How to Secure the Important Documents with a Mobile File Cabinet

April 28, 2021

A Cabinet with important Documents
Jaycel M. Borabien

At work, there are a lot of important documents that we need to finish on time. Most of these documents are highly-confidential especially if you are part of the higher management. Documents pertaining to business documents or the employee’s records which need to be kept safely. Thus, for today’s article, we will discuss the:

  •  kinds of documents that need to be well-secured
  •  advantages of securing confidential documents
  •  ways to make sure that these documents are well-secured
  • role of a mobile file cabinet in securing the most confidential files in the office

I. The Documents that need to be well-kept:

The Company Bylaws for Corporation:

These documents define how the company will govern itself. In most states, bylaws are required. These bylaws can help the company govern issues in the company, set the company and the business structure, the clear roles of all the people behind the corporation.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

This will secure the company’s interest. Documents like the business structure, customer list, financial record, and new pricing list should be kept private. An NDA would secure your business. This is agreed between the employees, clients, and business partners that might have an idea on how the operation goes.

Employment Agreement:

This secures both the employee and employer because future disputes and the rights of everyone will be indicated on this document. In some cases, employees include the rights of the company to terminate an employee should the latter violates any regulations, a non-disclosure of information about the company, etc.

Business Plan:

This may not be a legal document but the contents of it make it a target of competitors especially because of the structure of the business hence this should also be well-kept and a few should know about this. 

These are the examples of documents that should be well-kept in a proper storage. If for some reasons, they could not easily be disposed, a shredding machine would most likely be helpful. But, if these documents should still be kept for a longer time, products such as Flexispot’s Mobile File Cabinet with Lock 001 ( which will be discussed further in a while ) will be very helpful.


II. Advantages of Securing Confidential Documents:

To Protect Sensitive Information:

 From the secret recipe of energy drink to the trade secrets. Companies secure information that could be used by competitors in formulating new ideas. Hence, confidentiality is of the topmost importance.

Marketing Advantages:

Robert Greene mentioned in his book: 48 Laws of Power that we must say less than necessary. This is highly-applicable in business. If we notice in KFC, they always put in their advertisement the: 11 secret herbs and spices. Thus, their recipes could not be imitated by DIY cooks on Youtube because for many decades, this fast food chain has practiced confidentiality. Indeed, an example of a marketing advantage. As they say: when you move in silence, the enemy doesn’t know what to attack. The same goes to documents that need to be secured- from the business plans to names of prospective clients. These are the ones that would help a business thrive towards an effective marketing.


III. Ways to Secure well the Documents:

In the digital age, most people rely on devices when it comes to securing their documents. That’s fine and dandy because the comfort that storage applications can make. However, not all agreements and contracts must be kept in your computer because


You’re putting the documents at risk of hacking:

Storing them in email or folders only could increase the risk of your documents getting hacked. Safety features of applications are getting better these days however, there are still chances of getting your account hacked. There are applications that hackers use hence, it’s far better if you put an external storage for your documents. Have a hardcopy with an E-signature on it ( for cases like contracts) and keep them in a safety storage such as a Mobile File Cabinet

So, with that let us know the other ways to secure your documents

 Hardcopies should be delivered on a Safe Transition

At times, we need hardcopies of a certain document. If that’s the case. then we need a courier that we could trust most. Most courier companies have tracking application in which you could monitor the transition of the deliveries from their center to your doorstep

 Secure Offsite Storage:

This is a practice in some companies or institution. Highly-confidential documents are tightly secured in a separate place where some employees are trained to secure the said place. Should you invest on storage cabinets to secure your files, Mobile File Cabinet with Lock 001 from Flexispot is highly recommendable.


Create an Organized Document Management System:

Imagine that you already purchased the mobile file cabinet, but still there are instances where time is wasted looking for certain documents. In this case, it’s better make your filing systematic. Try to secure them in a specific place where all cabinets will be labeled according to:     

  • date and year
  • alphabetical arrangement
  • categories

By doing this, you may save time and effort finding the document in specific folders. Plus, it’s going to be more systematic and would save you from losing files that could be used for your company’s archive. Imagine celebrating the 50th year anniversary of the company, wouldn’t it be great to see the old files you have started keeping from day 1?

IV. But, how can we avoid keeping unnecessary files?

Yes, it’s also possible that in sorting files we tend to unpick the unnecessary documents so in order to avoid this, we must know which one is at high-stake? As mentioned above, we \ classify from the most important document to the lesser ones.

 V. The Role of a Mobile File Cabinet in Securing the most Files in the Office 

 On this part, we’ll discuss now how we can secure our documents using Flexispot’s Mobile File Cabinet. This File Cabinet comes with:

With the given descriptions of the mobile cabinet, you don’t have to worry about the security of your documents. You just have to be more organized in choosing the most confidential files that you need to store inside.  

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