How to Avoid FOBO when Choosing the Right Standing Desk

April 22, 2021

A woman who can't decide well on what to buy
Jaycel Borabien

You might have heard of the term FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. It is the feeling of being left out when everybody else is doing something you think is better than what you do. For example, your high school friends are traveling to Europe while you haven’t travelled yet even in Spain; the feeling of being envious of what they achieve and this lowers your self-esteem. However, we have another FO that is scarier than FOMO and that is FOBO or Fear of a Better Option.

In today’s article, we will understand the:

-         concept of FOBO

-         Why do people experience FOBO?

-         How can we avoid FOBO?

-         How can Standing Desks of flexispot help you have the best choice of product

So, let’s get the ball rolling in.

What is FOBO:

FOBO or the Fear of a Better Option is experienced when you feel overwhelmed when choosing the right option for you. The over analysis of a certain product such as seeing different options for particular product that you like.

For example, you are looking for a standing desk, because you feel very anxious in looking for the best product you would check different brands online. You might consider brand A because that’s what you saw from your friend’s My Day or you will depend on other reviews or countless analysis of the certain product. It turns out that you would feel anxious on what should be the best product for you that you might to get to a point that you couldn’t make the single choice and make a bad outcome instead. It’s a symptom of seeing the value in collecting a lot of options as many as possible.

But what makes this negative in a way? Isn’t a good thing to have many options because you got to see different features, specs, and reviews about a certain product? The question about it though is what do you feel for example you are browsing a food delivery app with lots of food items to choose from. You are craving for some Mango cheesecake in the search filter there will be countless products to choose from. If you experienced FOBO, you might end up not making a decision at all or buying the worst-tasting Mango cheesecake.

So, in order for us to avoid this we must understand that:

  1. FOBO is counterintuitive in nature. When we see a lot of choices we might

end up not listening to our own intuition and depend on the impression

from others’ review. Reviews are helpful, yes but what we must avoid is

depending on that much. Remember that every person’s experience is

unique to him yours is pretty different too.

  1. FOBO can induce to analysis paralysis or the inability to make a choice at all because of the possibility of getting tired looking at different options. This one can impair your ability to make sound judgment.

So, how could we make the right decision? How would you know if you’re choosing the right option or you are just being influenced by others’ decisions but before we step into that part, let’s know more of the three kinds of decision:

-         No-stake decisions

-         Low-stake decisions

-         High-stake decisions

  1. No-Stake Decisions

These are decisions that don’t have consequences. You’re at the mall and you saw a pair of socks with a printed image of Big Bird from Sesame Street for $2 from a surplus shop then you decided to buy it forgetting to check the right size for you. When you get home, you’d discover that the socks don’t fit you yet you didn’t feel the sense of regret because you just spent $2 for it and you can keep it or give it to someone. This kind of decision is what we call the no-stake decision

  1. Low-Stake Decisions:

Low-stake decisions have consequences but would not cost you a million-dollar money. Let’s say it’s your mom’s birthday. You decide to buy her a bouquet of pink tulips. When you get home, you would notice that some buds of the flowers are dry and withered but the thing is you have already told your mom you got a surprise for her. So, in this part you might have a wrong decision of not checking the flowers before purchasing it but still this would not bring you a bigger damage because you could buy cake instead. Stick to another option or try to be resourceful and innovative.


  1. High-stake Decisions:

The next one are the high-stake decisions. These are the decisions you have

to make when you are voting for the next president or buying a property.

In making this decision, you need people to help you with this. But, you got to make sure that the person you are going to ask would give you a piece of solid advice. Say, you are going to purchase a $25,000 house, before you put out the cold cash, you have to ask a friend who has knowledge on real estate so he may give you information that are sufficient bases for you to consider.

Now, that we are done with the kinds of decision to consider, let’s take a look on how we could make a solid decision without experiencing FOBO. So, let’s take a look at these things:

-         Have 2 options (maximum) that you can weigh in. Let’s say you’re looking for the best standing desks try to have only 2 which could be both bought from Flexispot ( Standing desks such as EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters M8MB - 35" or ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M2B - 35”)

-         When considering your choices, you need to know what you really want. Your ideal design, the things that you may do with a product in your mind, or the budget that you have. Weighing options would be easier when you got prior knowledge of what you want to purchase.

-         Never compare your choices to others. As what I mentioned earlier every person’s decision is unique. No one should influence you at all.

 As we end this article, always remember that whatever the decision you make, no one can judge you as long as you weigh in options enough and your judgment would not harm other people.

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