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Tips for a healthier way to work

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FlexiSpot Monthly Member Day

At Flexispot, we are committed to helping our clients achieve great wellness heights and strike a work-life balance with our ergonomic furniture. 

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FlexiSpot Member Day

We understand that you play an invaluable role in our continuity as one of the foremost online ergonomic stores.

Clearance Sale

Flexispot Brand Day Activities: Super Clearance Sale Discounts

Flexispot has tons of activities for this year's brand day celebrations.

home office setup

Cop These Items for a Winning Home Office Setup

So, if you are like most people and are now working from home, your home office should be well-equipped with ergonomic furniture and office accessories that will make your work easier and lighter. 

Happy FlexiSpot 525 Brand Day

FlexiSpot 525 Brand Day Buyer's Guide

Happy FlexiSpot Day! Same Discount As BLACK FRIDAY! Once A Year!

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FlexiSpot's Brand Day Arrives

FlexiSpot’s Brand Day Anniversary has been an excitingly anticipated celebration for the deals customers get to experience and for FlexiSpot to help people get on the right track with high-quality ergonomic desks and chairs. 

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Flexispot Direct Discount Deals To Take Advantage Of At The Brand Day Sales

Flexispot has manufactured several ergonomic pieces of furniture for workstation and home use. 

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It's Raining Deals This May!

The month of May calls for a celebration! 

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All You Need to Know about Flexispot's Brand Day Celebration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You'll like to be among our beneficiaries for the upcoming brand day celebration, but do you know how and when to become one?

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Most Awaited Activities for FlexiSpot's Anniversary Sale

We’re just a few days away before the FlexiSpot Anniversary Sale! 

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FlexiSpot Anniversary Buyer's Guide

FlexiSpot has been committed to its customers since Day 1. 

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from FlexiSpot

Our mothers carried us for nine months before we finally entered Earth and started our lives here. 

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FlexiSpot Brand Day Activities

Looking for a way to create a healthier and more productive workspace?

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FlexiSpot's Brand Day Sale Celebrates Customers with High-Performing and Fully Ergonomic Products

Redefining health, safety, and fun, FlexiSpot is constantly inventing, renovating, and advancing its products to not only meet but exceed the needs of its customers. 

Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's Day Activity: Transform Your Home into Your Love

Valentine is here again; the season when we go all out to celebrate love. 

Countdown to 2022

End 2021 Right with FlexiSpot New Year Deals

We all try something new for the first time in our lives. 

Ringing in the New Year

Score these FlexiSpot deals in time for the New Year

It’s just a few days away before we ring in the New Year! 

christmas sale

Ultimate Guide to Unleashing FlexiSpot's Splendid Christmas Sales

Winter is here, decorations are up, the atmosphere is charged with festive excitement, and once again, 

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Perfect Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your Colleagues-Under $100

The holidays are a time of celebration and gift-giving. 

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What To Get with Your Office Christmas Bonus!

Did you know that it takes just 14 seconds for a person to decide if they like a Christmas gift or not? 

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Perfect Holiday Gift for your Employees

Are you wondering what the best gift for your employee this holiday season is? 

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Guide for the Whole Family

Could you believe that it’s already Christmas next week?

Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym Lovers

Exquisite Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym Lovers

We all have that one friend (or even family member) who spends more time in the gym than outside it. 

Merry Christmas!

Gift Ideas for Every Type of Officemate

It’s 9 days before Christmas!

Christmas Sales (2021)

FlexiSpot's Christmas Sales (2021)

What better time to purchase the ergonomic office equipment you've been saving for all year than this Christmas sales. 

Giving gifts this Christmas Holiday

Christmas Gifts: A Shopping Guide for Every Parent

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone scrambles for gifts, trying to do better than last year.

christmas house

Welcome to the FlexiSpot Christmas Gift House

Every year, we count down the days leading to the 25th of December, yet we all know that the Christmas season is already starting as soon as people begin preparing for Thanksgiving. 

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Christmas gift guide for her

Christmas is upon us, and the gift shopping panic is beginning to set in for many people.

Christmas Gift Guide for a Man

Christmas Gift Guide for Your Man

Christmas gift shopping has begun in earnest, and as usual, most women are faced with a small challenge; what to get for the men in their lives.

Flexispot Black Friday Promotion Guide

Your Exclusive Buyer's Guide to Flexispot's Cyber Monday Promotion!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through what is arguably one of the toughest years since the turn of the century. 

FlexiSpot Cyber Monday (2021)

Ultimate Guide to FlexiSpot Cyber Monday (2021)

Arguably, we weren’t off to a good start at the dawn of this year. 

Christmas gifts for employees

Christmas Gifts & Bonus Ideas for Employers: A "Rewarding" Guide

Christmas trees have been put up in retail malls, railway stations have lights up, and advent calendars are back on sale — whether we like it or not, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

Black Friday deals

20 Staggering Black Friday Deals that You Must not Miss

It’s Black Friday season once again.

