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How to Choose Your Standing Desk Converter

29 March 2021

You’ve done the research and decided to buy a standing desk converter. the question now is, which one do you choose and why?

With many more people working from home in these times of Covid-19, we have realized the pros and cons of following a healthy lifestyle while we are there. Just as those still commuting to work know that the healthier we stay, the safer we are.

Much research has been undertaken and widely published on the best way to utilize your office chair and desk, wherever those are located. The two factors that all medical professionals agree on wholeheartedly, are firstly, the importance of moving around regularly and secondly, correct posture.

But how do we achieve this when a deadline is looming and even a 5-minute break is too long? The answer is simple: purchase a standing desk converter. This combines those two main health factors, moving and posture.

A standing desk converter works by fixing a component to your existing standard desk, to increase the height at which you work to standing level. But you won’t be spending your entire working day on your feet – the joy of a standing desk converter is that you can easily reverse the process and restore the desk to its normal height. In fact, contemporary medical advice is that you alternate regularly between sitting and standing. You should stand for one hour and sit for one to two hours, but still move around every 30-60 minutes.


So, what factors should you take into account when buying a standing desktop converter?

If possible, you should not let price dictate this decision too closely. What is inexpensive on the surface may translate into an inferior product down the line.

Look for the following features:

  • size
  • ease of assembly
  • maximum load weight
  • stability
  • ease of adjusting the height
  • removable keyboard tray
  • total workspace area
  • space requirements
  • overall ergonomics


Let’s look at these points in more detail:


Many models of one product are manufactured in varying sizes, the better to fit your existing desk.


Whether you are able to attach and remove the desktop converter yourself or whether another pair of hands is needed.

Consider how the device is attached to the desk; whether it simply clips on or needs tools to assemble, and if these are readily on hand.


As the desk converter sits on top of your standard desk, it must be able to comfortably hold the weight of your computer and other items that you work with regularly.


The desk should be stable even when in the fully extended position as any movement could be hazardous (think a hot beverage falling into your lap or onto your keyboard and working documents).


Look at whether the mechanism to raise and lower the desktop converter is manually or electrically controlled. FlexiSpot offers desktop converters that have a patented specially braced motorized X-lift structure which moves vertically, rather than expanding outwards.


If you are not the only person using the desk, it may need to be converted between being used to hold a laptop and a desktop computer. Being able to remove the keyboard tray will extend the work area and enable a laptop to be used more comfortably.


The total area of the desktop which is available as workspace is a prime consideration. A desktop converter that does not cover the whole area of the normal desk will result in you trying to work on two levels; your laptop is at a comfortable working height, but the phone is out of reach, and you cannot spread out all your documents.

Some models allow for two monitors or laptops to be displayed side by side. Using a second screen is sometimes essential when you are preparing a presentation or simply need to see another portion of your work in better detail. Of course, your teens could always utilize this for gaming.


If your working space is already constrained, you need to buy a desktop converter that takes up the minimum amount of space, whether this is on the floor or the desk.


The overall look and feel of the desktop riser will make a difference as to how you work, and therefore potentially affect your productivity.

Some models are purely functional and may not blend in with your existing décor. Some are bulky and make you stretch to reach everything you need.

See how heavy the unit is, as it may be difficult to maneuver from one desk or work surface to another.

Consider whether all the electric cables comfortably reach your working devices from the plug points and are not dangerously taut or too short.

We can see from the above that several factors must be considered before purchasing a standing desk converter but making use of one is highly recommended. Regularly moving between sitting and standing will improve your health overall and lessen the possibility of developing potentially life-threatening diseases including Type 2 diabetes, heart issues and obesity. You will feel more energetic, and your productivity will increase incrementally.

Amazon, The world’s largest online retailer, runs regular surveys on a myriad of products that they sell. Recently, a survey was conducted on ‘The Best Standing Desk Converters’, published by The Strategist in January 2021.

The winner of the Best Standing Desk Converter category was FlexiSpot with their 32” Standing Desk Converter.

The survey results for this product were compiled from 4,760 reviews, receiving an overall rating of 4.8 / 5 stars.

Viewers stated that the product is:

  • easy to assemble
  • easy, smooth, and quiet to raise and lower
  • easily holds a laptop and second monitor on one shelf, with a full-size wireless keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad on the removable keyboard tray
  • comfortable and helps with improving focus and energy
  • suitable for ‘work from home’ setups
  • suitable for a range of statures

Let’s look at the technical aspects of the FlexiSpot 32” Standing Desk Converter in more detail to see why it can stand out among others:

  • The desk converter works with a straight up-down movement, making it smooth and stable to adjust to the optimum working height for each person. The powerful gas springs allow for a height adjustment between 4.7” and 19.7”
  • The large, high quality work surface measures 31.5” x 16.3”. This will easily accommodate a laptop and monitor, or one device and enough space to hold your working papers as well as other paraphernalia you may need – your mobile phone, stationery, and a photo of your favorite human
  • The keyboard tray measures 28.4” x 12.1” and can fit a full-sized keyboard, mouse, and mousepad. If need be, it will also accommodate an additional laptop. The keyboard tray has a quick release mechanism, enabling you to store it elsewhere to save space if required
  • The heavy-duty steel frame ensures stability and has a weight capacity of 33lbs on the desktop and 4.4lbs on the keyboard tray. The specially engineered bracing structure ensures the desk converter will not collapse, even when holding its full load capacity

Despite competitors’ products being awarded other categories in the Amazon survey, including Best mountable standing-desk converter, Best 32-inch standing-desk converter with tablet groove and Best no-assembly dual-tier standing-desk converter, FlexiSpot products likewise include the features that consumers found most attractive:

  • easy assembly
  • easy installation
  • stable and solid
  • easy to fold down
  • compact once folded down
  • easily portable
  • non-slip surface
  • integrated rubber pads on the frame, desk, and keyboard tray
  • integrated mounting grommet for your monitor mount

The 32” Standing Desk Converter is the most popular of the FlexiSpot products as it not only contains numerous features to make your working life easier, but it also comes with an attractive price tag of $109.99.

However, FlexiSpot desk converters come in a variety of models and sizes to suit your office needs. You can explore this Ultimate buyer guide to find the uniqueness of each product: FlexiSpot Desk Riser Buyer Guide 2021: which standing desk converter will suit you best?

Using a standing desk has proven to have numerous beneficial consequences for users’ health and well-being. Investing in a standing desk converter therefore makes economic sense by facilitating your own or your employees’ health by reducing potential down time related to medical issues. These are known to include not only outwardly obvious problems such obesity and upper or lower back pain, but insidious factors such as Type 2 diabetes, heart problems and abnormal fatigue.

At FlexiSpot, we're passionate about bringing healthy movement to the modern workplace and home and strive to create new, innovative ways to stay active in our increasingly sedentary lives.

In addition, FlexiSpot offers:

· 3-year warranty

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