How To Increase Your Body Resistance

April 21, 2021

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When I was young, sickness was almost nil.  Everyone is healthy  and happy. We eat from the produce of our small from. Our staple food which is rice came from our province and in our small farm. We produce and harvest different kinds of vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes, cabbage, green and red peppers, and other kinds of root crops.  When we harvest our vegetables, we ferment some of them and they serve as side dishes for every meal.  My mother cooked vegetables in simple ways. She just cooks them with water and salt and nothing else.  Fresh vegetables taste sweeter and delicious.  I always looked forward to every meal which is hearty and healthy.  We also took care of chickens which became the source of our meat and eggs.  Chicken and eggs are a good source of protein.  In other words, our food everyday is fresh and palatable.  

Our hometown was a rural area.  As such we can hardly see cars passing by, not even motorcycles.  So we were content walking long distances to the market when we needed things other than food. Although it takes us hours to reach the main market, we enjoyed walking with our friends chatting on  the dirt road under the sun.  We don't mind the scorching heat because the sun provides us with Vitamin D that prevents us from contracting skin diseases.  Chatting was  fun and it made us enjoy life so we usually think about positive things.  Hate and envy have no place in our hearts and minds. Living in the countryside is like being in a paradise where everyone is calm, fresh air touches every part of your skin. Noise is almost nil. There was no time to make noise and everyone in the neighborhood respected each other.   Children slept in the afternoon and only played in the morning at 10 am.  At 6:00 pm.  Everyone is in their own houses taking dinner or watching TV.  Most people in the neighborhood woke up early in the morning at around 4:00 a.m.  Most parents attended to their needs especially those schoolchildren who went to school as early as 6:00 am.They usually go home in the afternoon about 4:00 pm.  Children in those days almost never see a doctor because they are healthy and happy.  How is that compared to children today who at an early age suffer high blood pressure.

This is just a short story of how we lived a long time ago when everyone is happy and almost never sees a doctor for medication and sickness.  Most people in those days are sturdy and could overcome any kind of sickness.  I remember when I got some colds.  My mother let me drink lemonade with lukewarm water from time to time.  The next day, I was well, alive and kicking.

So I think one of the best ways to increase resistance to sickness based on my past experience is to eat more vegetables and fruits.  Vegetables are packed with  its installation and mineral that keeps the body strong enabling us to fight illness.

Another way is to live a simple life with no complications.  Everything must be in the right order, even relationships.  If the situation you're in is complicated that is, it will lead to suffering and heartache, then better stop.  Tension and stress affect the whole body- mentally and physically.  It may lead to sickness, mental disorder or even death.  We have to simplify even with our relationships. We have to think positively and hope for a better future.  Negativity, as some pundits say leads to nowhere.

Lastly, physical exercise or activity contributes a lot to our well being.  When I was young, I usually walked long distances and I observed that the more I walked  the more my body became lean and strong.  I also drink a lot of fruit  juice in the morning.

So, walking for me is a good exercise to make your muscles especially your legs stronger.  

With people today getting busier, sometimes they forget to do some physical fitness especially when they are engrossed in internet surfing and chatting on their smartphones.  They don't  even talk to anyone even during family meals.

So for today's lifestyle, the busiest person will have a chance to do exercise while working at home.  Thanks to FlexiSpot for making this possible.  FlexiSpot has a variety of products from standing adjustable desks to desk bikes that are really worth buying.  They cater to everyone regardless of age, gender and height as the products are designed especially for individuality and lifestyle.

They have products for workouts to burn fat such as Professional Massage Gun MG01. It is lightweight. You can carry it everywhere and does not produce any noise.

It is also possible to exercise any part of your body with  Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1.  You can exercise and get that wellness you are hoping for right in your home with this wonderful product. This is ideal for people who are always on the go. Because it is handy, you will never forget to have a few minutes of exercise even if you’re away from home.  It doesn't need a big space  for you to get that perfect body.

There are more products that can be seen and bought from FlexiSpot.  All you need to do is to visit the website.  You will be fully satisfied with the products because FlexiSpot cares for everyone especially by the health of workers whether they are working in the office or working at home.  The products were created and designed to last for a long time. Comfort and convenience  also make the products most loved by millions all over the world.

For shipping, it is free for some States in the US when shipped through FedEx. Original buyers or purchasers can also avail of the warranty for product defects but availment is limited to the said customers.

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