Black Friday Sale Tag

Black Friday 2021 Deal: Deposit $1, Get a $50 Discount Voucher

The countdown is almost over.

Red Ribbon

How to Give More Meaningful Gifts this Holiday Season

In case you haven’t been doing a countdown, we’re here to tell you that it’s just 36 days before Christmas! 

Work-at-home mom

3 Gift Ideas for Work-at-Home Moms and Dads

Juggling work and parenting can be tricky enough on its own it is a completely different ball game when you add working from home to the equation. 

Black Friday

Three Tips to Prepare for Black Friday

One of the most awaited sales this year is happening very soon. 

Black Friday Deals

How To Snag The Best Deals During Black Friday Shopping

The holiday season is a much-anticipated yearly. 

Black Friday Buyer Guide

Black Friday Buying Tips

Everyone wants to know how to make the most of Black Friday and buy quality items and the lowest prices.

Your Ultimate guide to FlexiSpots Black Friday

Your Ultimate guide to FlexiSpot's Black Friday

What started as a one day sale has now become the most anticipated sale of every year.

Deciding on It

6 Reasons to Shop at the Fall Sale at FlexiSpot

This year, post-pandemic buying began as more Americans received the stimulus checks and more people vaccinated. 

Top Employee Gifts Employers Can Use to Boost Morale

Top Employee Gifts Employers Can Use to Boost Morale

Morale is everything in the working space. 

FlexiSpot Upgrades Its Customer Service to Serve You Better

FlexiSpot Upgrades Its Customer Service to Serve You Better

Have you been trying to reach our Customer Service? 

Happiness at Thanksgiving Day

Reasons to Give the Fall Sale-Products in Thanksgiving Day

You might be counting down to Thanksgiving Day of 2021. 

The Renewable Resources

5 Advantages of Using Bamboo

Did you know that a bamboo desktop is not only durable, but environmentally-friendly as well?

The Budget Plan

How Do On-Sale Products Benefit Your Budget?

An exciting new sale from FlexiSpot is quickly approaching this Fall.

Discounts! Discounts!

A Glimpse of the Flash Sale and Best Sellers at FlexiSpot

September 2021 is the most exciting month at FlexiSpot (the home of the best standing desk, sit-stand desk, and stand-up desk), and it's because it's when the best ergonomic products are that most hybrid office and WFH workers patronize. 

flexispot flash sale

News Flash: FlexiSpot’s Incredibly Rewarding Standiversary is Here!

What do you love about September? 

last chance deals

3 Misconceptions about Sale Items

Common myths regarding buying products at a discount.

anniversary sale

Standiversary Flash sales: Top Five Products to Buy Against All Odds

We all have a checklist of things we would love to own. 

Here Comes the Big Sale!

Exciting Prizes at the Standiversary Event

FlexiSpot is offering its patrons significant savings and exciting prizes during the Standiversary event.

The Loyalty Rewards

3 Reasons to Participate in the Standiversary Event

This Standiversary, FlexiSpot wants to give back.

Did You Say Sale?! FlexiSpot’s Standiversary Events

Did You Say Sale?! FlexiSpot's Standiversary is Here

Amazing challenges, flash sales and giveaways have arrived.

Thumbs up for the Great Discounts

5 Reasons to Rejoice this Standiversary

Great deals and exciting prizes; what could be better?

The Best and Number One

5 Reasons Standiversary Products are Sure-Win Items

Join us in celebrating five years of superb service for people that want the best ergonomic solutions. 

The Lucky Wheel

FlexiSpot Standiversary: Try Your Luck

Don't miss out on the chance to win exciting prizes and discounts during FlexiSpot's Standiversary.

The Coupon For Exciting Treats

Save Your Money, Use a Coupon

Having a little extra cash in your wallet is always a positive thing.

Luck At the Online Spinning Game

Rewarding Discounts and Surprises at FlexiSpot (2021)

Exciting challenges, competitions and flash sales await you during FlexiSpot's Standiversary.

The 5 Dollar-Symbol

The Power of $5 During FlexiSpot's Standiversary

Save big on top quality ergonomic furniture during FlexiSpot's Standiversary.


Celebrate FlexiSpot's Standiversary By Purchasing a Discounted Standing Desk

FlexiSpot's Standiversary is an opportunity to purchase top quality ergonomic items at considerable discounts.

Standiversary Sale

Flexispot's Standiversary Is Coming!

Amazing challenges, flash sales and giveaways are just around the corner.

flexispot desk

The Ultimate Guide to sustainable furniture by FlexiSpot

Outfitting your home or office with ethically and environmentally sustainable furniture can be daunting. 

