Up For Coders and Devs

The Best Workstation Set Up For Coders and Devs

Sitting at a desk for hours on end is a necessity for all Devs and coders. 

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk: The Ergonomic Workstation for Better Health and Produ

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk: The Ergonomic Workstation for Better Health and Productivity

If you’ve got a desk job and are working from home or at the company’s office, you are most likely aware that prolonged sitting is bad for health, as is excessive standing. 

4 Items Every Person Working From Home Needs

4 Items Every Person Working From Home Needs

Working from home is a dream for many people, but it presents a different set of complications. 

Battle of the Desks: Standing Desks Vs. Sitting Desks

Battle of the Desks: Standing Desks Vs. Sitting Desks

For people who have been working for a good chunk of their lives, sitting down for 8 hours a day is work in itself, and if they got a chance to switch up things, then they would. 

ergonomic working area

Comparing a Standing Desk and a Desk Converter

Standing desks and converter desks are all the rage.

The Right Standing Desk Frame for You

The Right Standing Desk Frame for You

We think it’s safe to say that standing desks have surpassed the fad phase. 

The Standing Gift Idea

4 Ideal Standing Desks for Your WFH-Friends

Time has already gone fast like an arrow. 

Top Office Furniture Brands in 2021

Top Office Furniture Brands in 2021

In 2020, furniture sales generated over $15.4 billionin the US.

Ergonomic Study Area for 2021

Ergonomic Study Area for 2021

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus across the globe, e-learning has become increasingly prevalent among schools.

The Desktop at the Home Office

WFH Essentials: 5 Benefits of the Wooden & Glasstop Desktops

There are several reasons to optimize your performance even when working at home in the new work paradigm. 

The Best Gaming Chairs for Pro-Gamers in 2021

The Best Gaming Chairs for Pro-Gamers in 2021

Talk to any gamer, and they will illustrate to you how deep gaming is for them.

The Sturdy Office Desk

The Importance of the Motor Lifting Mechanism To Ergo Products

If you're wondering why many WFH and hybrid office workers prefer FlexiSpot, the answer to that is: it's a brand that gives out the best ergonomic solutions.

The Sturdy Office Desk

2-Section or 3-Section: A Discussion on Leg Sections

When you own a desk in the home office, the slightest possibility that you'd like to encounter is a rickety table. 

Silence in the Working Place

Top 3 Desk Products that Working Introverts Can Utilize

A look at 3 standing desks perfect for those with an introverted personality.

The WFH-Individual with the Ultra-Convenient Work Area

5 Reasons to Offer the Employees with Standing Desks

In her article, Carlie Porterfield wrote last June 2021 news that the large Social Media platform Facebook has allowed their employees to work remotely from home under certain conditions. 

The Desk of with the Ergonomic Prowess

Lightweight or Extra Weight: 4 Things About FlexiSpot Desks

Exploring different desk qualities to have a better idea of which desk is right for you.

Columns and Standing Desk

5 Things to Remember About Standing Desk Columns

Things you'll notice about the special columns FlexiSpot uses for their desks.

The Office Chair for a Present

5 Ergonomic Chairs that Make a Great Gift for the Holidays

Let FlexiSpot help you with your holiday preparations. 

The Stalwart Desk Steels

4 Disadvantages of Desks Made with Low Quality Steel

Relying on the best ergonomic solutions is easy with FlexiSpot.

The Best Office Chair Fabrics Every Office Needs

The Best Office Chair Fabrics Every Office Needs

Exploring the best office chair fabrics that every office needs in order to ensure comfort and enhance aesthetics.

Upgraded office space

FlexiSpot Crank Standing Desks

Taking a look at crank standing desks and why they're so awesome.

The Online Teacher

3 Amazing Ergonomic Products for WFH Teachers

It's time to show your favorite teacher some appreciation.

Freelancer at Work

FlexiSpot Solutions for Remote Work Challenges

Exploring challenges that companies face as remote work becomes the norm, and how FlexiSpot aids this transition.

Box of treats

Every FlexiSpot Fabric Dresser You Should Check Out

Three exciting dressers from FlexiSpot that you need to see right now!

A Contemporary Workplace

Flexispot Storage Solutions for a Clutter-free Workstation

For jobs that require organization, keeping a clutter-free workstation is a necessity. 

Spruce Up The Office With FlexiSpot

Spruce Up the Office with FlexiSpot

A pleasing office space can boost your mood, efficiency, and overall satisfaction.

Happy Breastfeeding

Can FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chairs Be Used for Breastfeeding?

 Don’t make breastfeeding a hassle for your wallet; invest in a chair that can be used even after the breastfeeding period. 

Hitting Cardio for the Day

This FlexiSpot Treadmill is the One for Me

Living an active lifestyle offers countless benefits to your mental and physical health.

Kana bamboo standing desk

A Standing Desk You’ll Love: The FlexiSpot KANA Bamboo Office Standing Desk

Learn more about this amazing standing desk in this in-depth review. 

flexispot whiteboard desk

Flexispot Tables for Specific Needs

Discover four products from Flexispot that cater to a specific industry, and you may not be able to find elsewhere

4 Fun Under-desk Additions

4 Fun Under-desk Additions

Maintain your health and get more enjoyment out of your work time with these exciting under-desk additions.

Active woman

Which FlexiSpot Folding Treadmill is Right for Me?

Longer life, heightened energy levels, and a better mood are some benefits you can expect using a folding treadmill.

V9 Desk Bike

One-on-One Q&A with a FlexiSpot Desk Bike User

Find out what a Flexispot Bike Workstation V9 user has to say about the product.

Woman at Work

FlexiSpot Products You May Not Have Heard Of

Here are some exciting products from FlexiSpot that you may be unaware of.

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