Pets in the Workplace

May 19, 2021

A height adjustable and  ergonomically designed  standing desk with a large desk

Are you a pet lover? I bet almost everyone has a pet or two. 57 % of the world\s population have dogs as their pets and 23% own cats as their pets. We love to cuddle our pets, whatever they are because they make our lives happy and fulfilling. They lighten up our lives as they also bring joy to others such as the “doctor dogs” that visit patients in the hospitals to give some comfort to the sick and give a sense of hope amid their physical conditions. 

Some pet owners have other reasons for owning pets such as:

● they naturally love pets and want them as companions

● socialization

● business

● reduce boredom

I, for one, had some pets before. It all started when my nephew brought an old female Rottweiler home and as soon as the dog entered the door, she made so few tricks that started my love for pets, especially dogs. The dog was so smart and she could be taught easily even though she was already in her senior year. After a few years though, she developed hip dysplasia and was told by the vet that this could lead to cancer. 

True enough, after a few months, Christy, our pet Rottie developed swollen hips that made it difficult to walk until after a few weeks she could no longer stand and walk. We brought her again to the vet clinic and were told that she already had cancer and there was no cure for it. The only option we were told was to put her down which we did not agree to happen.

We took Christy home and took care of her until she could no longer stand and was just lying down on her bed. We were devastated because Christy was a very good dog, smart, and understood every word we said to her. We tried giving her herbal medicines like spirulina but since the cancer cells were already spreading and her leg was seriously swollen, we just waited until she succumbed to death. I cried for days, weeks, and months that I was seriously affected by her demise. I promised myself that I will no longer take any pets at home although we have a cat who was also really behaved and generally good.

After a few months, my nephew brought another dog to the family. It was also an old dog which is a good shepherd breed. As she was already an old dog, she was given to us to breed and have puppies later on. We made some money out of breeding the dog but later on we felt that it was time for her to enjoy life with us and stop getting pregnant. The last pregnancy she had worried us a lot because there was a hemorrhage that the vet was not able to treat until she passed away.

So, we had two very sad experiences with our dogs and I still hope to have another maybe shortly because having pet dogs at home is quite a different experience. Pet dogs are loveable and they also return your love to them through their loyalty and funny antics and tricks. They are teachable and smart. They also teach us how to love unconditionally. It is a common adage that “dogs are man’s best friend.” And I agree with it.

Some dogs were given honor and became popular throughout the years. 

● Lassie was a fictional dog character played by a collie. I was able to watch many episodes of this TV movie “Lassie” and it was an inspiring and wholesome movie for the whole family. It started in 1943.

● Rin-tin-tin – was a German Shepherd dog who also became popular and appeared in about 27 movies that became well known around the world. It was reported that he almost won an OSCAR. He died in 1932 and became an inspiration for succeeding movies with the same dog character. 

● Hachiko - was a Japanese dog (Akita) that was honored due to his outstanding loyalty to his owner who was a university professor in a Tokyo University. After the professor died, he still waited every day at the train station for the professor’s return until he succumbed to death, too.

● Flipper – this was a TV series about the adventures of Flipper, the Dolphin which was aired in the ’60s. Unfortunately, Flipper, the dolphin who was the main character, died because she was heartbroken. She killed herself intentionally by refusing to breathe. 

We can see that animals have their feelings like us humans and they also know how we take care of them or how cruel we are to them. Pets, although animals also need our care and attention like what we do with our family members, children, and all those close to us.

With the pandemic still around us, we are in a way forced to stay home most of the time. Most employees are also given the privilege by their employers to work at home which is widely appreciated by many employees. This particular benefit earned positive responses from most employees because of various reasons.

Some employees think that they will enjoy working at home because they can work with their loved ones and thus inspire them and promote their products. It is said that when you are emotionally satisfied, the more you become efficient and more focused on your job. Thus, you produced more outputs than before. 

On the economic side, some telecommuters say that they spend less working at home and they can save more money with fewer expenditures for gasoline, food, and other expenses.

Others say that it is good because you still have time for other things in the house while you’re on break. You can play with your pets during your break times and that is a lot of fun.

For example, you can have your cats hang around your desk which is extra-large for your work-related needs like computers, office supplies such as staplers, pad papers, and of course a corner of your table could be your pet’s temporary haven until you stop working at the end of the day.

Flexispot has this extra-large desktop that will surely make your pet grin while you work at home every day. It is the Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra-large desktop which has great features such as being ergonomic and has a load capacity of up to 275 lbs. This will surely be perfect for you to work on and be productive with your favorite pet in tow.

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