Get Up and Gear Up: 12 Back-to-School Offers from FlexiSpot

Get Up and Gear Up: 12 Back to School Offers from FlexiSpot

Start the school year off the right way with these incredible deals on ergonomic products.

college students

10 Back to School Gifts to Wrap Up Summer

These back-to-school gifts will motivate any kid to perform well. 

Cat napping

National Lazy Day: Time to do... Nothing!

The hustle and bustle of our daily life often take a toll on us...

Present This to Anyone Who Works Remotely

Gift This to Anyone Who Works Remotely

Give the perfect gift to someone you care about.

work like dog

Work Like A Dog Day: Celebrating the Hard Life

The world out there is fast, dynamic, and sometimes brutal...

British Columbia

How to Celebrate British Columbia Day

British Columbia day is personal to citizens of the British Columbia province in Canada...

american family

Sprucing up American Family Day with the right inspiration

As summer sheds its waning rays for Autumn, we need to spend more time with the people dearest to us...

father's day

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Get the perfect present for your loving father with this gift guide.

father's day gift

Flexispot Father’s Day Buying Guide

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes! A dad is a special person who plays a significant role in your life right from childhood and past adulthood.

father's day gift

Sitewide Activities for Father’s Day

Super deals on super products for super dads.

he Father’s Day Gift

Gift Guide 101: The Leather Chairs for Busy Dads

A leather chair would make an excellent gift for your dad.

The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk is packed with very functional features that would

The Versatile and Chic Standing Desk

A standing desk, stylish and chic, is perfect for your daily needs.

brand day

What Do You Stand to Gain from FlexiSpot’s Super Brand Day?

FlexiSpot’s brand day event is all over the internet...

flash sale customer review

FlexiSpot’s Brand Day Flash Sale: My Personal Experience

With my apt response to health-related issues, it is not surprising that I am an ergonomic workstation freak...


Flexispot Super Brand Day Deal

The long-anticipated brand day is here!

brand day

Preview: Sitewide Discounts Up For Grabs!

Are you ready to get a great deal out of your purchase?

The Sweetest Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Being a mother is the most amazing miracle in the whole wide world...

A Shabby Chic Office

A Shabby Chic Office

Out with the new, in with the old...

 Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B for boosting your creative juices

Boost Your Creativity with a Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B

Creativity is innate and a special skill that not everyone has been gifted with it...

A Gift Guide for the Aesthete Person in Your Life

A Gift Guide for the Aesthete Person in Your Life

Everyone loves beauty, but no one does it more than the aesthete...

Your study space should include comfortable chairs that offer good back support.

Design Tips for Creating a Productive Study Space for College Students

Anyone that has ever had to study for long stretches understands the importance of working in the right study environment...

 A home office for a fitness enthusiast

Small Home Office Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

The pandemic has compelled people worldwide to make major changes to their lifestyles...


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Vanity in the Workstation

Are you vain? Most people claim women are vain because they will do anything to be beautiful regardless of the consequences...

Productivity Tools for Your Desk

10 Productivity Tools for Your Desk

The colossal shake-up that we’ve all experienced (no thanks to a global pandemic) has changed our personal and professional lives for good.

Look Alive, Sunshine: Build Your child’s Morning Habits For A Great Day Ahead

Look Alive, Sunshine: Build Your Child’s Morning Habits for a Great Day Ahead

Once you have children, your mornings would never be the same...

Woman Using a Standing Desk

6 Best Gift Ideas for Writers

Whether it’s blogging, freelancing, or writing novels, writers spend the majority of their time sitting at their desks...

Are You a Pop star, Rockstar, or a Prodigy?

Are You a Pop star, Rockstar, or a Prodigy?

Take this quiz to find out which FlexiSpot standing desk fits your personality!

kids doing experiments

Foster the Inner Genius: Build Your Kids a Science Lab at Home

Children are naturally inquisitive...

The Beauty Guru's Beauty Room

The Beauty Guru's Beauty Room

Beauty is their duty and their room is their sanctuary...

keyboard woman desk

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for that Work-At-Home Mom

Is there a work-at-home mom or other maternal figures in your life who could use some extra love this Mother's Day?

Gifts For The Loved One Who Works From Home

Gifts For The Loved One Who Works From Home

Ease your beloved's exhaustion with work through these thoughtful gifts...


How to choose your standing desk converter

Here are a few tips to guide you on how to choose your standing desk converter for your workstation.

Picking the Right Computer Desk for Small Apartments

Remote work was already a growing trend, but the coronavirus pandemic has now made it the norm. For some office workers the change will be temporary; for others, it may become permanent. Either way, a comfortable home office workstation is vital, but it can be tricky to find the space in which to set it up. In particular, workers may have trouble finding the right computer desk for small apartments. Fortunately, there are some creative options. Here are several small apartment desk ideas that will help to maximize space utilization.

