Recharge Your Physical & Mental Health With a Standing Desk

May 11, 2021

Standing Desk

Sitting for 10 hours while working from home is not the best way to spend your day. This lifestyle can be detrimental to your holistic health. One way you can do to change this habit is by getting yourself a standing desk. 

If your workstation is optimized to cater to your needs while working, you can reap amazing benefits and even give a good effect on your physical and mental wellness. Who does not want to hit two birds with one stone? Some factors come into play that affects your mood and health. Considering this as an addition to your station can make things a breeze.

Why Bother Getting a Standing Desk? 

Standing desks are thought to have health benefits. What impact does the sort of desk you use and how you sit have on your physical and mental health? Standing desk sales have risen dramatically in recent years, indicating that there is some validity to the claim! If you do not know how to choose the right standing desk for you, fortunately, FlexiSpot can take your worries away and help you make that purchase. 

A standing desk is a type of desk that enables users to create, read, or write while standing or sitting on a high stool. This style of desk comes in a variety of designs, some of which are adjustable and others which are not.

These types of desks bring a unique take on your working experience. It always you to be on your feet and be ready to be at certain places at once. It even allows you to exert effort and burn some calories. 

Standing desks are compatible with ergonomic and flexible chairs, according to studies on the subject. Both of these items are designed to promote good health and well-being while also offering comfort.

The Benefits of Standing Desks

The advantage of a standing desk can be linked to the fact that sitting for long periods can be harmful to your wellbeing. Longer periods of sitting have been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and accelerated aging. Standing desks have long-term benefits because they are linked to your general health and well-being.

The attributes of a desk to one's physical wellbeing are obvious. The negative effects of sitting are eliminated with a standing desk. Standing also enhances blood circulation, decreases fatigue, and boosts metabolism.

Standing for 30 minutes at a time (4 hours or more per day) when working can have a significant effect on your health and body, and it's not difficult to do if you have the right equipment. Sit-Stand desks, also known as standing desks or height-adjustable desks, are all the rage and make it easy to shift position when working during the day. Let us check the physical and mental advantages of having a standing desk.

Physical Health Benefits

1. Standing will help you avoid back and neck pain.

2. Muscle movement is aided by these tables.

3. Standing keeps the body in good shape.

4. Standing lowers the chances of catching such illnesses, such as heart disease.

5. The act of standing increases your overall physical well-being.

6. This will aid in the improvement of your posture.

7. Standing promotes healthy digestion and metabolism.

8. Standing often can keep you on your toes at all times.

9. Standing desks can help you reduce eye strain.

10. Standing can induce proper spine alignment and posture.

Mental Health Benefits

The physical advantages of a standing desk are obvious, but how can a desk improve your mental health? What kind of object may have a psychological effect on you?

The mind is affected by a person's stance and body position. The mind and body are connected and function together. According to studies, people who spend more time sitting have higher and more severe anxiety and depression levels. This is influenced by the standing-to-sitting ratio; hence, a standing desk means a higher stand-to-sit proportion, which is a mood enhancer.

Listed below are some of the mental benefits that you can get from using a standing desk.

1. A height-adjustable desk is said to improve your mood and energy levels, making work more enjoyable.

2. A sit-stand desk will make you feel less stressed and tired.

3. These items result in improved productivity and mental capacity.

4. This heightens your sensitivity.

5. A standing desk can make you enjoy working long hours.

6. Time flies fast at a standing desk, no more constant watching of the clock.

7. This unique and innovative work setup can excite you.

8. Your sedentary lifestyle is slowly improving.

9. There will be fewer feelings of sluggishness and restlessness.

10. Multitasking can be easily done, so your tasks can be finished faster. Stress is surely reduced.

Many of these advantages have been tried and true, and the results are undeniable. Standing makes you more aware of your surroundings and heightens your senses. It is a more relaxing thing to sit. Standing also helps you to engage your muscles and maintain your balance, which ensures you are more mentally alert. You are more concentrated, which means you are using your brain more, resulting in increased engagement.

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The only disadvantage one might see in this method of working is that purchasing a standing desk can be costly. This does not have to be the case all of the time. This factor may not be even something to considered as a disadvantage. Treat this as an investment because you deserve to reap all these benefits.


The proof is indisputable. While standing should be done more often than sitting, most people do not do so. Standing desks are beneficial not only to the body but also to the mind! Decide to use a standing desk to enhance your mental and physical health. If you do not know what standing desk to buy yet, maybe the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) is something you can take a look at. Nonetheless, there are different options you can explore on FlexiSpot’s website. Head on there now!

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