5 Best Places to Set Up Your Home Office

April 28, 2021

A home office in spare room

Whether you’re starting a small home-based business or working from home, having an ergonomic work setup is necessary. Of all the places to set up your home office, you might have chosen some odd spots in the past year. For example you might be perched up on a kitchen island, slouching on a couch, or fidgeting in a dining chair. 

However, you can’t continue this way. 

As comfy as some of these places are, they can lead to severe back pain, poor posture, and countless unhealthy habits.

It’s time to break the vicious cycle and find a workplace setup that promotes productivity. The right environment can enable you to achieve daily goals with a positive attitude. Plus, throwing in an ergonomic chair and standing desk will make workdays pain-free too.

This article teaches you how to strike a balance between both with some practical setup tips and product recommendations.

Have a look. 

The Checklist: How to Pick the Best Place to Set Up Your Home Office?

Locating your home office can be challenging if you have a small space and too many housemates. Having pets and noisy children around adds to the chaos. When you consider these elements, you have to do some serious thinking to make your WFH situation work.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you search for the perfect spot:

1. Does this location disrupt my home life?

2.Will I be able to switch off my work mode when the day ends? Or is this spot remind me about pending work because it’s in the way?

3. Is this location noise-free and distraction-less?

4. Do I get a room with a view?

5. Is there adequate lighting (natural and artificial both)?

6. Does it have sufficient room for my desk, chair, and storage supplies? 

7. Can I personalize my workspace?

Your answers will lead you to the best place to set up your home office. Consider upgrading the space with some spine-friendly ergonomic furniture to amp health and productivity levels.

Home Office Location Ideas: Our Top Picks 

When it comes to setting up your workstation, you need some imagination and the right furniture. Add a few personal touches and you’re ready to get down to work.

Here’s how you can transform nooks and cranny of the house into conductive workspaces:

Option #1: Set Up in a Spare Room

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, make it your workspace. It’ll allow you to ‘shut the door’ and let go of your work worries when you’re done for the day. Ensure that the room has sufficient lighting and a cheerful color palette to create the ideal environment.

Furnish it with vertical filing cabinets, an ergonomic chair, and a standing desk to build the perfect setup.

Product Pick: Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Spare rooms give you ample space to create a full-fledged home office. Make yours look better with Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk. Our strategically designed product exhibits all the benefits of a standing desk and some stylish advantages. 

Benefits include: 

  • The elegant design will look great with your interiors 

  • Integrated with a stand/sit timer and pre-programmable settings for extra convenience 

  • Shaped to fit your body contours 

  • Excellent lifting weight capacity and noiseless transition 

  • Available in an assorted range of desktop colors (like maple, mahogany, ebony, marble gray) and frames 

  • Environmentally-friendly 

  • You can pair it off with an under-desk bike 

All these aspects make it a practical and chic investment. If you’re having space issues, you can choose its spliced L-shaped version for a better fit. 

Option #2: Family Room

If you don’t have a spare room and know how to tune out your family’s antics, set up in the family room. This living space already has lots of personality and positive vibes. All you have to do is add a desk and some office supplies to transform it into your work zone. 

Common spaces to set up your home office include:

  • An empty spot behind the big couch 

  • A place near the window 

  • The quieter corner of your living room

Make the most of this situation with multipurpose furniture that accommodates users of all ages. That way, you can utilize your workspace for business and leisure activities. 

Product Pick: Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W

Do you need a desk that fits your family needs?

This product goes beyond the standard benefits of standing desks by prioritizing your comfort and security. Instead of being ‘just another work bench’ the design accommodates your needs with its practical specs. These include a charging station, a pre-programmable height adjustment mechanism, and pull-out drawers. With its help, you can keep your work essentials within reach at all times.

Benefits include:

  • Space-saving design with a stunning tempered glass top 

  • Adjustable height with 4 programmable positions 

  • An built-in charging station for extra efficiency 

  • Anti-collision system to prevent accidents 

  • Embedded drawer to keep the workspace clutter-free 

Besides this, you can convert it into an indoor play zone after hours.  Or, even use it as a homework setup for children when you’re not working.

