How to Stay Inspired During a Busy Work Week?

May 25, 2021

Man during a busy work week

Busy work weeks can become a drag if you're not sure how to motivate yourself. Achieving personal and work goals can become a source of motivation and encouragement for someone in need of inspiration. Trying to match someone else’s motivation is not always the best way to be productive. Hence, creating your routine for working and playing hard all week is essential. 

Here are a few ways through which you can stay inspired through a busy work week:

Productive Mornings

Always ensure that your morning goes well so that the rest of the day can follow suit. Even though we do not mean to promote waking up at 4:00 AM and going for a run, it is important to have a routine set for your workdays. It is hard to be motivated, especially if you wake up tired, which is why a few handy habits are crucial for your productivity. 

· Try to wake up early because if you are waking up in the afternoon, more than half the day has gone by. You will find that the morning light can help you be more productive in your work. 

· Some light stretching in bed or a nice energizing shower can help you wake your body up. Certain chemical reactions take place when water comes in contact with your body, leaving you refreshed to take on a busy day.

· Do not skip out on breakfast because your body needs the energy every morning to help you get through the day. Starting work on an empty stomach can make you cranky and unproductive. 

Plan Your Day 

Filling in a bullet journal or a daily planner, even if it is a phone app, helps you be in charge of your day. While brainstorming and planning, your body feels the motivation it needs to achieve the goals that you have outlined. Your daily plan does not need to be set out accurately for every hour of the day. Instead, a rough plan for everything that you have to achieve in those 24 hours can give you a good inspiring start. 

Weekly Goals 

Just like daily plans, a weekly schedule can help you boost your productivity. If you have a challenging work life, then you know how quickly seven days can fly by. If you wish to be productive throughout the week, it is wise to highlight weekly goals alongside your daily ones. 

Once you design a plan for all your goals, it is easy to feel inspired and motivated. It also becomes simple and achievable to stick to the schedule and complete all the tasks that you have laid out for yourself. Through a weekly plan, you can motivate yourself to work on multiple projects, which could be all work or a balance between work and personal projects.

Never Stop Chasing A Goal

There are people who choose to go to work without setting goals or fulfilling milestones for themselves. It is incredibly easy to feel demotivated with this approach because you can feel lost while living an aimless life. Passing every day just for the heck of it has no capacity to provide you with any form of life enrichment, development, or self-fulfillment. 

It is always important to have a main mission or vision in life, even if you cannot stick to daily goal planning. Running after a goal in life helps you stick to a schedule and keep yourself in shape. Visualizing your end goal is what fuels your everyday productivity. It helps you become a better version of yourself so that by the end of the day, your hard work can pay off. 

Boost Productivity with an Ergonomic Workspace

Your workspace can make a world of difference when it comes to getting things done. If your workspace is uncomfortable and does not cater to your specific need, then the busy week is not going to be busy in the correct ways. You might spend more time adjusting yourself into positions that make you feel relaxed enough to work than on actual work. 

Your workspace needs to be designed around you so that you can achieve maximum productivity. This can include everything from the lighting to the furniture that you sit in. If you have a busy work week ahead of you, there is no doubt you will be spending the majority of your time at your desk. Be it your office or home workspace, an ergonomic chair and desk is an incredible investment. Supercharge your productivity with adjustable height desks and comfortable chairs to help you stay active throughout the busy work week. 

The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk has revolutionized how you work with its electrical standing and height adjustment capabilities. With the help of a remote, you can easily adjust the desk according to your height – that means that the desk can be high enough for you to stand and work or low enough for you to sit. There are many occasions where we get tired of sitting, which leads us to boredom and unproductivity. There are several ways how standing desks help you beat inactivity. It can improve blood flow to your legs, reduce lower backache, and match your height perfectly, promoting you to be more productive. 

Choose Your Surroundings Wisely 

Choosing your surrounding wisely always does not mean how to adjust your workstation for better productivity. Sometimes, the type of people you surround yourself with has a direct impact on your productivity too. 

If you surround yourself with motivated people, there is a high chance that you will work with more determination. On the other hand, if the people around you are demotivated and tend to nag rather than be productive, there will be a time where you will also feel the same. 

When you have a lot of work on your plate, it is best to surround yourself with people who are motivated to get their tasks done. Being around someone lazy can set you back in your goals. Try to be around people who want to be as productive as you. Even if you want to take a break, being with someone who matches your energy and vibe can lead to healthy and productive discussions that keep you motivated throughout the week. 

Pick a Fresh Brain 

How to focus on work again if you’re just not into it? If you feel demotivated, take a break, and go for a walk with someone who can talk to you about your line of work. Discussing work with someone who understands your situation can help put things into perspective. You can talk to them about what is demotivating you, what goals you have set for yourself, or what they would have done had they been in your situation. Picking a fresh brain for ideas helps in gaining a new angle on what you're doing. Post discussion, you might be able to see issues or benefits that you weren't able to see before. 

Reward Yourself

It is especially important to reward yourself at the end of the day regardless of a reason to celebrate. Achieving a day full of productivity is a win within itself which is why you should always do something that makes you happy. This could be a favorite takeout meal, a movie with a loved one, or even a small trinket you purchased off of Amazon. 

Rewarding yourself has always proven to be beneficial as it motivates you to perform even better in the coming days. Several psychology-based theories also highlight that people are likely to repeat a certain behavior if you reward them with positive reinforcement. That being said, push yourself to do better so that you can reap the rewards. 

Don’t Skip Out on Celebrations 

Celebrations are just as important as having a productive work week. Even though work can be fulfilling for a lot of people, many are not able to find time for their family or friends. You might feel that a night out for an occasion can set you back on your weekly or daily schedule. Instead, a night of celebration can help you be more motivated or inspired for the rest of the week because it gives your body a break from a monotonous work routine. 

Meeting new people and having intellectual discussions about your goals and where you see yourself in the future can make you more dedicated to achieving your end goals. That being said, celebrations are only healthy for you when they are in a controlled amount. Going out every night can be extremely hectic and challenging to juggle with work. 

Final Thoughts 

Work-life is rarely easy for anyone. The best you can do is keep yourself motivated through your own goals in life and work for who you want to be 10 years from now. 

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