How to Properly Maintain your Workplace Essentials

April 19, 2021

Take care of your home office equipment
Lorraine Lazaro

Simply transforming an area of your house into an ergonomic workplace should not be the end of the whole dynamic setup. When you have bought your workstation items from FlexiSpot, you should also take care of them. 

Most of the day you will be staying in your work area. You will be sitting on your fine and comfortable office chair while doing your job. You are also using your standing desk or even your desk bike while answering emails or facilitating meetings. With all that happening, you might have forgotten that you need to shower your workplace essentials with proper care and maintenance. 

To have a longer-lasting home office, your equipment should be in good condition. As you work and have been mindful of your health through your FlexiSpot products, it is time to also be sensitive to how you are using those items. Continue reading as we are going to talk about how you can properly and efficiently take care of and maintain your workplace products.

Why You Have To Take Care of Your Workstation Machines

Before jumping on the steps or things to know to clean and maintain your home office items, you should know the importance of doing so. 

Working has played a vital role in your life. You dedicate your time and effort just to accomplish your daily tasks in exchange for proper compensation. Sometimes you get so engrossed in work that you often forget the little things that matter as well.

For you to have a continuous pleasurable working experience at home, you have to treat the items you use while working with the utmost care. This can avoid any issues that you will encounter further down the road.

You want to avoid any inconvenience soon. You would not want your work items and machine breaking down or causing some sort of trouble on your part. The worst-case scenario is that your standing desk or ergonomic chair would fall into pieces and would prematurely cut and stop your work activities from pushing forward.

Remember that if your office area, as well as your workplace equipment, are in good condition, you would not face any mishaps along the way. Your work process will be as smooth as it gets. You get satisfied and will be able to carry out your tasks with ease.

How You Can Safeguard your Workplace Items to its Pristine Condition 

Your home office equipment is your everyday companion. These products are your investment towards a more fruitful professional career. You have spent money to purchase them, and it is necessary to preserve and protect those items. Not only does it give you what you have paid for, but it also allows you to keep them running for longer periods of time, especially during this work from home setup.

Equipment, machinery, and the work environment must all be maintained on a regular basis to keep them clean and reliable. Lack of or insufficient maintenance can result in unsafe situations and health issues. Your work environment has the potential to improve your fitness, efficiency, and well-being. Keeping your office clean will help you stay safe, productive, and happy.

You can do this by making sure that your work area has proper ventilation and that you frequently wipe down the surfaces of your office equipment to avoid residue and dirt buildup. Use a smooth cloth with a cleaning solution to clean your desk, computer, or desk accessories.

According to studies and various scientific accounts, a dust accumulation of more than 1/32 of an inch – or 0.8 millimeters – covering at least 5% of a room's surface presents a major explosion threat. This layer of dust is about the thickness of a dime or a paper clip. This can affect your work-from-home experience or even do significant damage to your office supplies especially your computers and gadgets. You can avoid this by regularly cleaning your work area. Do not let it reach this far and do the work to avoid any potential problems in the future.

Some Tips to Help Maintain a Good Workstation

Keep note that a good workstation results in a great work process and success. Digest these tips and begin your workplace cleaning and maintenance routine. 

Here are three tips to efficiently maintain workplace equipment's good condition

1. Always Keep Your Desk Clean. You should avoid leaving clutter or even food crumbs in your workplace. When working at home, you have the freedom to eat in your station or even let your family members use it. Although for some, that can turn into a disaster, be sure to keep everything spic and span.

2. Wipe Down Dirt or Spilled Liquid. It is hard to see a dirty workstation. Also, if in any case, you spilled some water or any type of liquid on the desk's surface while working, you should wipe it down and clean it right away to avoid any marks from lingering on the surface. That would affect the exterior and stability of your desk when left unnoticed.

3. Equipment should be streamlined. Having so much equipment for different tasks can be overwhelming, costly (not just in terms of hardware, but also in terms of energy bills), take up valuable office space, and time spent on maintenance could be better spent on more productive office tasks. This pertains to your ability to multitask. Being overwhelmed can cause issues for you. This also makes it hard to be organized. Too many gadgets or items on the workstation might be too much to bear for your desk as well.


Nothing beats a clean and organized workstation. Just like when you are working in the office, working from home should also be aware of keeping things functioning properly and that all items are neat. Give respect and proper care to your office equipment and do not carelessly use it. This would benefit you in ways you could imagine. Regular workstation maintenance is indeed a must for a more efficient experience.

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