Indoor Environment and Productivity

May 06, 2021

The Theodore Standing Desk-48

It is normal to see employees working inside an office building. Today, it is still normal even though we still have the pandemic. The difference is that many employees now can work inside the comfort of their homes. Some work as freelancers which has become popular and others work even near the beach or they are known as digital nomads. 

Research shows that the indoor work environment is not safe at all. The working condition inside the building can cause employees to get sick with asthma, respiratory diseases, and allergies. With such a situation, some employees have to take a leave of absences several days a week. When this happens, employees’ productivity is affected and goes lower until they recover and go to work again.

Although the research has not expounded on the reasons why an indoor environment triggers different illnesses of employees, other research shows that there are different reasons why working inside a building endangers employees physically. Some reasons were indicated as follows:

● exposure to chemical and biological elements such as damp and mold

● poor ventilation and lighting  

● air pollution

● noise pollution

● cramped spaces

For the aforementioned reasons, company owners, executives, and the technical team especially the engineers work hand in hand to resolve the problems involving employees working in an indoor environment in companies, schools, and even homes. I guess it is riskier for employees in office buildings to contract diseases due to the reasons given above. Our homes, I think. are more conducive to working and less risky compared to office buildings. What do you think?

An interesting reference has indicated some of the diseases contracted by employees working in an indoor environment such as an office building. Although it is not that interesting to read, I thought I might as well include it for general information. Some of them are as follows:

● Obesity – sadly, more than a billion adults, around the world are overweight

● Depression - this has been reported as common among the illnesses in an indoor environment


● Diabetes – research data indicated that there are 346 million people who have this disease and mortality is high due to high blood sugar

Imagine these diseases are found to be contracted by employees in an indoor environment, not necessarily in an office building. It could be somewhere like schools or homes. Having these diseases, we can do something about reducing the risks of contracting sickness inside our work area in some ways. Although dampness or mold is more of the company’s challenge, such as improving the ventilation of the building or cleaning the air-conditioning units regularly where bacteria and viruses could breed.

On our end, we have to do something physical. An annual physical examination which is required by most companies should not be missed. In doing so, we will know our physical condition and we can prevent the risk of getting sick if we are fully informed about our health.

Another issue that must also be looked into is depression. This is one of the main issues in mental health around the world. Due to the present pandemic, our mental health is affected due to depression. Many workers are severely affected by job loss, financial problems, loss of loved ones due to coronavirus which stressed us out severely and led to depression. Eventually, depression becomes one of the mental health issues and a public health concern.

I think most of you will agree that employees who work in their homes are happier, satisfied, and less prone to diseases because a home offers a more comfortable environment than an indoor environment such as an office building. Am I right? Although some homes need better lighting and ventilation, generally, a home is I think the best work environment given all the necessary things to get work done. 

Working at home which is now a lifestyle, gives more freedom, and more room to think about how you can finish your workload with your family members ready to support you physically and morally. Seeing them happy inspires us to be productive at work.

Although having children around may create some noise or distractions in your work, they will be more than happy to help you with your needs such as preparing your food for the day’s meals. You don’t have to go out and buy your food just like what you’re doing in the office. They can cook special meals for you. 

At home, you can breathe fresh air with all the big open windows of your office where you can relax in between short breaks to look outside the window and savor the fresh air. It’s more beneficial than an air-conditioning unit in your office.

You can be more productive working at home if only the company allows you to work remotely. And I think most companies now all over the world allow their employees to telecommute or work from home. It is also economical because you spend less and maybe you don’t have to spend money at all!

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