Option #3: Formal Living or Dining Room

Does your house have a formal living room or dining area you rarely use? 

Take advantage of this space by converting it into a home office.  You can add screens or a sliding door for more privacy when you work.  Other than that, installing a sleek, sophisticated desk with an ergonomic accent chair shall do the trick. If you need extra storage, you can use under-desk filing cabinets or floating shelves to utilize every inch of your designated workspace. 

The possibilities are endless when you have the right furniture to support your ideas.

Product Pick: Theodore Standing Desk-48" W

Living room and dining areas can be tricky because of their lavish interiors and somewhat classic design. Theodore holds its ground over here with its traditional appearance. Everything from its walnut veneer to decorative drawer knobs exudes presidential elegance.  Additionally, it’s integrated with advanced high-tech features like adjustable height, USB ports, and a spacious desktop drawer. The latter allows you to keep your work things away as soon as you get them done.   

Advantages include:

  • Vintage style design that blends with your rustic living/dining room interiors 

  • 2-button control panel for adjustable height 

  • Built-in USB ports for continuous charging 

  • Pull-out drawer for discreet storage 

  • Eco-friendly and sturdy construction 

Overall, it’s an excellent product for individuals who prefer antique furniture and multifunctional designs.  

Option #4: Take Your Work Outdoors 

What if you don’t have space inside the house? In that case, don’t hesitate to use outdoor spaces for your work setup.  Typical choices include a shaded patio, small summer house, or shed. You can also utilize the garage for this purpose. 

These spaces will provide lots of fresh air, natural light, and creative inspiration. These elements will keep you alert and active as you move from one task to another. 

Product Pick: Bike Workstation V9 

Our innovative desk bike merges work time with workout time. The clever construction integrates a wide-spaced desk (aka work surface) with cushioned cycle seat. With its help, you can pedal and work simultaneously without disrupting your busy work schedules.

Its slim design and caster wheels enable you to keep it anywhere you want. That way, you can bring it inside when the weather gets rough.  


  • A stable desk bike design for more active work and post-work routines 

  • Eight resistance level to accommodate your fitness needs 

  • Adjustable height and cushioning for extra comfort 

  • It comes with a moveable desk with versatile configurations  

  • A noiseless pedal system to ensure nobody gets disturbed when you cycle 

  • Easy rolling casters for portability 

Bonus Options: Creative Corners Wherever You Look

What if you don’t have a spare room or an outdoor space to make your own? 

You can use some unconventional places to set up your home office.  Many remote workers are already using closets as their chosen office spot. The benefits include sufficient shelves for storage and an ideal hideaway situation when you close the door.  Standard closets usually have enough space for a small desk.  You can roll the chair in and out, depending on your work routine.

This idea works well for guest rooms and hall closets. 

Apart from this, you can use a loft or space under your staircase as your home office. 

In all cases, you can use a desk converter to reap the benefits of a standing desk if the real thing does not fit.

Product Pick: Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Purchasing an ergonomic chair is another way to set up a productive office. It will allow you to maintain the perfect posture and offer relaxation while you work. The complete design has many hidden spine-friendly features like 3D lumbar support, full body contouring shape for extra comfort and convenience.


  • 3D lumbar support system 

  • Adjustable height and 45-degrees tilt 

  • Full-body contouring shape 

  • Cushioned 4D armrest for extra support  

  • Breathable mesh to prevent your clothes from sticking to the seat 

  • Premium quality 

Above all, it ensures that your work day goes without experiencing low back pain, stiff shoulders, or tired arms. 

The Bottom Line 

Long story short, there are many different places to set up your home office.  You can choose any option from regal rooms, spare spaces, and patios to closet space. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box during your search. 

The key lies in managing space and storage without compromising ergonomic needs. After that, you can incorporate personalized elements to spark creativity and add color to your work zone.

Are you ready to design a home office you love? Head over to our store to start shopping!

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