Floating Desk 

As you might have guessed from the name, a floating desk is not a piece of freestanding furniture taking up floor space but a desk surface attached to a wall. It can be as small and simple as a 1’ x 2’ plank of wood attached to the wall with brackets. Borrow a chair from the kitchen table and you have a simple, space-saving, cost-effective home workstation.

Some floating desks fold away, sitting perpendicular to the wall when in use and folding up parallel to the wall when stored, including supportive legs that also fold in neatly for storage. Other floating desks can be more furniture-like – for example, on a ladder shelf that’s anchored to a wall, small high shelves function as decorative storage and a deeper table-height shelf can be used as a desk surface.

If you need storage for paper files or other items, look for a floating desk that has cabinets or cubbies mounted underneath on one or both sides. Additional features you can find on floating desks include pull-out keyboard and mouse trays and hidden cable management.

Alcove Workstation 

Think about the layout of your apartment. Do you have a small space that doesn’t lend itself naturally to another use? You might be able to turn it into a cozy office by creating an alcove workstation. Perhaps there’s a narrow extension off the living room that leads to a window view or some open space underneath a

standing desk stand up desk

Buyer’s Guide for Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk en1

Buyer’s Guide for Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk en1

home office standing desk for WFH

Comparing the VIVO Desk and the FlexiSpot MANUAL Desk H2

Comparing the VIVO Desk and the FlexiSpot MANUAL Desk H2

desk riser for home office

Comparing the Vari Desk Riser and the Flexispot M2B

Comparing the Vari Desk Riser and the Flexispot M2B

why having a wobble stool is an important asset in any office

6 Reasons Why a Wobble Stool is an Important Investment

I discuss 6 reasons why having a wobble stool is an important asset in any office, especially when used with a standing desk.  The benefits are endless!

L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Best Adjustable Desk Review: The L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desk

A review of one of the best adjustable desks, The L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desk from Flexispot. 

The Physical therapist is trying to cure his patient

All-in-One Desk Bike for Knee Pain

Knee pain that is the result of an injury, surgery or arthritis can benefit from stretching and strengthening exercises which may help to ease the pain while also improving your flexibility and range of motion.

Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters

Let's find out. Is the Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB - 36" the right fit for you?

It's 3 pm. You've been in the same position for about three hours, and you know it isn't supposed to hurt this much, but it does. You try to complete the spreadsheet you're working on, but you can't just ignore your spine hurting. So you do the reasonable thing.

You stand up and stretch for a little. However, that makes you look like a total oddball because everyone else is doing precisely not that. Then you sit down back, but your back hurts. You really just want to stand over your computer to work, but you can't, because your desk is low.

If you've ever been in this position or something like it, you might be interested in trying out a sit-stand desk or standing desk converter. Simply put, it's a desk that allows you to work sitting down as well as standing up. Experts have pointed out that sitting down for long periods isn't necessarily great for the back, and standing during work can eliminate a lot of spine problems.

In the spirit of the health benefits of using stand up desks, we'll be reviewing the Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB - 36" to see it's important features and whether you should consider getting it or not.

Key Features of the Motorized AlcoveRiser

  • Many other standing desks have hydraulics or mechanics that require effort from the users to lift, but the Flexispot EM7 is motorised. This means that you only need to push a button to get it to rise. So while traditional desk users
The whole family is enjoying their holiday

7 Ways You Can Keep Your Family Joyful This Holiday Season

Check out these tips for 7 ways you can stay joyful this year— and work smarter using our standing desk risers! Enhance your work space, and live with joy in 2020.


Flexispot desk riser and desk bike

Stand-Move Solution: Desk Riser & Desk Bike

Standing desks converters and solutions to spine and back pains. 

Flexispot Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EC1

Is The Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk A Great Fit For You?

Sitting in one position for too long, like you're often forced to do in a traditional office setting isn't healthy for your back. Now, sitting for too long in a bad posture? That can even lead to back problems that weren't even there before.

A standing desk converter helps you do that without losing work time

Standing Desk Converters Review: Is The GoRiser Standing Desk Converters A Great Fit For You?

A change of posture is great, and a standing desk converter helps you do that without losing work time or bending awkwardly over your desk. You can simply bring your computer up to your level while working and carry on with your job.

A woman is working with her standing desk converter

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35” review— is it the best Standing desk converter?

The Best Standing Desk converters review for the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35” desk. 

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converters as Christmas gifts

Christmas Gift Guide

We are giving out a mouthwatering slash on our products for our existing and potential customers.

You know you don’t have to worry too much on getting the right machine to aid your healthy and productive living, we have just covered about that.

We accept articles, stories, and reviews that feature our products. The topics can also include tips on ergonomic, workplace design and how to make a healthy daily routine. If you are interested to collaborate with us, send an email to [email protected].

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