Gaming Chair vs Ergonomic Office Chair

May 07, 2021


Are you in the market for the perfect workplace chair? Let’s join Kevin from Ohio and see how he decided on which chair to buy for his home office.

Kevin Andrews

Hi! My name is Kevin. I’m a software developer for 4 years now. I moved to California last year for a new job. I got myself an apartment overlooking the Pacific—which gives me an amazing view every morning when getting out of my room. Like most young people, I was thrilled to have a place of my own. I’m one of those lucky people who can afford it since our line of work pays well. When the opening in California was announced, I immediately took action. I even flew there for the interview. A friend mentioned another job opening in London, but I thought I wasn’t ready to move to a new country, so I focused on the job in California. A week later, I got the job. I resigned from my previous company and moved to San Francisco. The new company gave me a month to settle in (so generous of them). I flew as soon as I could and started looking at several apartments. The view of the Pacific in one of them ended the search. I moved on 2 weeks before I started my new job. The problem was, a software developer’s life can be stressful. Work hours can extend well into the night. So, it’s not surprising that a month after I moved in, I still wasn’t able to unpack everything. Then, news about a possible global pandemic began circulating in the office.

Time to Fix the Apartment

I can still remember that morning when I thought someone had died in the office. Turned out, we were being sent home because the owner of the company said someone from Washington mentioned that a lockdown might be imposed in several places, including California. He wanted all of us to prepare to take everything home—computers and files. The lockdown was imposed exactly a week later. But, before I was stuck at home, I decided to fix the apartment once and for all.

I unpacked all the boxes and bought furniture. After stacking up the house with supplies like a crazy bunker person, I realized I still didn’t have a proper home office. So, three days before the lockdown, I decided to shop for office furniture.

I came across a company called Flexispot. Their website is filled with amazing products designed to give you the best possible experience while working. Unlike ordinary office furniture, Flexispot offers products with superb quality and scientifically proven ergonomic design language. Ergonomic furniture guarantees support for the body so that the usual aches and pains from working for hours on end won’t ever happen. I learned a lot from the articles they posted.

I ended up getting the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series, which is one of their best sellers. I got mine in Grey Wood Grain Design, which complemented the color of the walls inside my home office.

A standing desk is a traditional-looking table with the ability to transform into a standing desk. It’s a 2-in-1 table! Imagine yourself working behind the desk, sitting on your favorite office chair. Then you feel the need to work standing up. In normal circumstances, you might have to move to another place in the house, lets’s say: the kitchen counter where the height is perfect for working while standing up. With a standing desk, you won’t have to go anywhere else. With just a click of a button, your desk can adjust for you and turn into a standing desk. Perfection!

Shopping for a standing desk was easy enough. Shopping for the perfect working chair wasn’t. You see, I’m also a gamer. I’ve always wanted to have a badass gaming chair. My dilemma was: I also wanted Flexispot’s Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair.

So, for an entire evening, I made a list of how they differ from each other:

Gaming Chairs

The biggest difference lies in the different color combinations in gaming chairs. Gaming chairs are more colorful. One can find multiple colors in a single chair. Gaming chairs have colors you don’t typically see on office chairs. They have bright stitchings which give them a youthful, fresh, vibrant look.

Gaming chairs often look like car seats taken from super expensive sports cars. It’s their biggest selling point since most gamers like me are also car lovers.

But, I realized, apart from the aesthetics, gaming chairs don’t have much to offer.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Office chairs may look boring in comparison to gaming chairs. Office chairs often use colors that can easily blend into a wider variety of interior designs. Gaming chairs stand out, not office chairs. Office chairs typically stay in the background.

The price is also something I considered. Gaming chairs can be very expensive. But with the base price of most gaming chairs, you can get a top-of-the-class office chair.

The Winner

I ended up getting the Flexispot chair. I got it because of its ergonomic features. Yes, gaming chairs look cool, something I would like to show friends, take pictures of and post on social media. But I’m alone in the house most of the time, and with the coming lockdown, I thought I should choose comfort above all else.

When it arrived and tried it for the first time, it was game-changing. The support it gives my back is second to none. I can imagine myself using it for a very long time. Best of all, I won’t have to worry about the usual lower back pains I often experience in the office after a whole day of work. No more stiffness in the shoulders and neck.

I’m glad companies like Flexispot exist. Their dedication to customer welfare ensures productivity with health in mind.

The lockdown was eventually eased up, and we were able to go back to work. I told my boss about my standing desk and my ergonomic chair and guess what? He ordered for the whole office.

I wish you all the best in San Francisco! May we all be safe always. Happy working!

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